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Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil

As a BzzAgent, I’m able to test out new products released by brands that I already love! In this case, I was sent a free bottle of the new Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil. I’m already a long-time fan of their hair dye line and have also recently started using their straightening heat protectant spray, so being picked for this campaign was a pleasant surprise. :) Marketed as an everyday multi-purpose product for hair, body, and face, this weightless formula absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave an oily residue. It combines three different oils: olive, avocado, and shea.


Olive oil moisturizes, protects, and replenishes your dry hair, improving its strength and elasticity. You face and body benefit from antioxidants that help protect against skin damage. Avocado oil is loaded with Vitamin E, and protects against dryness while locking in color and moisture to keep your hair looking radiant and silky soft. The oil’s natural hydrating abilities promote soft and supple skin, too. Shea oil is known for heaving unique healing properties. It rejuvenates damaged hair and leaves it with a healthy shine. It’s also a great moisturizer that helps improve elasticity in skin. –Garnier Fructis


Since I’ve been embracing my natural hair lately, and choose to air-dry instead of blow-dry, I could always use some extra moisture. After using this product every morning for a week.. I noticed that it was shinier, my waves were more defined, my dry ends didn’t feel as brittle, and my locks were overall softer.

photo 1


1) Do not apply directly into your hair. Especially your bangs. The product is very heavy and soaks in really quickly, so it won’t get distributed evenly and you’ll just end up looking greasy. If you have medium/long hair like me, two spritzes into your palm will be enough. Rub your hands together, and run them through your damp hair at least three inches from your scalp in a downward massaging motion. Once your hair has dried and you still think it could use some extra moisture or softness, do not use more than one spritz to touch up. A little goes a long way!

2) If you have oily and/or acne-prone skin, do not apply onto your face. Not for extended periods of time, at least. I didn’t even risk it, since I know that I break out really easily. If you have dry skin on other parts of your body, though, I highly recommend this. It’s a lot more lightweight than other similar oil-based products, and gives a healthy glow. Since I love showing off my legs in the warmer seasons, I can imagine myself using a little bit of this to accentuate them in shorts/skirts/dresses. :P


A package from Kirsten! :D

Four consecutive days of blogging? I’m on a roll this week! ; ) Anyway, my friend Kirsten recently told me that she wanted to send me a free coupon for hair dye, but when I received her package in the mail today I was surprised to find more than that! :o

This coupon she sent me will score me a free box of Clairol’s new foam hair dye formula. Which is perfect, since I’m already getting sick of my current hair color. I may go back to brown really soon. Which shade on the website do you guys think I should go for? I’m in dire need of a haircut as well. But every salon near my campus charges $60+. >.<;

Also included were four sample-sized versions of Infusium 23 Leave-In Treatment for my super dry hair! Even though I haven’t been heat-styling as much, my ends still look fried if I didn’t deep-condition that morning. I’m considering trimming them myself, but the last time I did that it didn’t come out so well. XD

She also sent me packets of tea! I remember her mentioning the organic Yogi brand before, but I never got around to trying it out. The kombucha flavor interests me the most, because two years ago one of my friends was a huge advocate of drinking it for its health benefits. But at the time, I had no desire to because the Wikipedia article was a little off-putting. Haha. :P

This was also a great reminder that I haven’t been drinking as much tea as I used to. Definitely getting back into that habit! >.<;

Also in her package were two samples of Dr. Hauschka skin care products: a Moisturising Mask and a Lemon Body Moisturizer. To be honest, I’ve never heard of the brand before, but I’m all for trying new things! :D

But what I enjoyed the most, though, was her super cute drawing of a panda in her written letter to me! Kirsten, if you’re reading this, thank you again – it was really thoughtful of you. : ) If the rest of you guys are interested, click here to read her blog! There’s a link on my sidebar, too, titled “Of Math and Pedagogy and Other Awesome Things” for future reference. Until next time! ^o^

Canola Oil Hair Treatment

Hey, guys! It’s been snowing here in my part of New York. The forecast predicts that we’ll be getting 14 inches – yikes! Here’s the view outside the front of my house earlier today, just as the blizzard was starting. I hope everyone shovels their sidewalks by tomorrow afternoon, as I’ll be going out. >.<;

Since my last coloring the other day, I’ve been really worrying about the state of my hair. It’s been feeling really dried out, and my ends are beginning to split. I remember the last time I fried my hair, I bought Bed Head’s Dumb Blonde Reconstructor and it was absolutely amazing.

I remember its delicious pineapple scent, and the way it saved my hair with its thick protein-packed formula. Truly a godsend. Unfortunately, quality damage repair products don’t come cheap. A mere 6-ounce tube of it costs $16! As a poor college student, I really can’t afford to be spending that kind of money. Thus, until I find a cheaper drugstore alternative to Dumb Blonde, I’ve been using some of my mom’s canola oil that she uses to cook. (Mostly because we currently don’t have any olive oil in the house.)

You don’t need much – just measure about an eighth of a cup of canola oil, and microwave it for a few seconds until warm. I apply the oil to the lower half of my hair only, and leave it in for about fifteen minutes before jumping in the shower. The effects are very nourishing, and make my hair soft without being greasy, since canola oil is lighter than olive oil.

It’s a little difficult to tell, but here in this photo that I took for my boyfriend, you can kind of see that the damage has been reduced since my last hair post – it doesn’t look like straw anymore! : ) I accidentally deleted the original picture, though, so I’m sorry that it’s in black and white.. :X

I don’t plan on using canola oil for too long, though, since there are a ton of hair products that  want to try out and review for you all. ; ) Until next time! ^o^