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SUMMER RECAP: Cosplayholic

Just like last year, I took a break from blogging for a few months – I mean, summer IS the prime season for social events and outdoor activities. But apart from that, it gave me the opportunity to dabble in a side job, reprioritize my life, set aside some much-needed time for myself, and improve some aspects of my lifestyle that I wasn’t satisfied with. But since I can’t recap my entire summer in a single post, I’ve decided to do a series of entries to get all my followers caught up. Enjoy! :)

Cosplayholic is an eBay shop (with an impressive positive feedback score) that I had been eyeing for months. Since I know many of my readers are comparison shoppers like myself, I wanted to share an honest and detailed narrative of my purchasing experience with this seller.


My boyfriend and I decided to order the custom-tailored Tidus and Songstress Yuna outfits, since we had two events coming up – my annual trip to New Jersey for AnimeNext and a Final Fantasy themed rave in Brooklyn called Vinyl Fantasy IV. We sent Cosplayholic our measurements and paid the outrageous shipping costs, thinking it would be worth it. Unfortunately, my bank thought the order was fraudulent and activated a chargeback – which would take several weeks to process, even after I cancelled it.


Since the convention was approaching soon, I made an agreement with the seller to pay the $220+ total again via PayPal while the chargeback was processing, and in the event that the money would get taken out of my bank account a second time, they would return it to me. Yes, I know that the terms of agreement on eBay specifically state that they are not held responsible for arrangements done independently of their site. So I took the risk, thinking the seller was trustworthy.


When the costumes arrived in the mail several weeks later, we were pleased to find that both fit perfectly and looked just like the photos in the listing. (They even included a note in the package that asked us to leave them positive feedback, since they’re feeding their families in China with the money they make from their cosplay shop, and any store below a certain score is banned from making any more transactions.) It was a personal decision for me to wear a different skirt, since I thought the one included was too long. Nonetheless, we received many compliments at both events – so I’m not taking a jab at the quality of their products at all.


Now fast forward a little over a month later, where the cancelled chargeback was finished processing and I am charged a second time for my order. Despite our agreement, Cosplayholic denies receiving the second payment. After many phone calls and messages between me, my bank, and PayPal – the consensus was that the seller did receive the money. After threatening to file a dispute with them through my bank, and giving them both PayPal transaction numbers as proof of my payments, they CONVENIENTLY only responded back to me once a week – promising they would return my money but never actually doing it until months later. Ultimately, it took them from April until September to return $220+ to me even though I was messaging them every week. I do not recommend them, the customer service is a nightmare.


Trend Alert: Nude Lace Overlay & Sexy Lingerie

Commonly incorporated into dresses, this trend contrasts the feminine texture and pattern of black lace with a nude shade to give you a mysterious and sexy silhouette. ;) Although it’s supposed to be an illusion of naked skin underneath, I find that it flatters everyone – even when the “nude” color is significantly lighter or darker than your own skin tone. I only wish that I owned these two dresses below from Miss KL. *drool* Perfect for so many occasions – weddings, fancy parties/events, appearances at upscale restaurants/bars/dance clubs, etc.

Bodycon dresses aren’t the only way to work this trend, though. I think it looks great on purses and shoes, too! Just the right touch for those nights when you want to feel like the classy lady you are. Here’s a collection of my favorite pieces on Polyvore, just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

And since it would make me a hypocrite to rave about a style and not follow through, I decided to buy a top from Charlotte Russe that incorporated both lace overlay and peplum, another popular trend this season. I can’t wait to glam it up with gold accessories and heels for one of my holiday parties this month. :D

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It’s holiday season again. :)

So what’s been up with me? Well, for one, I started paying back my student loans. I’ve decide that instead of paying them all back as quickly as possible, I would rather only pay a small sum of $300/month over the next 10 years. True, I end up paying a few thousand more in interest in the long run, but this way I don’t have to struggle to make ends meet for the next few years and I can afford to invest and save up for more important things. Like a car and auto insurance, for example, since I just passed my road test yesterday morning. I’m late by a few years, but hey, I’m a New Yorker. :P I’ve decided that starting this January, I’ll be keeping track of my budget and spending via Excel spreadsheets to get a better estimate of when I’ll be ready to move out of my parents’ house. >.<;


Other than that, I’ve been basking in the holiday cheer. Everywhere I go, stores are playing Christmas music and holding seasonal sales if you haven’t done your gift-shopping yet. My own house has transformed overnight with all the lights and decorations I helped my family put up. Personally, the white mesh poinsettia below is my favorite ornament on our tree. :)


I’ve also found some amazing steals at my local 99 cents store – particularly a set of charming gift bags that feature a different old-fashioned shoppe on each one, and the snow is glitterized! :) Obviously, I grabbed several. (Though I still hold to this creative gift-wrapping idea I posted about 2 years ago for larger and rectangular presents.) If I had gone to Hallmark, similar gift bags would have cost me $6 to $8 per piece. o.o Oh, and I also found a box of holiday cards for under a dollar while perusing the discount store. It can’t get any better than that. :D


And speaking of gifts, Hanukkah started last Saturday! I’m no stranger to dating Jewish men, so le boyfriend didn’t have to do much explaining to me. I bought him several things, but my favorite has to be the LEGO Architecture model based on the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum, which he happened to mention was his favorite New York City landmark a few months ago. I haven’t visited in years, so hopefully we can go sometime this winter, too! :D


