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Trend Alert: Denim Vests

Now that the weather has been hitting the low to mid-60s, it’s time to toss aside our jackets and start thinking about more Spring-friendly outerwear. Reminiscent of the 80s, the fashion industry has been reviving the denim vest.


Since a lot of my friends are metalheads, it’s not unusual for me to see them rocking theirs with all sorts of band patches and button pins. And that’s the beauty of this trend – you can be as creative as you want, and tailor it towards your own individual style. If you’re the arts and crafts type, or just plain adventurous, you can make it a DIY project. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet for refashioning denim: acid washing, cropping, lace paneling, and installing studs/spikes, just to name a few.

DIY: Studded Lace Denim Vest [photo credit]

Since I prefer a little feminine touch to everything, I decided to purchase a embellished denim vest from Hong Kong on eBay. With its silver sequins, chains, rhinestones, and deconstruction, it was practically screaming my name. And for less than $15 with free shipping, I wasn’t going to pass it up. :P


Personally, I have a rule when it comes to denim: Only one piece at a time. I’m not about that blue collar look, if you know what I mean. With that said, this trend makes a simple outfit look edgier. I can see it working well with black leggings and a casual t-shirt or tanktop, but wearing it over a colorful patterned dress or skirt this Spring is just as chic.

fight like a girl
Like my style? Hype it on Lookbook! ~ Fight Like a Girl

Since the weather was gorgeous this past weekend, le boyfriend and I took a walk by the local marina before going out on a sushi date. Predictably, I brought my camera in hopes of finding an opportunity to snap some photos. I wore my new vest over a black maxi dress that I’ve had since high school.



Yearning for Spring

Apart from yesterday being my boyfriend’s 21st birthday, we also had one of the nicest days (weather-wise) in what seems like forever! Unfortunately, it will disappear as quickly as it arrived – Long Island is due for snow again later this week. :< A girl can dream of warmer weather, right? Especially when all my favorite stores are already stocking up on Spring trends and fashion.

I love the look of soft, light colors and floral patterns. I already have quite a few floral pieces from last year, since it will always be a classic Spring trend, so I don’t think I’ll be updating my wardrobe in this aspect any time soon. But it’s good to know that the days of me living in darker Fall-Winter colors will be coming to an end.

Additionally, my current leatherette grey/beige/taupe tote bag that I use to carry my school books will definitely be out of place once Spring rolls around. So I’m currently on the lookout for a slightly smaller, more colorful tote! Preferably sturdy and under $30. : ) I really love both of these. <3

I’ve also been on the hunt for a stud earring set that has a variety of different designs – but every time I visit Claire’s or Icing, all the pretty ones (like the two sets pictured above) seem to already be sold out. :( I lose all my earrings so easily and quickly, mostly because I have six total ear piercings and I get bored of wearing the same pairs every day. So I switch them up regularly, often resulting in lost jewelry. >.<; If any of you guys know any accessory stores that sell sets like these, do tell. : ) Until next time! ^o^


Lookbook.nu is one of those websites that I can spend hours looking through. It’s a collection of submissions that members post gorgeous, high-quality photos of their outfits. Personally, I find more inspiration from this website than any magazine ever could – it’s definitely a great resource for the fashion-conscious. Unfortunately, you have to be a member to post. Membership if free, but you have to apply for one by sending them a photo of yourself, or having an already-member invite you. I received an invitation last year, but I’m not confident enough to post any of my looks up. >.<;

Two of my favorite contributors are Rikku and Dawn. They have very different styles, but I love the both of them so much. (If you guys are interested, Dawn runs a blog called Monoxious. Check it out sometime!) Here are my favorite looks by them:



Lookbook.nu is filled with tons of amazing, beautiful, stylish people and posts. It wouldn’t be surprising to find out that many trends became popular through its members. Hundreds of new posts are added daily, after all. x_x I might just spend the rest of tonight scrolling through them. XD Until next time! ^o^

A little update on my campus life.

1) Om nom noms. Lately, I’ve been getting really sick of the meal options on campus. We do have a wide variety of food, but it gets a little boring after a while. I feel like all I ate this past week were salads, sushi, and french fries. >.<; I was so glad when some of the dining halls started to offer Skinny Cow Ice Cream Cups – almost all the flavors contain only 150 calories and 1g of fat. And since I’m usually sharing a cup with someone, I can now eat dessert every night with no regrets! Dulce de Leche is my favorite. <3

Just today, actually, my friend drove us off campus to the famous Se-Port Deli for an early dinner. They create the most amazing sandwiches ever. Mike was nice enough to treat me, so I ordered a Black Forest – ham, swiss, coleslaw, and Russian dressing on pumpernickel bread. :D *drool* Eating off campus is definitely worth it. (Photo credit to my boyfriend’s iPhone 4)

2) My major. I went to see my academic advisor yesterday, and left her office feeling a little bit more confident about my future. The acceptance rate into the post-grad Medical Dosimetry program is 5 seats to 20 applications, compared to the 25 seats to 600 applications the Nursing program here has. Even if I don’t make it, I can always fall back on Nuclear Medicine or Health Science Informatics. I just need to work hard, take a ton of winter/summer classes, and keep myself motivated. Although the job market isn’t so good for any healthcare profession these days (apart from nurses, of course), I want to keep believing that the skills I’ll be acquiring here will be desirable enough for a decent starting salary somewhere that isn’t too far from home. One can only hope, though.

3) My urge to go on a shopping spree, but not having any money. Self-explanatory much? I haven’t had any time to work-work, mostly because of the massive amounts of reading I have to do for some of my classes. But the latest Fall trends are so enticing! Two of my favorite ones are light cover-ups (something like a cross between a cardigan and a long sleeve shirt) and faux leather jackets (don’t they look so badass?). Every website I go onto, they offer similar styles to these:

4) My desire to get off campus every once in a while. I was so excited to hear that my boyfriend plans on buying a car over winter break and bringing it here next semester. : ) He even promised to give me some driving lessons! The ones I took at home were ineffective, since my driving instructor was pretty awful and only wanted our money. =/ The benefits of having a car on campus are endless – grocery shopping would be a breeze, doing something fun and new over the weekends would be too easy, going to the local drug store for anything I need asap would be very convenient, etc. For now, I rely on the free weekend buses and my friend Chris to get to places. XD He even drove us to Target today, because I was in desperate need of chapstick!

I grabbed a tube of Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil, and Yes To Carrots Lip Butter in Mint. : ) Both brands are known for being natural and organic, as well as carrying irresistibly delicious products! Both feel and taste refreshing, smooth, and moisturizing on my lips. And as most people know, I’m a hugeeee lip balm fiend. XD While we were at Target, my boyfriend also decided to buy a ridiculously gigantic blanket – it’s 9 ft. by 7.5 ft, and is the softest & fuzziest blanket I have ever felt in my entire life. He tells me it’s to keep us warm while we study this Fall/Winter. How thoughtful of him!

Haha, I guess that’s all for now. Until next time, guys! And don’t forget that you can subscribe to my blog by e-mail through the option in the right sidebar. Tell all your friends! : )