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Trend Alert: Denim Vests

Now that the weather has been hitting the low to mid-60s, it’s time to toss aside our jackets and start thinking about more Spring-friendly outerwear. Reminiscent of the 80s, the fashion industry has been reviving the denim vest.


Since a lot of my friends are metalheads, it’s not unusual for me to see them rocking theirs with all sorts of band patches and button pins. And that’s the beauty of this trend – you can be as creative as you want, and tailor it towards your own individual style. If you’re the arts and crafts type, or just plain adventurous, you can make it a DIY project. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet for refashioning denim: acid washing, cropping, lace paneling, and installing studs/spikes, just to name a few.

DIY: Studded Lace Denim Vest [photo credit]

Since I prefer a little feminine touch to everything, I decided to purchase a embellished denim vest from Hong Kong on eBay. With its silver sequins, chains, rhinestones, and deconstruction, it was practically screaming my name. And for less than $15 with free shipping, I wasn’t going to pass it up. :P


Personally, I have a rule when it comes to denim: Only one piece at a time. I’m not about that blue collar look, if you know what I mean. With that said, this trend makes a simple outfit look edgier. I can see it working well with black leggings and a casual t-shirt or tanktop, but wearing it over a colorful patterned dress or skirt this Spring is just as chic.

fight like a girl
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Since the weather was gorgeous this past weekend, le boyfriend and I took a walk by the local marina before going out on a sushi date. Predictably, I brought my camera in hopes of finding an opportunity to snap some photos. I wore my new vest over a black maxi dress that I’ve had since high school.



Miss KL Haul

I can’t resist a good sale. Especially when already discounted items are 33% off. I’ve always been a fan of the urban chic style on Karma Loop and ever since they released their ladies-only website Miss KL, I have been lusting for their amazing collection of clothing and accessories. Since everything is usually too pricey for me, I jumped at my chance to order while the promotion was still available. ;)

The Bangle Set, $22.00 $8.54 // The More Action Necklace, $20.00 $8.54

I’ve finally accepted that gold and bronze jewelry compliment my skin tone better than silver. (About time, huh?) And since I already have slim wrists, I figured that these thin bangles would make them look even daintier. Shortly after opening my package, though, I found they were a little loose around my wrists. It’s not too inconvenient, but I can always wear them as armbands like those exotic depictions of Greek Goddesses and Egyptian Queens in older films. ;D


The bullet necklace was exactly what I had been expecting, but I was surprised that the chain can be adjusted into a headband as well! :o Definitely need to try that out sometime. :P And I was able to score this Betsey Johnson ring for 75% off because there was only one left in stock. I was hoping that “one size fits all” would be accurate in this case, since the band is stretchy. But it’s a tad too loose on my middle finger – not enough to fall off completely, though.

Betsey Johnson Ring, $45.00 $11.85 // Feather & Lace Headband $8.00 $5.28

I do admit that this headband was purchased purely on a whim because I thought it looked fancy. >.<; Excuse my derp face, but I was a little uncomfortable with how stiff the lace on the headband is. I suppose it helps keep the shape, but since it hangs down onto my face a bit, I find it a little itchy. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent accessory to spice up an otherwise plain outfit. It reminds me of femme fatale inspired fashion, you know? I actually plan to wear it to a rave this upcoming weekend, if I can put together a killer outfit to match! :D


Next up.. some of you already know from my previous posts that I’m a sucker for sexy lingerie – especially when it can double purpose as a cute top underneath a cardigan or blazer. I tend to only purchase pieces with underwire, since my figure isn’t very cooperative with flimsier styles like babydolls. Appropriately, while I was adding this bustier to my shopping bag, these tights showed up in the “Recommended For You” sidebar and it was love at first sight. :3

Vintage Mix Bustier, $34.00 $13.17 // Black Chain Tights, $14.00 $9.24

I ordered the bustier in Medium, and it fits like a glove. My favorite part about it? It has amazing push-up abilities. I swear my cleavage looked a whole cup size larger! >.<; There are several rows of tiny hook-and-eye clasps running up the back like a corset to adjust the sizing, and the fabric is actually more vivid and less sheer than suggested in the photo. It doesn’t feel cheap at all, and the garters are removable. :D

No photoshop, I swear. I think I’m actually getting more toned? :o

As for the tights, they’re a bit inconvenient to pull on because you need to be careful not to accidentally poke holes through the sheer part of them. The opaque part of the tights are actually really thick and feel like leggings. I think it’s cute that it looks looks like you’ve layered thigh-highs over the stockings. Additionally, the chain-garter illusion and ribbons are a nice touch. :P

The Black Deck, $10.00 $6.60 // Tokidoki Polpettina Vinyl Toy, $12.00 $5.25

And just because I’m a spontaneous online shopper, I bought my boyfriend the coolest pack of cards. We often find ourselves at a friend’s house wanting to play Crazy Eights but can never find a deck, so at least we’ll be prepared next time. XD Lastly, I thought this tokidoki vinyl toy would make a great addition to the others that I’ve received as presents from friends. :)


