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Blonde Envy

aka “How to go from dark brown to light blonde at home for under $50.”

I do admit that from time to time, I feel a pang of inadequacy because of my natural dark hair, skin, and eyes. Especially since two of my closest girlfriends are gorgeous blondes, I often find myself feeling so mediocre next to them. I suppose society’s standard of beauty is to blame, but I genuinely enjoy bleaching my hair every once in a while for a change of pace. :)


There are varying opinions of Asian women with blonde hair. The general consensus always  seems to be,”It’s just not natural.” I disagree. Sometimes, it’s pulled off well. And other times, it’s just a disaster. It all has to do with skin tone, and finding the perfect shade for you. This time, I wanted to reach a cooler almost-platinum blonde instead of golden/strawberry blonde.


The new Fèria Absolute Platinum in Extreme Platinum sounded promising when I first laid eyes on it. Unfortunately, it only lifted my hair a few shades lighter from dark brown to a medium orange-brown. It was at this point that I was getting frustrated with my reluctant strands, and went for a brand I’ve been wanting to try out forever.


Palty is known for being very effective on dark, thick, Asian hair. It doesn’t hurt that the packaging is downright adorable, as well. I’ve read tons of online reviews, and was thankful to find a huge selection hidden in a beauty store at my local “Chinatown”, Flushing. I thought the most appropriate shade would be Super Flash Sparkling Blonde.


It was a bit pricey at $13 per box, and I needed two.. but my hair successfully lifted more significantly. I have to admit that I felt a mild burning sensation on my scalp during the process. But I suppose that’s the price you have to pay for beauty. It came out a lovely golden blonde with brassy undertones. As you can see in the photo below, my ends are already getting fried. :X


Unfortunately, I’m very hard to please and wanted to get rid of the orange tones completely. So I counteracted it with a cool blonde shade, Garnier Nutrisse: #82 Champagne Blonde (Champagne Fizz). I was going to get the lighter, White Chocolate shade, but couldn’t find it anywhere. :/ I was happy with how it came out, though. I got a lot of compliments at work. :P


But after a month, my roots were already growing out and the brassiness was coming back. So I picked up two boxes of Garnier Nutrisse: #100 Extra Light Natural Blonde (Chamomile) to touch it up a bit. And to be honest, I’m in love with the results. It’s the perfect medium between warm and cool, and matches my skin tone pretty well.


As you can see in this photo, I’m almost as blonde as my beautiful friend Kristiana. <3 I’m in dire need of a trim, though. My strands feel like straw, which I’ve been trying to nurse back to health with lots of deep conditioner and by only flat-ironing my hair on the weekends and special occasions. Next month, I might just get my roots and highlights done professionally. Because the bottom line is that as much as I love doing my own hair, I could have just saved myself all the trouble and went to a salon. The extra money would have been well worth it, given the hassle I went through. x_x



Deciding on a winter coat is hard.

Especially when there are so many different options to choose from! Because my preferred temperature is 80°F, and I can already tell that this upcoming winter in New York is going to be brutal, I decided to invest in a new winter coat.


Leather Jackets. I was delusional when I thought that I could even survive late Autumn in these, regardless of how much I love them. :'( As a matter of fact, not too long ago, I helped le boyfriend pick out a leather jacket from Express – the same store where I bought mine. And what I’ve noticed is that while his keeps him warm and toasty, mine barely does in chillier weather. I think it’s because a lot of stores focus more on fashion than function for women, compared to their products targeted for men, and design these styles accordingly. Which is a shame, since it makes it even more difficult to find something that meets both requirements without having to spend a small fortune. Side note, doesn’t he look handsome in said jacket? :D


Fur Coats. For me, fur coats (faux or otherwise) are really hit or miss. I’ve seen fashion-forward women in the city wear an oversized white or leopard print fur coat and pull it off. Then I see multi-colored grey/green/blue knockoffs paired with Ugg boots on teenaged girls at the mall and cringe with how tacky and cheap it looks. But last month, I was seriously considering one of these faux fur beauties by UNIF: The Amelia Bomber and The Donna Coat. Unfortunately, I decided that an on-trend piece of outerwear shouldn’t be my primary go-to with winter approaching quickly. Though still something I want, a fur coat could wait until I find something more tame and practical. :< (A girl can only dream.)


