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SUMMER RECAP: Clip-in Hair Extensions

Just like last year, I took a break from blogging for a few months – I mean, summer IS the prime season for social events and outdoor activities. But apart from that, it gave me the opportunity to dabble in a side job, reprioritize my life, set aside some much-needed time for myself, and improve some aspects of my lifestyle that I wasn’t satisfied with. But since I can’t recap my entire summer in a single post, I’ve decided to do a series of entries to get all my followers caught up. Enjoy! :)

A few months ago, in her heavy Korean accent, my hairdresser told me that my locks underwent “chemical melting” from all the harsh bleaching I had put it through. Which explained why my ends were so thin and uneven. So she chopped it all off. But because having my hair at shoulder length made me feel less feminine, my confidence dipped significantly. :( Thankfully, a friend recommended clip-in extensions as a temporary solution while it grows back. At first, I was skeptical. I had so many questions! Would they look natural? What is the color doesn’t match perfectly? Could I heat style them? How much would they cost? How long would they last? Would they fall out if I wasn’t careful?


So I took to researching all the different options for my hair type. At the end of the day, I decided that a 7-piece set of wefts in varying widths would give me that layered look I wanted. Nervously, I ordered a set of 18” dark brown human hair extensions from the eBay seller “ldszyz” for about $31 with free shipping. When they arrived at my doorstep a week later, it occurred to me that I had no idea how to put them in. >.<; But, naturally, I was an expert three YouTube videos later. :P


I was pleasantly surprised that the color blends beautifully – you can hardly tell they’re extensions! They aren’t heavy at all, it they stay put really well. Typically, it’s recommended that my extensions should last 3-4 months before replacing them – but that’s with everyday wear, heat styling, and regular washing. Since I only wear mine on the weekends, I estimate that they should last me about a year. And by then, my hair should already be six inches longer! :D My only issue with them is that they sometimes give you too much volume in humidity, especially if your hair isn’t naturally straight. But this is something that can easily be fixed by wearing it in a sleek, long ponytail. What do you guys think, would you ever consider wearing clip-in hair extensions?



Change is Good

I have had the same hairstyle for over four years. And you know what? It gets boring sometimes. So I decided that I was in desperate need of a haircut, especially since my ends were so split and damaged. Thankfully, I came across a 50% off coupon for the Katherine Jon Salon in the back of the free planner that my university handed out last week. :D

Katherine Jon Salon is located in Port Jefferson, NY – which isn’t far at all from my campus. Many thanks to my boyfriend Michael for driving me there, and sitting on a couch for over half an hour while I was seen! :P Anyway, I forgot to schedule an appointment but they welcomed my walk-in warmly. They gave me a guest consultation pamphlet to fill out, and I only had to wait about five minutes before Katie was able to see me. :)

I’ve been considering straight-across bangs for a while now, and never thought it would suit my round face. But I took the risk, and went for it anyway. >.<; I honestly don’t think it looks so bad on me. I really like how they’re long enough to cover my eyebrows on the lazy days when I don’t feel like drawing them on. I like how she cut them thin, too! So when they grow out, I could just sweep them to the side. :P I took this next picture with my phone, so excuse the poor photo quality.

What I like the most about having bangs, though, is how low-maintenance they are! I’ve only had them for three days, but I’m already impressed by how little effort I have to put into styling my hair in the morning. Whether I decide straighten, curl, work an up-do, or even go au naturel wavy.. it looks presentable. Unlike before, when straightening my hair to death was the only solution to not looking like a mess! x_x

Overall, I’m completely satisfied with this new look. I just need to start hitting the gym again, and lose all this extra face fat. Getting a more defined jawline is definitely my goal for this semester.In other news, check out my new sandals that arrived in the mail the other day! My last pair broke last week, when I clumsily tripped down a staircase. Thankfully, Zappos provided me with these Volcom Forever Creedlers in two business days! A size 6 fits me perfectly, and they’re so lightweight to walk around in. Even though it’s getting colder, a pair of sandals is always useful for walking around my dorm or to the local dining center in the middle of the night while wearing my pajamas. :P Until next time! ^.^

I love ice cream. :D

For those of you who didn’t assume so already, I absolutely love sweets. Today, I treated my boyfriend Michael out to Cold Stone Creamery. Mostly because he always takes me out to dinner. : ) We ended up getting a large-sized “Gotta Have It” concoction of dark chocolate ice cream, sweet cream ice cream, and Kit Kats! It was very good. ; ) We might go to another ice cream place this weekend, too!

And because it was such a nice day today, I wanted to share this picture with you guys. It’s me on top of a purple rock in my quad. Wearing a purple dress, of course! XD The photo right next to it is how I’ve been doing my hair for the past week. I’m beginning to prefer it curly, rather than straight.I also think my hair is becoming healthier, too. I can’t wait until it grows longer! (You can click on either picture to enlarge it.)

I was playing around on Photoshop today, too, and I made this perfectly decent picture look like it was vomited on by cuteness. XD Check it out:

I guess that’s all for today. But before I go, look at this dress from Charlotte Russe. I want it. Until next time! : )

Ouch. I burnt my thumb. :(

I remember when I used to be obsessed with straightening my hair. In high school, I wouldn’t leave the house without it done. At the end of my freshman year in college.. I bought a high-end hair straightener from Folica.com, the Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron (1-1/4″), for $90. And I fell in love.

But there’s been a significant difference ever since I’ve been using it almost daily – my hair has been getting thinner and thinner. =/ So I stopped for a while, and lately I’ve really been appreciating and taking pride in my natural waves. But now I think it’s once again time for something different. It only occurred to me last month that my Solia can curl or wave my hair however I please. Thus, I began watching numerous tutorial videos on YouTube. : )

Deciding to practice the techniques I learned, since I’m just sitting around at home doing nothing today, I ended up burning my thumb in the process. At 390 degrees. >.<; But I noticed an instant difference – it gives my hair so much body! I’m definitely going to get used to this. ; )