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Trend Alert: Waterfall Skirts

Not to be confused with the more popular high-low trend, waterfall skirts look more feminine and free-flowing. The delicate asymmetry turns heads, the “streams” of fabric dance as you make your entrance into a room, and onlookers will stare in awe of how ethereal your presence is. (Ok, I may be exaggerating. But they do remind me of fairies, sorceresses, angels, and other magical beings in fantasy.) This music video by k-pop girl group 4minute shows just how alluring these skirts can look in movement.

Like hi-lo skirts, waterfall skirts are typically made from chiffon or another sheer lightweight material. The difference is that its fabric is often pleated, the number of the folds varying from one designer to the next. Another thing that sets them apart are that waterfall skirts don’t necessarily have to start shorter in the front and longer in the back. In fact, the prettier ones I’ve seen start at arbitrary points and look tastefully chaotic. >:D

1570208_tqrrLookbook members Olivia H. and Laura X.

I purchased this black waterfall skirt from Love Culture for dirt cheap a few months ago, and haven’t been able to wear it until it warmed up a bit last weekend. The elastic waistband wasn’t sewn in place, so it kept flipping and folding over inside the fabric throughout the day. It also kept riding up my waist so that my proportions looked all messed up. Or maybe I just need to lose a few more pounds? :(

waterfall 2

One thing is for certain, though – it’s definitely not a practical skirt to wear. There are so many hazards! Including, but not limited to: tripping over them in your heels, getting them stuck in an escalator, and being prone to wardrobe malfunctions when it’s windy. >.<; I wish you luck if you’re brave enough.

want it back
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Trend Alert: Bralettes

A few weeks ago, I attended my first large-scale rave: Naughty Neon 3D. And to be honest, it was one of the best nights of my life. Why? Because it combined three of my favorite things: music, dancing, and good vibes. I can’t even express how infectious the energy was from the crowd. <3

Unfortunately, I have neither the body or bravery to dress up like the typical raver girl. Half of them were literally only wearing bikini tops and hot shorts, and it was the middle of February! D: All the power to you if you do, but personally it’s not for me. At dance clubs, I prefer to be a little more practical and conservative.. which is why I rock the popular new bralette trend.


Wearing a bralette is a great alternative to wearing an itty-bitty piece of clothing that shows off your entire midriff. Unlike boxy crop tops, these fit snugly around your figure instead of draping loosely and end right above your belly button. If you don’t have the flattest stomach, they pair excellently with high-waisted skirts! Not only is your belly concealed, but your torso is elongated by the small sliver of naked skin in between. Less can be more, in the right situations. ;)


In the case that you don’t want to wear a high-waisted skirt, bralettes can also look fabulous with a simple pair of skinny jeans. Just remember to balance your top half by layering something more modest on top. Disregarding the terrible camera phone quality, below are two examples of outfits I’ve worn out recently on weekend nights. Pairing the same two boohoo bralettes pictured above with denim leggings, I kept it classy with a structured blazer and a semi-sheer tie blouse on top, both in black because it’s slimming. :D


While we’re on the topic of looking slim, I’m proud to say that I’ve lost several pounds over the last month! :) My secret? Eating healthy and working out. I never realized how much of an effect going to the gym three times per week actually makes. I’m more well-rested at night, and it puts me in a good mood if I’m having a particularly bad day. If you guys are interested, my friends at eMeals provide some really useful resources on a clean eating meal plan. I’m more motivated than ever to get in shape – so much so that I even rewarded myself with a spontaneous new piercing this past weekend. ;D Until next time!


The Bustle Skirt

After seeing the lovely Emilie Autumn perform at Gramercy Theater last Friday, I was inspired by her dark twist on Victorian fashion. Somewhere between Gothic and Burlesque, she and her backup dancers wore beautiful costumes that made the concert seem more like a Broadway musical. While corsets have always had a special place in my heart, I was more fascinated by their modern-day bustle skirts.


Condensed from Wikipedia:
Bustles were originally designed to expand the fullness of the back of a woman’s dress during the mid-to-late 19th century. Typically a Victorian fashion, the shape created by the combination of a bustle and corset accentuated the rump, waist, and bosom – resulting in highly idealized representations of female sexual identity, simultaneously exaggerating and concealing the body’s figure.

If I owned a bustle skirt, it would render the illusion of my narrow hips looking fuller and my thick waist appearing more slender – even if just for costuming purposes. I’ve always yearned for an hourglass figure, but genetics have proven it impossible for me. Regardless of how much I work out or diet, the rest of me shrinks while my middle stays the same. ;_; (If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend my fellow blogger Christal’s post about apple-shaped bodies.)