Wool Coats. My previous winter coat was an adorable dark magenta wool thinsulate toggle coat from Delia’s. Although the color and style were a little childish, it did keep me warm during my whole college career. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, I’ve shrunken a few sizes and it no longer fits comfortably. I was looking into buying another wool coat, a pea coat in particular. Nothing says mature and put-together more than a 100% wool pea coat, after all. :P But my body type usually isn’t cooperative with the classic pea coat shape – they tend to either be too tight on the bust and perfect at the waist, or perfect at the bust and too loose on the waist. It’s a lose-lose situation most of the time for me. ;_; I would love to have either of these Victoria’s Secret pea coats, though. But since they only sell them online, the shipping cost on a return in case I order the wrong size would barely be worth it.


Down Jackets. Not going to lie, I hate the way most of them look. The last thing I want to resemble is a giant marshmallow. Most styles drown your body’s natural figure, even when you buy the right size, and are rarely fashionable. But I do admit that they are one of the warmest and affordable options out there, and my best bet at keeping my temperamental body at a happy temperature. Thankfully, I finally found what I was looking for in the Kelly Jacket from Abercrombie & Fitch. The full retail price of $220 is a little steep for me, but I was lucky to have caught it at 40% off when I ordered it from their website a few weeks ago. ;)


I ordered a navy one in size S, and it fits me perfectly! The quilted design keeps the down from shedding like past experiences I’ve had with similar jackets. I like the belt because it defines your waist, especially when you have an apple-shaped body like mine. The fur trim on the hood doesn’t look or feel cheap, and has the right amount of fullness. And one of my favorite things about this jacket is how the pockets are lined with the softest and warmest fleece. <3 Whenever I wear it, I feel like a cute eskimo and have yet to complain about the cold. The real test is whether I’ll survive the winter without a single shiver. :)


Oh, and if you couldn’t tell from the photo above, I’ve dyed my hair again. >.<; This time, I used Garnier Nutrisse: #61 Light Ash Brown (Mocchaccino). Different from my usual warm shades, this color has cooler undertones. And so far, I’ve received a lot of compliments from people I don’t even know! :D It definitely looks a lot less harsh than my previous bleached color. I actually really like it, and may be my favorite shade of the year. =) Anyway, that’s all I have for now – don’t forget to comment and subscribe. :P Until next time! ^.^


Trend Alert: Over-the-Knee Socks

About a month ago, I added a pair of over-the-knee socks to my American Apparel shopping cart for the sole purpose of bumping up my total to be eligible for free shipping. It was only after they came in the mail that I realized how much potential they added to my wardrobe! :o

My favorite thing about them is that you can recycle your summer clothing for the colder seasons. You can pair them with shorts, for a more casual look. But personally, I love pairing OTK socks with semi-sheer tights when wearing a short dress or skirt. They make your legs look so slim and long! Let’s admit it, thigh-high legwear is only flattering on a small percentage of women. They never worked for me since I’m so short, so over-the-knee socks are the perfect length for all you petite ladies out there. ;D

And because the material of denim leggings are so thin compared to regular jeans, wearing these socks underneath will keep your legs from freezing in the cold. (And believe me, I know a thing or two about brutal New York winters.) A lot of women I know layer full leggings under their jeans, but personally I don’t find it to be comfortable – especially if they pinch at your waist and thighs, making awkward lumps underneath your clothing. >.<;

Here’s me attempting to model the trend for you guys. Photo credit goes to my boyfriend, whose Japanese Maple Tree matches perfectly with my skirt. :P If you would be so kind, please Hype this photo for me on Lookbook! Click here. :)

Hello Kitty Addiction

Hey, guys! How are you all doing? :) I’ve been in a pretty good mood lately. Last weekend, I hung out with some friends that I haven’t seen in over eight years. :o Mother Nature has been good to New York, too, providing us with some much-needed sunshine. One of my favorite places to hang out on campus when it’s warm are the Staller Steps – a large expanse of grass where students gather to eat, drink, talk, study, smoke, tan, and play frisbee. :P As I was walking by it earlier today, I could help but snap a photo of how peaceful it looked.

Anyway, as I was browsing the Sanrio website the other day, I couldn’t help but drool over some of their Hello Kitty merchandise. >.<; I admit that I have somewhat of a problem – from jewelry to alarm clocks, I own my fair share of items branded with her cute face. XD

With graduation approaching in two months and a travel agenda for the summer already being planned, I started thinking about my lack of travel luggage. The quilted overnight bag featured above is the perfect size to carry enough to last me a long weekend vacation or camping trip! :) Do want.