Overall, I’m impressed with how fast Miss KL ships. My package arrived in only four business days after placing the order, and all items were true to the photos on the website. I would definitely recommend shopping here if it’s your kind of style, but only when they’re having sales like this one. Until next time! ^.^

SABRINA by Dr. Martens

It’s no secret that I’m a bargain hunter. I’m really not the type to spend over $20 on a pair of flats/sandals, or more than $40 on a pair of heels/boots. But a few weeks ago, I discovered a sale on a pair of black lace-up cutout wedge booties by Dr. Martens that was too good to pass up. Originally retailing for $120, the SABRINA model was limited in sizing and was a steal for only $60. <3


Every fashion-forward individual should already be familiar with Doc Martens and their reputation for quality leather footwear. (They’ve been around forever, after all.) Which is why I think these shoes were a great investment. Doc Martens are known to endure all kinds of weather, and thus be able to last many years. But what makes them different?


For one, the rubber soles are much thicker than the average shoe, so they cushion and absorb the shock of every footstep. They don’t crack like cheaper imitators, either. Second, the soles are cemented instead of glued – making it highly unlikely for them to separate from the upper. Third, their leather is the real deal. Unlike fake leather, it doesn’t scratch as easily or create permanent wrinkles after the first few wears. And although a bit stiff at first, especially in colder weather, the material molds to the unique shape of your foot after some time. :)

Like my style? Hype it on Lookbook! ~ Grown Man Cry

To be honest, I can easily see these becoming my favorite booties because they’re so comfortable and versatile. I especially love the peep-toe and heel cutout because it gives your outfit a little modern edge. And the wedges aren’t all that tall, making it a breeze to walk or dance. Believe me, I would know! I wore them on a date to Dave & Buster’s this past weekend, and had no trouble playing Dance Dance Revolution after a few drinks. ;D Until next time! ^.^

Trend Alert: Nude Lace Overlay & Sexy Lingerie

Commonly incorporated into dresses, this trend contrasts the feminine texture and pattern of black lace with a nude shade to give you a mysterious and sexy silhouette. ;) Although it’s supposed to be an illusion of naked skin underneath, I find that it flatters everyone – even when the “nude” color is significantly lighter or darker than your own skin tone. I only wish that I owned these two dresses below from Miss KL. *drool* Perfect for so many occasions – weddings, fancy parties/events, appearances at upscale restaurants/bars/dance clubs, etc.

Bodycon dresses aren’t the only way to work this trend, though. I think it looks great on purses and shoes, too! Just the right touch for those nights when you want to feel like the classy lady you are. Here’s a collection of my favorite pieces on Polyvore, just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

And since it would make me a hypocrite to rave about a style and not follow through, I decided to buy a top from Charlotte Russe that incorporated both lace overlay and peplum, another popular trend this season. I can’t wait to glam it up with gold accessories and heels for one of my holiday parties this month. :D

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YesStyle Haul #2

Since my last haul from YesStyle was so successful, I decided to go the extra mile this time and place an order over $150. The free 3-day express shipping was worth it. ;) And now that I’ve officially been hired for a full-time job after graduation (more on that in another post), I figured that I needed more professional work attire and accessories. A more “grown up” look, if you will.

1) Black Lace Single-Button Blazer, $38

I fell in love with this piece immediately when I saw it on the website. There’s something so fierce yet soft and feminine about a fitted lace blazer. Perhaps I was pulled in by the gorgeous model wearing it – but this is practically the jacket of my dreams. You can dress it up over a dress or skirt, or dress it down over jeans. Either way, it looks classy. :P

The first thing I noticed about this blazer was that it was a size too large on me. You can see in the photo below that there’s a huge space on the right side where it should be snug against my torso. Thankfully, after throwing it in the washing machine and dryer, it shrunk to a more appropriate fit. ;D Not only does it look great with black, but also works on top of brighter colors to peek through.

2) Black Faux-Leather Bear-Accent Satchel, $30

I’ve been eyeing this bag for months. The only reason I never ordered it sooner was because I had no way to rationalize the shipping fee for purchasing only one item from the website. Don’t worry the only reason it looks a little flat is because that’s what the satchel looked like straight out of the packaging. It holds a lot more than I originally thought it would, to be honest.

My only complaints are that the gold is too yellow, and the zippers can be difficult to open and close sometimes. The longer strap is hard to readjust, too. And although the black material itself doesn’t look or feel cheap, it’s definitely a lot less matte than I was expecting.

Additionally, the bear charm that came with it looks mad ghetto. It’s literally a brown piece of rubber (?) punched with metal circles. The photos from YesStyle were a little deceiving in that aspect, obscuring its details in any of the views. Thankfully, I have a soft teddy bear plush to take its place until I find something cuter to attach to it. :D (Kim is the nickname that my family calls me.)

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Black flats are always in season.

Hey, guys! Sorry for the long wait since my last post. I had been stressing over my most recent exam in Corporate Compliance and Regulation in Health Care – which is probably the driest course I’ve ever taken in my entire college career, as far as material goes. Anyway, with Spring approaching soon, I figured that I needed new flats. My old ones all got destroyed in the span of a year from wearing them too much. :P But that’s to be expected, I guess. I never really count on a pair of flats to last me longer than a few seasons.