Over the years, the burlesque industry has adapted the once-conservative fashion trend into something more risqué. Instead of being worn under a dress, modern bustle skirts are typically short and worn alone over lingerie. The fabric can range from sheer organza to dupion silk, depending on the quality. Personally, I’m completely in love with this elegant piece from Lovechild Boudoir, appropriately named Lady Lovecraft.


But as with most things, excellence comes with a price. And I’m not about to spend $100+ on something I may only wear a handful of times. I can definitely see myself frolicking about in one of these at conventions, raves, Halloween parties, and Renaissance Faires.. but I currently have financial priorities. :< Thankfully, there are some cheaper alternatives! Leg Avenue carries a burlesque line of clothing, which includes these adorable striped bustle skirts which go for as low as $14 on Amazon. Flimsy and thin, yes. But practical for the amateur costume enthusiast? Absolutely. :3


While we’re on the topic of burlesque, I really wish it hadn’t died out as an art form. It emphasized that curvy women are downright gorgeous, and we really don’t get enough of that in the media nowadays. Rarely am I ever impressed by current society’s standard that “anorexic” is “sexy”. In fact, I am awestruck by the beauty of buxom pin-up models like the legendary Dita Von Teese. So much so that last month I purchased this chemise inspired by her iconic look, courtesy of Wicked Temptations.


Maybe one day I’ll even muster up the courage and confidence to take one of those burlesque classes in the city so often featured on Living Social. ;D


November Bulletin Board

Hey, guys! I completely forgot to show you all my new bulletin board on my floor the other week. :o I kept it simple this month and posted five mouth-watering, Autumn-appropriate recipes: Whole Wheat Apple Pancakes, Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate Hazelnut French Toast, Butterbeer, and Baked Sweet Potatoes :)

Michael and I are actually making the french toast sometime this week! :D In other news, I’m still recovering from being sick. I’ve basically been eating a whole bag of these Burt’s Bees cough drops every day. Since they’re made with 35% real honey, they’re not only delicious but also really soothing.

Anyway, I attended an RA conference yesterday – which called for professional attire. Since I found myself enjoying the bodycon trend so much since my last purchase, I bought another skirt last Thursday. :P I found this grey ponte-knit mini skirt at Charlotte Russe for only $10! It makes my butt look damn good. ;)

While I was at the mall, I dropped by H&M and was surprised to find a dress so strikingly similar to the Sweetheart Two-Toned Mini Dress that I’ve lusted over from American Apparel. It was only $18, too! So I just had to buy it. :P

The mesh part of the dress really adds a unique spin on the classic “little black dress” look – I love it. <3 It also suits so many occasions in my near future, in particular holiday parties. But since the upper material is sheer, wearing a regular bra with it looks awkward. Strapless is the way to go! :D Excuse my messy and damaged hair in the photo above and below. The black faded so quickly into brown again, I’m in desperate need of another dye session. >.<;

On a final note, my friends at Jessica London want me to tell you guys about their online store! They carry a great selection of plus size fashion. So for those of you who are looking to bookmark another great site to browse when you’re doing your online shopping, look no further. :) Until next time! ^.^

Bodycon Skirt: Acquired

This weekend, my boyfriend and I drove out east to Riverhead in order to check out Tanger Outlets. Unfortunately, the experience was a terrible one. Not only was it crowded, but they closed down the American Apparel there. :( On the bright side, I was finally able to buy a cute bodycon skirt at Charlotte Russe!

I just love the lace details on it! Of course, it doesn’t look nearly as good on me as it does on the model pictured above. :P But I’ve been dying to give this trend a shot for the longest time, especially since I haven’t been too brave with my style as of late. And who doesn’t like feeling sexy once in a while? ;)

Naturally, my foremost concern was if something tight-fitting like this would ever flatter my body shape. To be honest, it usually wouldn’t – but I’ve found ways to work it. Because I’m a little too thick in the middle, tucking in a tight cami would look horrifying. So I threw a vest over it, duh. :) Thankfully, I found a super helpful video on YouTube that strikes some inspiration in me to rock this skirt in many different ways – whether it be casual or dressy.

