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Blonde Envy

aka “How to go from dark brown to light blonde at home for under $50.”

I do admit that from time to time, I feel a pang of inadequacy because of my natural dark hair, skin, and eyes. Especially since two of my closest girlfriends are gorgeous blondes, I often find myself feeling so mediocre next to them. I suppose society’s standard of beauty is to blame, but I genuinely enjoy bleaching my hair every once in a while for a change of pace. :)


There are varying opinions of Asian women with blonde hair. The general consensus always  seems to be,”It’s just not natural.” I disagree. Sometimes, it’s pulled off well. And other times, it’s just a disaster. It all has to do with skin tone, and finding the perfect shade for you. This time, I wanted to reach a cooler almost-platinum blonde instead of golden/strawberry blonde.


The new Fèria Absolute Platinum in Extreme Platinum sounded promising when I first laid eyes on it. Unfortunately, it only lifted my hair a few shades lighter from dark brown to a medium orange-brown. It was at this point that I was getting frustrated with my reluctant strands, and went for a brand I’ve been wanting to try out forever.


Palty is known for being very effective on dark, thick, Asian hair. It doesn’t hurt that the packaging is downright adorable, as well. I’ve read tons of online reviews, and was thankful to find a huge selection hidden in a beauty store at my local “Chinatown”, Flushing. I thought the most appropriate shade would be Super Flash Sparkling Blonde.


It was a bit pricey at $13 per box, and I needed two.. but my hair successfully lifted more significantly. I have to admit that I felt a mild burning sensation on my scalp during the process. But I suppose that’s the price you have to pay for beauty. It came out a lovely golden blonde with brassy undertones. As you can see in the photo below, my ends are already getting fried. :X


Unfortunately, I’m very hard to please and wanted to get rid of the orange tones completely. So I counteracted it with a cool blonde shade, Garnier Nutrisse: #82 Champagne Blonde (Champagne Fizz). I was going to get the lighter, White Chocolate shade, but couldn’t find it anywhere. :/ I was happy with how it came out, though. I got a lot of compliments at work. :P


But after a month, my roots were already growing out and the brassiness was coming back. So I picked up two boxes of Garnier Nutrisse: #100 Extra Light Natural Blonde (Chamomile) to touch it up a bit. And to be honest, I’m in love with the results. It’s the perfect medium between warm and cool, and matches my skin tone pretty well.


As you can see in this photo, I’m almost as blonde as my beautiful friend Kristiana. <3 I’m in dire need of a trim, though. My strands feel like straw, which I’ve been trying to nurse back to health with lots of deep conditioner and by only flat-ironing my hair on the weekends and special occasions. Next month, I might just get my roots and highlights done professionally. Because the bottom line is that as much as I love doing my own hair, I could have just saved myself all the trouble and went to a salon. The extra money would have been well worth it, given the hassle I went through. x_x



Garnier Nutrisse: 434 Deep Chestnut Brown (Chocolate Chestnut)

Since my hair had been getting more and more orange over the past few weeks, I decided to color over it with something much darker in order to mask the damage and uneven tones. Because I’ve always longed for chocolate brown hair, I bought a box of Garnier Nutrisse in Chocolate Chestnut the other day at Target.

I firmly believe that change is good, so I was more than pleased with the rich dark shade that resulted. : ) Excuse my messy hair in the second photo – I took it at the end of the day. My only issue now is that I need to buy a darker eyebrow pencil. >.<;

And if you guys noticed my top in the “after” photo, that’s the new sheer lace dress that I bought at H&M! Although I found it in the lingerie section, I plan on layering under and over it for this Fall. :P I can just imagine myself tucking it into skinny jeans, pairing it with a black bra and blazer, and finishing off the look with knee-high boots. ; ) For the sake of showing off the pattern, here’s a racy (but tasteful) photo.

While at H&M, I also found the most darling dress! I can’t wait to wear it with tights and a cardigan once the weather starts cooling down. :D For now, I’m planning on wearing it to a concert at the end of this week!