Since my last shoe haul was filled with crazy patterns, styles, and colors.. I decided on ordering something that was a little more demure. ;) Not only can black flats can be worn all year round, but it can be dressed up or down according to your outfit and accessories. They’re not difficult to match at all, either. When I found these flats on the ASOS website ($39.39 $31.51), there was no way that I wasn’t ordering them. I have such a soft spot for black lace. <3

Unfortunately, ASOS messed up the order the first time –  sending me a pair of two right feet. Thankfully, customer service was very professional about it and immediately sent me a replacement pair. I’ve yet to send the faulty ones back, because of my busy week, but I should probably get on that before they double charge me. >.<; As for the shoes themselves, a size 5 fits me just fine and the lace upper is actually much sturdier than the photos made them out to be, which relieved some of my concerns. The downside to this is that I still need to break them in, and I keep forgetting how painful this process can be. I give it about one more week until the material won’t be so stiff anymore. Until then, I’ll just be wearing Hello Kitty band-aids on the back of my heels. :P

I also couldn’t help myself when I saw these Chinese Laundry ballet flats ($59.00 $29.50) on sale while browsing Endless. The sheer sides and cute flower detail were too irresistible! I ordered them in a size 5.5, and there’s no breaking-in process necessary because they’re already so comfortable. Knowing that I got them for such a great price and free two-day shipping almost fed my shoe addiction even more to order another pair by the same brand, but thankfully I had enough self-control. XD

Next on my list of things to buy soon are a new pair of Converse. My current black Chuck Taylors are almost three years old and are so beaten up, worn, and faded – but I love them to death. Unfortunately, I know they can’t last me forever. The ones pictured above are from their new Chinese New Year collection, but personally I’m not willing to shell out the full $75 for them.

And speaking of shoes, I was so flattered when my friend Wade asked me to be his fashion consultant of sorts. Some of the things I helped him pick out were shoes (namely the Circa ones pictured above), skinny jeans, graphic t-shirts, and a sweatshirt. By far, his favorite is this hoodie from American Apparel. Apparently, it’s super soft and warm. ;)

It’s such a lovely color, too! Despite being called Ultra Blue, it strikes me more as a deep aqua green. The photo below is a screenshot of him wearing it while we were on Skype several days ago. :D I’m glad that he trusted my sense of style to go with my recommendations. :) Anyway, that’s all I have for now. If you haven’t subscribed to my blog yet, there’s a nifty little button on the right-hand side of the page. I would greatly appreciate it if you did. :P Until next time! ^.^


Trend Alert: Temporary Lip Tattoos

The other day, while I was browsing Karma Loop, I stumbled across their collection of Betsey Johnson pieces. A few years ago, when I would flip through magazines or browse designer items online, I would always find the brand too tacky and loud for my taste. But I do admit that nowadays the collections are more toned down and incredibly cute! For example, I would absolutely love to have this umbrella – the skulls, roses, and frill have just the right amount of edgy and feminine. :)

Unfortunately, the website also led to my discovery of the latest fashion trend that doesn’t sit so well with me – temporary lip tattoos. The brand Violent Lips produces and distributes lip appliqués in packs of three that are supposedly supposed to last up to 8 hours. My issue with this is mostly comfort – wouldn’t your lips get dry and irritated after the first hour or two? Secondly, I doubt that it would fit all lip shapes and sizes like it says it will. Third, won’t it get in the way of doing normal activities like eating and drinking? But this may be just me assuming that these temporary tattoos would be worn for practical occasions, which is probably not the case.

And despite the photos above and below looking glamorous, I bet there was much Photoshop involved to make them look that appealing. Although I don’t mind the glitter ones, there are gaudy patterns available that range from leopard print to fishnet to rainbow stripes. And I even though they’re being marketed towards fashion-forward individuals, I believe that they are much more appropriate for parades or costume parties. What do you think?

In other news, I bought the E.L.F. contour brush from Target a few weeks ago for about $3. The last brush that I was using to apply eyeshadow into my crease had rough bristles and was splaying on me. :< Which isn’t really a surprise, considering it was only $1 at a discount makeup booth on my campus. My new brush is pretty great, though. It evenly blends out my eyeshadow, and is the perfect shape to add definition to my crease without looking overdone.Furthermore, I realize that the frequency of my posts has been lacking lately. I’ve been finding myself exhausted every day, and have been putting all my free time towards other things. I just ordered a ton of things online, though, so stay tuned for a few posts on those hauls! :P On a final note, I’ll leave you with an outfit posted on Lookbook.nu by the lovely Ivy X.

I would love to have her entire wardrobe, or at least as much clothing coordination as she does. <3 Since it’s been so cold out, I rarely have any motivation to get dressed up in more than just jeans and a t-shirt with a jacket on top. On most days, I don’t even wear makeup anymore! D: I’m afraid that I’ve fallen into a miserable rut of frumpiness. Hopefully, as the weather gets warmer, I’ll have reason to look nicer on a daily basis again. Until next time! ^.^