Another alternative to travel luggage is this adorable pink rolling suitcase. <3 After a flight to another state (or country!), I wouldn’t have to strain myself to find it among the many other suitcases in the baggage claim because it would stand out so much. ;)

Additionally, who doesn’t love yoga pants?! They’re so comfortable to lounge around and work out in. Especially since I’ve joined an intramural volleyball team this semester (more about that in another post), I’ve been dying to own more active wear. x_x

This HK x Tokidoki laptop case is the most darling thing, too. I find myself carrying my computer to class in a tote bag without any sort of protection. I know that I should invest in a case soon, before something as unfortunate as water damage happens. o_o I like my small little accessories to be stylish, though, no matter how trivial it may be to others. :P

And while we’re on the topic of Tokidoki, I found this shopper bag on the Karma Loop website. I REALLY WANT IT. It comes in black, too, with a stamp design that says “Paris” instead of “Tokyo” – but the material for that one looked too cheap and shiny. This one is just my cup of tea, though. The deal breaker is that is costs $118 at full price, which is definitely outside of my budget. I’ve bookmarked it, though, and hopefully it’ll go on sale soon. :)

On a final note, I’ve changed my blog photo once again! You can click on it for the full-sized view. Nothing special, I just felt particularly photogenic the other day. :P My hair is getting so long, too! I’m thinking about cutting it, but I yearn for waist-length locks. <3 Anyway, that’s all I have for now. Stay tuned for more posts this week, and don’t forgot to subscribe. :) Until next time! ^.^

Anticipating Spring! :D

For the past week, the weather has just been fantastic on Long Island. I can’t wait until I don’t have to wear a jacket anymore, and showcase all my Spring dresses and skirts. ;) But the other night, while I was browsing the American Apparel website during their flash sale, it occurred to me that I don’t own enough sleeved clothing – mostly because I hate wearing sleeves. Layering over tanktops is much more comfortable and convenient, in my opinion.

So I ended up ordering a cardigan and a shirt. :P Look at how much I saved! :o
Unisex Fine Jersey Double-Breasted Cardigan (S), $41.00 $16.00
Unisex Helvetica Alphabet T-Shirt (XS), $24.00 $6.00

First of all, let’s me get this out of my system.. AMERICAN APPAREL COTTON IS SO EFFING SOFT. I’m wearing this shirt right now as I type this, and I still can’t believe how comfortable the material is. Don’t even get me started on the fit! An XS is the perfect length, and despite being somewhat loose, doesn’t make me look like a shapeless bag. I was afraid of the sleeves being too long and the collar being too high, but neither of those were a problem for me. This purchase has definitely convinced me to buy more casual t-shirts from AA. <3

Excuse the dirty mirror. I really need to invest in a tripod. >.<;

As for the cardigan, I was a little disappointed that the photo on the website was misleading. I thought the buttons were going to be black, but they came in beige/brown instead. Because this is a unisex style, the fit is somewhat awkward on me when buttoned up all the way. But I prefer leaving it completely open, or only buttoning it up halfway or less. :) The material is also really soft, and thin enough to wear in the Spring on a windy day without feeling hot. And for what little I paid (compared to its original price tag), I still think it was a great buy. :P

In other news, I’m so excited to be attending I-CON this year! :) I haven’t been to a convention in forever, and how awesome is it that my university’s campus hosts one every year? :D Although this convention is mostly centered around science fiction (which I admit strays somewhat from my interests), I’m sure I’ll still find tons of fun things to do.

As for the costume that I will be wearing that Friday, the photo above inspired me to put together a “sexy pikachu” outfit. I was so excited to make a dress from scratch, but after looking at my academic schedule, I’ve realized that I have no time. ;_; Although I still plan to make the headband by myself, I ordered this dress from Charlotte Russe the other week. (I feel like such a cheater!)

I figured that a clubbing-style dress could be worn on more occasions than just a convention. The daffodil yellow color is perfect for spring, too! :P Admittedly, the openings on the side are a bit risque – but maybe that’s just because I’m modest. And although I don’t think the cut of the dress flatters my figure very well, I’m learning to cast aside my insecurities and wear what makes me happy. My only issue with the piece is that I can’t wear a bra under it – any suggestions for what to do? I hear that special band-aids or pasties will do the trick of hiding your nipples through thin fabric, but I have no experience with this. >.<;

On a final note, I want to let you guys know that I’m dealing with stress a whole lot better this semester. Even though I don’t think I did very well on my most recent exam, I know that I worked hard and did my best. All I can do now is hope that the curve boosts my grade, and enjoy the company of good friends every Thursday night before  graduate. :) Until next time! ^.^

OXO Candela Glow

As a BzzAgent, I get the opportunity to try out some nifty stuff! This time, I received a package of OXO Candela Glow rechargeable lights. Which is actually really cool, since I can’t have real candles in my dorm room. (Fire hazard, duh.) The set comes with two medium-sized LED lamps and a charging station.