And since it’s dry skin/hair season, as well, I remind you all to restock on your favorite beauty products. Mine include Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion and TRESemmè Heat Tamer Spray. If you want to check out more of my favorite brands and products, I have a tab at the top of my page to lead you there. :P Anyway, stay tuned for more holiday posts from me. Until next time! ^.^


Finding a job in NYC is difficult. :(

Alright, I’m going to rant a little bit here about how challenging it has been for me to find a summer job. I have been applying for small retail jobs since I was sixteen. Four years and a ton of work/volunteer experience later, no one is still willing to hire me. I was recently promised a position as a waitress at my local pizzeria by the assistant manager after a brief interview. I called back today, hoping to schedule training, and they tell me that the position is no longer open.

At this point, I’m desperate. I’m beyond wanting a Health Science-related internship anymore. The majority of them don’t pay you anyway. I’m fully aware that I need to face “the real world” really soon, and my first priority is paying off all my student loans before the debt starts to accumulate.

Yes, I understand that working as a Resident Assistant provides me with free housing – which I am truly grateful for, since it’s already saving me thousands. I also receive financial benefits every semester, which is why I don’t want to sound greedy. :( I’ve been hopping on every chance to make a little extra money, though, be it working extra hours in my quad office or writing sponsored advertisements on this blog for $15/post. The $5-7 per hour  that I make on ChaCha really isn’t cutting it anymore, though.

I’ve also come to realize that “who you know” weighs much more than “what you know”. Nearly all of my friends who manage to find a job in New York only get hired because they have “connections” through family or friends. I like to think of myself as a responsible, educated, hard-working individual – my resume speaks for itself. So why doesn’t anyone want me?

I’ve come to a few good conclusions based on my personal observations…

1) Positions such as grocery store cashiers or restaurant waitresses in my area are already taken by uneducated, middle-aged women. I admit that they need the job more than I do, especially since they’ve been working there for over 20 consecutive years and are probably single mothers. I don’t feel too bad about this, though, since I’ll have a degree in exactly one year from now and be able to apply for entry-level positions that they aren’t qualified for. </bitchiness>

2) On every single application I’ve ever filled out, they ask whether I’m of “Hispanic or Latino” descent. I have usually left it blank, but this was the first year that I checked the box. I mean, somewhere down the line of my Filipino heritage there must be some Spanish in me, right? And it’s no coincidence that I’ve received the most callbacks this year. Companies are required to have a certain quota of Hispanic employees, I believe, since the population is so large in New York and they want to keep the workplace diverse. Still, that’s no excuse to ignore a perfectly competent applicant who can actually speak English. ):<

3) The places that do hire young people are completely superficial. I wouldn’t get hired at a clothing store at my local mall solely because “I don’t fit their image”. What this actually means is that I’m not tall, skinny, blonde, or “attractive” by their standards. Many retailers hire solely on looks, and aren’t afraid to admit it. So I guess that option is out for me. Same thing goes for many hostess/bartending positions in the city. Before you can even get an interview, they need you to send them a full-body photo. Even then, you’re required to dress suggestively at work – the uniform typically consisting of form-fitting tanktops, skimpy shorts, mini skirts, belly shirts, or even a bikini top.

I had a couple more, but I would just sound bitter. So nevermind.
What are you guys doing over the summer?

Betta Fish & Common Room Decor

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I decided to take our relationship a step further – we adopted a Betta fish at the pet store! We named him Denzin, which means “Upholder of Truth” in Tibetan. And because we did some research beforehand, we bought him the right kind of food, bowl, marbles, and a small net! Hopefully, we’ll be great caretakers – fish like him are supposed to last three years at the most! Look at how happy Denzin is in his bowl. : )

I also wanted to bring up the concept of college dorm decorating again. As most people know, the art of decorating the common room (which is shared by at least six people) is nothing like decorating your living room at home. It has to make you feel comfortable, familiar, and at home! Thus, the other day, my roommate bought a few posters for our common room. :D My favorite of the three that we have is the ‘Audrey Hepburn’ one. Along with that, she also got ‘Absinthe Robette’ and ‘Know Your Beer’ posters. :P Feel free to click on any of the images below to enlarge!

In contrast, my boyfriend’s suitemates don’t want to spend a penny on decorations for their common room. (Even though they’re in there playing video games all the time!) I took it upon myself to initiate a night where all we did was draw on regular computer paper with markers and colored pencils. As of the other day, all of them are now taped onto the wall!

Michael did the first drawing – it’s a vicious bear mauling a park ranger! Bryan drew the second one – a samurai bear, smoking a pipe while walking through the woods. I found both hilarious.

I drew this one! It’s pretty self-explanatory. XD There were many, many others that we drew.. but I don’t think those would be appropriate to post here. :P I just this this is a great, cheap, and creative way to make your dorm’s common room look unique and fun! I might actually pity them and their bare walls in the weeks to come, and maybe buy a $5  video game poster from Walmart. Maybe.

On a final note, I was camera-whoring a little bit this morning. Mostly because I needed a new Facebook profile picture. I think this came out pretty well. I just learned how to fade the edges to black in Photoshop today. A very useful skill in life, as we all know. XD But I guess that’s all for now. Until next time, readers! :3