If the dress had come in different patterns and colors, I would have definitely purchased them all in my size! $17 is definitely a steal for this. And who can resist this adorable key and heart locket pattern? =)

Anyway, that’s all I have for today. Until next time! ^.^

Clairol Born Blonde Maxi

Because I couldn’t stand my dark roots any longer, I went ahead and lightened my hair again last night. :P The history of my hair-dye posts is proof that I never use the same shade twice, mostly because I like trying new brands. This time, I picked up a box of Clairol Born Blonde Maxi. : )

The product claims that it can turn extremely dark hair into a very light blonde. Of course, I didn’t believe it. I mean, look at those swatches on the side of the box! There’s no way that could happen without damaging your hair to the point of breakage. But I wanted to try it out anyway. :P

The contents included not one, but two lightening powder packets. At this point, I knew I was in for a rough ride. I’m no stranger to bleaching, and I know how painful the process can be. After mixing the necessary products, the solution inside of the applicator was a bright blue. My boyfriend applied it to my hair, to make sure everything was evenly saturated. And I was right to assume this stuff was incredibly strong. My scalp felt a mild burning sensation, my eyes were watering, and I was trying as hard as I can to not breathe the fumes in. I washed it all out after 15 minutes, and used the included moisture intensive conditioner.

The photo above is what my hair looked like immediately after washing it out. I was so afraid that it came out badly because it was a radioactive orange! Thankfully, hair lightens considerably after drying,

I’m actually quite impressed with how evenly it came out! The roots lifted wonderfully, my length lightened a bit, and my ends are now super light blonde. I still have the gradient effect going on, except I look like I have highlights now!

My hair doesn’t feel any more damaged than it was before, which is a relief. I have a feeling that my next bleaching will actually make me a true blonde. Which is perfect, since that will be just in time for summer! : )

L’Oreal Super Blonde Creme Lightening Kit

For those of you who are new readers and subscribers, let me begin by saying that I’ve been lightening my hair little by little for the past couple of months – in hopes of being blonde one day. Because I have naturally dark Asian hair, getting it to go more than a shade or two lighter in one application (without damaging it too much) is almost impossible to do without spending a ludicrous amount of money at a salon. Thus, I’ve been content buying boxes of drugstore hair dye.

Yesterday was different, though. I stepped outside of my Garnier Nutrisse comfort zone and bought the L’Oreal Super Blonde Creme Lightening Kit.

The difference between this and what I’ve previously been using is that this was bleach, not hair dye. I’m no stranger to bleach, but I’ve had my fair share of bad experiences. The most recent was two years ago, when six inches of blonde hair broke off over the course of two weeks because I had left the bleach in for too long. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake again.

To ensure that my entire head would be saturated evenly, I had my boyfriend take care of the application for me. He did the roots first, then the length. Because my ends were already blonde and overprocessed, I warned him not to apply too much onto them.

I left the bleach in my hair for only twelve minutes before rinsing it out – only because my roots were lightening significantly faster than the rest of my head.

As you can see from the results above, my hair did lighten. The difference is much more significant in person, though. The photo below compares the color of my ends to the color of my length. The color didn’t turn out uneven – it just has that really cool gradient effect, giving the illusion of highlights.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with how my hair came out. Would I buy the product again? Probably not. It’s a little more expensive than what I’m used to paying – $12 instead of $8. The amount of product they gave was perfect, though. The only downside is that my hair felt like straw afterwards. But that was to be expected, right? Looks like I’ll be on a strict conditioner-only regimen for the next couple of days. Minimal heat styling throughout the week, too!

Should I dare go even lighter next month? 

Garnier Nutrisse: #100 Extra Light Natural Blonde (Chamomile)

I know that I promised to buy that special bleach for dark Asian hair – but my budget really couldn’t handle buying two boxes ($13 each) plus shipping from Amazon. :'( Since I recently had a talk with a platinum blonde friend about how she maintains her hair, she promised me that any big drugstore brand would do, as long as I deep condition daily until it’s back to it’s regular state. Heat-styling is out of the question for at least a week, too.