The photos on the official website are actually an accurate representation of what these lights look like. :P The glow is soft, and gives a really romantic vibe to any dimly lit room or corner.

Personally, I keep them in a little shelf above my closet space. The glow really diffuses within the cubby hole, and gives my dorm room a really relaxed atmosphere. Which is awesome, since the overhead lights in my room aren’t the best quality and my built-in desk lamp is blindingly bright. Disregard the terrible picture quality below – my camera doesn’t work so well in the dark.

As far as the power goes, I accidentally left them on overnight and it took about 10 hours for them to go out. Not sure if they were fully charged when I turned them on, though, so they may actually be able to last even longer. :D My only issue with the product is that they cost $39.99 for a set of two. When I saw the price tag, I was really glad that I got these for free. If they were a cheaper, I’d totally tell you guys to go decorate your homes with them. Until next time! ^.^

Sephora Birthday Gift :D

I apologize in advance for the quality of my photos in this post. They were all taken with my phone, instead of my actual camera, because I forgot to charge the battery. >.<; Anyway.. I went to the DMV today to get a new state ID card. And since Roosevelt Field Mall is literally a 5-minute walk away, I decided to spend my afternoon there. :D

First stop.. Sephora! Since I’m a Beauty Insider, I receive a free birthday present every year from them. :P This time, I got a Philosophy shampoo, shower gel, & bubble bath in Vanilla Birthday Cake. :D It smells DELICIOUS. I almost want to eat it! :o While I was there, I was also searching for a new eyebrow pencil. Unfortunately, the cheapest one they sold was $21. =/ I don’t think I could ever justify spending that much on something that I could easily buy from a drugstore for less than a third of the price.

Which brings me to my review on the Maybelline ExpertWear Brow & Eye Pencil that I bought at the convenience store on the basement floor of the mall. The first thing I raged about when I tested it at home was how much of a red undertone it has. Against my skin tone, it almost looks orange! D: The term “medium brown” is used so broadly in the drugstore cosmetics industry – it’s often difficult to know the true color of a product before you buy it. x_x

Thankfully, I still have a much-too-light taupe eyebrow pencil from several months ago that layers nicely over this to create a passable shade that matches with my hair color. Improvsation, ftw! : ) Other than the misleading neutral-brown color on the packaging, the product itself is mediocre. I definitely prefer Maybelline’s Define-a-Brow over this any day!

Next up: H&M.. how I love thee!! <33 I never fail to find something I like here, especially since all my other favorite stores have been disappointing me lately. I’ve noticed that as stores like Forever 21 gain popularity through the years, their selection of clothing decreases in quality with every season. At this point, it’s all about quantity and pumping out as much “trendy” clothing to the masses as they can. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve come to appreciate owning clothes that don’t fall apart after a few washes. :P

Anyway, I purchased the blazer in the photo above. Yes, $50 might seem like a splurge – especially at H&M, where everything is relatively inexpensive. But the cut flatters my shape so much! How could I resist? :P Even though I’ve gone down from a size 8 to a size 6 in the past few months, the fact that the single button on the blazer rests at the narrowest part of me gives the illusion of a defined waistline. There’s some light shoulder padding, too, but I don’t mind. I’m just way too excited to starting dressing it up or dressing it down once Autumn rolls around! :D

Oh, and the dress? I really wanted to buy it. There are few things I find cuter than a casual white dress with a black bow pattern. It was only $14, too! So why didn’t I get it? Simple: I’m not built like the typical European woman that H&M designs their clothing for. The waist was too loose, yet the bust area was practically suffocating me – a common problem that I have with the sizing at this store. ;_;

Last stop? Express. I’ve accumulated enough points on MyPoints to redeem a $25 gift card there, but I don’t want to have it mailed to me until I’ve settled into my dorm already. Anyway, I found a super chic faux leather jacket on their website, retailing for $98. Despite being cruelty-free, it looks and feels like real leather! :o

Upon trying on the jacket in the store, I found the material to be very comfortable and supple. Not only does XS fits me like a glove, but the cut is sexy and somewhat slimming. :D The inner lining is also a deep red, which basically wins me over. :P I can’t wait to order it! Hopefully, it won’t be sold out by then. >.<; Oh, and excuse my face in the photo above.

^ Story of my life. =.=’ Until next time! ^.^