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SUMMER RECAP: Cosplayholic

Just like last year, I took a break from blogging for a few months – I mean, summer IS the prime season for social events and outdoor activities. But apart from that, it gave me the opportunity to dabble in a side job, reprioritize my life, set aside some much-needed time for myself, and improve some aspects of my lifestyle that I wasn’t satisfied with. But since I can’t recap my entire summer in a single post, I’ve decided to do a series of entries to get all my followers caught up. Enjoy! :)

Cosplayholic is an eBay shop (with an impressive positive feedback score) that I had been eyeing for months. Since I know many of my readers are comparison shoppers like myself, I wanted to share an honest and detailed narrative of my purchasing experience with this seller.


My boyfriend and I decided to order the custom-tailored Tidus and Songstress Yuna outfits, since we had two events coming up – my annual trip to New Jersey for AnimeNext and a Final Fantasy themed rave in Brooklyn called Vinyl Fantasy IV. We sent Cosplayholic our measurements and paid the outrageous shipping costs, thinking it would be worth it. Unfortunately, my bank thought the order was fraudulent and activated a chargeback – which would take several weeks to process, even after I cancelled it.


Since the convention was approaching soon, I made an agreement with the seller to pay the $220+ total again via PayPal while the chargeback was processing, and in the event that the money would get taken out of my bank account a second time, they would return it to me. Yes, I know that the terms of agreement on eBay specifically state that they are not held responsible for arrangements done independently of their site. So I took the risk, thinking the seller was trustworthy.


When the costumes arrived in the mail several weeks later, we were pleased to find that both fit perfectly and looked just like the photos in the listing. (They even included a note in the package that asked us to leave them positive feedback, since they’re feeding their families in China with the money they make from their cosplay shop, and any store below a certain score is banned from making any more transactions.) It was a personal decision for me to wear a different skirt, since I thought the one included was too long. Nonetheless, we received many compliments at both events – so I’m not taking a jab at the quality of their products at all.


Now fast forward a little over a month later, where the cancelled chargeback was finished processing and I am charged a second time for my order. Despite our agreement, Cosplayholic denies receiving the second payment. After many phone calls and messages between me, my bank, and PayPal – the consensus was that the seller did receive the money. After threatening to file a dispute with them through my bank, and giving them both PayPal transaction numbers as proof of my payments, they CONVENIENTLY only responded back to me once a week – promising they would return my money but never actually doing it until months later. Ultimately, it took them from April until September to return $220+ to me even though I was messaging them every week. I do not recommend them, the customer service is a nightmare.


YesStyle: Asian Fashion

When I stumbled across YesStyle.com, I thought it was too good to be true! It’s a website that sells Asian fashion trends overseas. From reviews I’ve read, it’s a legitimate business – unlike the scams of TrendyOutfitter and CausewayMall. Which is a relief, because I’m constantly paranoid of things like that.

I found this super-chic black quilted bag by PG Beauty for only $28! I fell in love with it instantly. I was mostly torn between whether black went better with silver or gold, and ultimately decided on silver. I’m most likely going to buy it with my Christmas money after the holiday. <3

The details and closeups of the purse were only shown in the ivory color, but I could already tell that the stitching and material looked decent. Many reviewers say that the quality of YesStyle products are more or less comparable to H&M, depending on which Japanese or Korean brand you buy. I’m a sucker for contrasting and/or colorful inside linings, though.

I can’t wait to get it! :D YesStyle has a huge selection of clothing, too. Even though I wasn’t planning on buying anything besides the handbag,  I looked around quite a bit. The search and filter are so easy to use in order to find what you’re looking for. There are tons of sales, too! Depending on how my first order goes, I may just come back for more. ; ) Because these black lace dresses are to die for:

Their product photos are very thorough, and the way the clothes hang on their models is irresistible. The styles themselves are on-point with my personal taste! The only downside about YesStyle would be that the majority of their clothes only come in one size – and it translates into a US extra small or small. I’m sure there are a ton of looser styles, though, that flatter every body shape. But this may just be another motivation for me to drop a couple pounds. XD Until next time! ^o^

The Wonders of Google and Skype

The other day, I received a call to schedule a job interview appointment with Vector Marketing, for which I signed up for via WorkForStudents.com. Shortly after receiving additional information, such as interview location, I was curious as to what I was getting myself into. (Since starting college, I’ve made it a habit to Google anything I don’t know or don’t understand.) After doing a quick background check on the company, I discovered that Vector Marketing is known for scamming college students. I even looked up the street view of my interview location, and it was just a shady attic above an auto garage. =/

I quickly called back to cancel my interview, and upon telling the receptionist that I was no longer interested in the position, she put me on the line with a man who claimed to own the company. He was very unprofessional, made snide remarks, and was overall very arrogant and condescending. Not wanting to put up with the jerk, I hung up and that was that. This experience really put into perspective how technology has changed our lives. Information is so readily available, that you can research your options before making an important decision.

The more I think about it, the more I realize how easy it is to look up reviews on anything before investing any time or money into it. Of course, the source must be reliable, but even then it’s a huge advantage when you’re a broke college student. I can’t count all the times I’ve read reviews on restaurants, musicians, shows, products, and based my final decision on what I’ve read. In my opinion, this effectively filters out quality services and goods from the rest of the junk out there. At the same time, it may make the younger generations more gullible to anything they read on the internet.

And I know I’ve already made a similar post about Skype on my other blogs last winter, but I can’t emphasize enough how grateful I am for it. With myself living in New York City, and my boyfriend living by Boston, these next three months of summer vacation would strain our relationship if not for the wonders of technology. Just this morning, we had brunch together via webcam. : )

When I’m away at school for most of the year, I keep in close contact with my younger brother via webcam and texting. To be honest, a lot of people say technology is the downfall of our generation, but I believe that if you keep it in moderation and use it for the simple things that make you happy.. I say go on ahead.