The bleach I used this time is made by Garnier Nutrisse (my favorite brand) in #100 Chamomile. It’s described as an “Extra Light Natural Blonde”. My boyfriend did the application for me, to make sure it would come out as even as possible. Of course, I was afraid to leave it in for too long, so I washed it all out after 15-20 mins.

It really evened out the color, and people have told me that it looks significantly lighter than before. It really all depends on what kind of lighting I’m under. The tips are pretty blonde, though. But I’m sure these photos aren’t 100% accurate, especially since I haven’t been able to take any pictures with natural or indoor light. (Mostly because of this awful, icy, cloudy weather.) And excuse my silly pose below, I was scratching my arm. XD

I’ve always longed for lighter hair that wouldn’t clash with my tan skin tone. Depending on how I feel about this new shade in a couple weeks, I may or may not decide to go lighter. :P Here are a few photos of some blonde Asians that make me terribly envious. Don’t forget that you can click on them to enlarge!

What do you guys think about Asians with blonde hair? What range of shades do you think look best ? Orange-toned, platinum, strawberry, ash?

Garnier Nutrisse: #93 Light Golden Blonde (Honey Butter)

Today, I figured I’d give Garnier Nutrisse one last chance before moving on to another brand that will actually lighten my hair to the shade that I want. Big mistake. My roots weren’t even that grown out, I just wanted to achieve a dark blonde. It’s so frustrating to spend months waiting for the right shade to do the job. =/

Here are the before-and-after shots. I only left the dye in my hair for about 20-25 minutes. I was afraid to leave it on for any longer. >.<; Don’t forget that you can click any photo on my blog to enlarge!

As you can see, my hair did lighten, but not significantly. Maybe it’ll look differently in the sunlight? I’ll make sure to take note tomorrow morning. In the photo below, you can see that the dye really dried up my ends, though, which are much lighter than the rest of my hair. The last thing I want to do is cause any more damage.

I’ve promised myself to take the plunge and buy two boxes of Palty dye next time, despite being more expensive. Since it’s a Japanese brand, it might work better for my hair. I’ve heard great things about their shade Milk Tea Brown. : )

Garnier Nutrisse: #82 Champagne Blonde (Champagne Fizz)

While waiting for class to start today, I was flipping through my planner and realized that it’s been six weeks since the last time I colored my hair! Thus, I headed to CVS and bought a box of Garnier Nutrisse in Champagne Fizz. It was on sale for only $6, too. :D I was aiming for a lighter color without bleaching the life out of my medium-brown hair. Since I haven’t been heat-styling for the past three weeks, I figured it would be healthy enough to lighten a few mores shades. : )

My boyfriend Michael applied the dye for me, since it comes out much more evenly when someone else does it for you. Believe me. >.<; I left it in for about 40 minutes. After rinsing it out, I followed with Garnier Nutrisse’s new-and-improved conditioner that comes in the box. It supposedly infuses your hair with avocado, olive, and shea oil! :o My hair was so soft afterwards. I wish they sold this formula by the bottle in stores. :<

Of course, I wasn’t expecting my naturally black roots to lighten to the color indicated on the box. If anything, I was pretty happy with how it came out! My new color must be at least two shades lighter than my last, with no traces of damage at all. I swear that it’s lighter and less orange in person than it is in these photos. I can’t wait to see how light it looks in natural sunlight! :o

Slowly, but surely, I’m working my way towards the blonde hair of my dreams. *sigh* If it’s even possible for my hair to handle. Asian hair is so different from Caucasian hair – the texture, cuticle thickness, etc. It’s much more difficult for the tint to penetrate the strand. Sure, I’ve thought about using Asian hair dyes like Palty. They’re proven to be less damaging AND more effective on black hair! But not only does a single box run for about $15 because it’s imported from Japan, they don’t give enough product so I would have to buy two boxes. :X Until I can come up with that kind of money, I’ll have to deal with ineffective American drugstore brands. It still turned out pretty good today, though. : )