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Trend Alert: Waterfall Skirts

Not to be confused with the more popular high-low trend, waterfall skirts look more feminine and free-flowing. The delicate asymmetry turns heads, the “streams” of fabric dance as you make your entrance into a room, and onlookers will stare in awe of how ethereal your presence is. (Ok, I may be exaggerating. But they do remind me of fairies, sorceresses, angels, and other magical beings in fantasy.) This music video by k-pop girl group 4minute shows just how alluring these skirts can look in movement.

Like hi-lo skirts, waterfall skirts are typically made from chiffon or another sheer lightweight material. The difference is that its fabric is often pleated, the number of the folds varying from one designer to the next. Another thing that sets them apart are that waterfall skirts don’t necessarily have to start shorter in the front and longer in the back. In fact, the prettier ones I’ve seen start at arbitrary points and look tastefully chaotic. >:D

1570208_tqrrLookbook members Olivia H. and Laura X.

I purchased this black waterfall skirt from Love Culture for dirt cheap a few months ago, and haven’t been able to wear it until it warmed up a bit last weekend. The elastic waistband wasn’t sewn in place, so it kept flipping and folding over inside the fabric throughout the day. It also kept riding up my waist so that my proportions looked all messed up. Or maybe I just need to lose a few more pounds? :(

waterfall 2

One thing is for certain, though – it’s definitely not a practical skirt to wear. There are so many hazards! Including, but not limited to: tripping over them in your heels, getting them stuck in an escalator, and being prone to wardrobe malfunctions when it’s windy. >.<; I wish you luck if you’re brave enough.

want it back
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Trend Alert: Over-the-Knee Socks

About a month ago, I added a pair of over-the-knee socks to my American Apparel shopping cart for the sole purpose of bumping up my total to be eligible for free shipping. It was only after they came in the mail that I realized how much potential they added to my wardrobe! :o

My favorite thing about them is that you can recycle your summer clothing for the colder seasons. You can pair them with shorts, for a more casual look. But personally, I love pairing OTK socks with semi-sheer tights when wearing a short dress or skirt. They make your legs look so slim and long! Let’s admit it, thigh-high legwear is only flattering on a small percentage of women. They never worked for me since I’m so short, so over-the-knee socks are the perfect length for all you petite ladies out there. ;D

And because the material of denim leggings are so thin compared to regular jeans, wearing these socks underneath will keep your legs from freezing in the cold. (And believe me, I know a thing or two about brutal New York winters.) A lot of women I know layer full leggings under their jeans, but personally I don’t find it to be comfortable – especially if they pinch at your waist and thighs, making awkward lumps underneath your clothing. >.<;

Here’s me attempting to model the trend for you guys. Photo credit goes to my boyfriend, whose Japanese Maple Tree matches perfectly with my skirt. :P If you would be so kind, please Hype this photo for me on Lookbook! Click here. :)

Trend Alert: Box Tees & Combat Boots

Box tees are very loose, drapey, and often cropped t-shirts. Lately, I’ve seen them being printed with trendy graphics and/or quotes adorning the front. I’m sure you guys have seen this trend becoming more and more popular as warmer weather approaches.

Reasons why I don’t like this trend:
1) It’s unflattering to most body types. From the photos in this post to the  racks in your favorite store, any girl who isn’t stick-thin will immediately know this style isn’t for them. Because these shirts tend to be very loose, it makes curvier girls look (as the name implies) like a box. I’m far from being “fat” anymore, yet anytime I pull out one of these shirts from my closet, I look ridiculously large from the side – mostly because these kinds of shirts drape over my C-cup breasts and give the illusion that my stomach sticks out just as far. I’m a huge fan of clothes that are universally flattering, and these aren’t it.

2) It can easily look trashy if worn incorrectly. Because many box tees are cropped, it immediately creates the risk of looking cheap. In fact, when I see girls wearing cropped box shirts (that go above their pierced bellybutton) with super light-washed denim or leggings, all I can think of is TRAILER TRASH. No offense, but if you’re going to wear this trend, please be tasteful about it.

3) It looks too casual. For any of you who have read my rant about wearing pajama pants with Uggs, you know that I cannot tolerate it when people dress inappropriately for certain occasions. I went to a funeral last month and spotted a girl wearing one of these shirts in dark grey. Yes, it could have been appropriate if the material was right, but it was made of cotton and had a tacky graphic print on the front. Just.. no. There’s no way around it – wearing a box tee will make you look lazy 90% of the time, once again depending on the design and material. The only time I ever wear mine is when I know I’m going to be inside all day or during exam weeks, when I don’t really care what I look like.

What do you guys think?  

In other news, I noticed that I’ve been wearing my black combat boots a lot lately. Because I left my pink rain boots at home again, I’ve been wearing these every time there’s been any sign of precipitation. Not only are they weather resistant, but give an edgy touch to your outfit. My favorite coordination is wearing them with tights and a floral dress! Here’s me wearing my pair with denim leggings the other day because it was thunder-storming outside. Excuse the awful photo quality – there isn’t anywhere in my room with better lighting. :'(

Although wearing combat boots can look pretty badass, it’s very easy for your outfit to be misinterpreted as a weak attempt to recreate a “punk” or “goth” look. To avoid this, stray away from the stereotype fashion of each subculture – plaid pants, ripped denim, unnecessary metal embellishments, fishnet stockings, long black skirts, black lace, etc.

You should be fine as long as you keep the rest of your outfit simple. When wearing combat boots, they should be the highlight of your outfit and shouldn’t be overpowered by anything else. Which reminds me, I’d love to own a pair of black low-cut Doc Martens – I would literally wear them with EVERYTHING. x_x I wish they didn’t cost $100+, though. :'( Here’s one of my favorite Lookbook.nu members Rachel-Marie rocking a pair in red.