I also tried on a few bodycon dresses, but I felt that it was best to take these kind of trends in baby steps. It doesn’t help that I’m not confident enough (yet) to pull off something like this, either. Excuse the blurry photo from my phone. :P

Nevertheless, I do plan on hitting the gym eventually and losing some of the weight I’ve gained over the past few weeks. I swear I’ve put on at least seven pounds.. the scale doesn’t lie! >.<; In other news, I also bought a set of stud earrings at Claire’s while I was at Tanger. Because I always seem to lose all of mine. ;_; Was it slightly awkward that I was the oldest person shopping for myself inside the store? A little. But I have a weakness for cheap, fake jewelry!

I probably won’t be visiting Tanger Outlets again anytime soon, though. The sheer number of obnoxious Long Islanders buying their 6-year-old daughters expensive brand-name clothing made me a little nauseous. Or maybe that was just the terrible quality of the lunch I ate in their food court. <.<;

Either way, I just wanted to leave you guys with a message from my friends at Woman Within before I bring this post to a close. They carry a pretty good selection of plus size clothes. And as a young woman who used to struggle with finding clothes that fit well at mainstream stores, I always think it’s great that the internet has brought about alternatives to shopping. Until next time! ^.^

7 Autumn Must-Haves

Also known as, “Seven trends that Kristina really wants to rock this Fall.”

1) Mini dresses. Nothing can accurately express my love for dresses. It’s so incredibly easy to wake up in the morning and throw one on, without having to worry about the rest of your outfit. And because I’m so petite, shorter dresses give the illusion of longer legs. I would kill for the three pictured below, but I would probably go broke from an American Apparel shopping spree. x_x

2) Body-con skirts. These were all the rage last year, and I doubt that they’ll be losing any popularity soon. I mean, what says “sexy” better than a tight skirt? Pair them will your dancing shoes, and tuck in your favorite top – you’ll look more than ready to have a great night out with your girlfriends. ; ) Besides, these two skirts from Express are to die for!

3) Tights. No matter what style, it’s perfect for Fall – opaque, fishnet, lace, ribbed, patterned, etc. Not only do they keep your legs warm as it gets cooler out, but they also have you looking stylish all season long. Personally, I’m a huge fan of these two pairs from Refuse to Be Usual. One looks incredibly edgy with the two-toned style going on, and the other mimics the look of thigh-high stockings. I may actually order the second one. :P

4) Cross-body bags. I used to be so self-conscious of bags that would sling across my chest, mostly because I thought the separation between my boobs would look awkward. :P Now, I don’t really mind anymore. And who could resist the perfect small-sized bag for all your bare necessities without the trouble of having to actually hold it?

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Finding more Spring treasures in my closet!

Hey, guys – remember my last post about shopping your own closet? This weekend while I was home, I found even more pieces that are still in fashion for this Spring season! I forgot that I evened owned some of these. :P

In the Filipino culture, we don’t celebrate a girl’s Sweet Sixteen. Instead, we celebrate her coming of age with a Debut. If you’re interested, read the Wikipedia article I’ve linked to. : ) Anyway, I was lucky enough to have friends that chose me to be part of their “court”. Thus, I learned performed various choreographed ballroom dances. For one of them, I needed a pair of silver heels and my mom bought this pair for me at DSW when I was seventeen.

At that age, I wasn’t even aware of designer shoe brands! Now that I have more of an appreciation for them, I’m surprised that I’ve completely overlooked this pair by BCBGirls for the past four years. Although they’re half a size too large on me, it’s not significant enough that I have trouble walking in them. They’re actually surprisingly comfortable. Definitely going to start wearing them!

Two summers ago, my family and I went on a Caribbean cruise. I’ve completely forgotten which island we bought this tiered dress from, though. The tube top is elasticized, and the flowy skirt goes down to my mid-calf. Pictured below is a close up of the pretty floral pattern featured on some of its panels. I find it perfect to wear while walking on beaches or through parks. : )

Below are two Billabong tube tops that I purchased from PacSun over two years ago. They have paint-splatter print all over them, and bring a much-needed pop of color into my wardrobe. I once wore the black one to a party that was lit up by black lights, and I was glowing in the dark! :D

I bought the black miniskirt pictured below at Charlotte Russe about three years ago. The ruffles are super cute, but I never wore it much because I was extremely self-conscious of my legs. Now that I’m more comfortable with my body, I plan to work this piece into more of my outfits. :]

Shopping your closet is a great way to save money, and maximize the potential of your wardrobe. It’s especially useful to organize your clothes regularly when you think you need to buy seasonal trends – because chances are you might already own something similar! :o

On a final note, I’ve begun to watch the television series Dexter upon recommendation by several friends. Loving it so far! Does anyone have another series that they particularly enjoy that I can start after I’m done with this?