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Blonde Envy

aka “How to go from dark brown to light blonde at home for under $50.”

I do admit that from time to time, I feel a pang of inadequacy because of my natural dark hair, skin, and eyes. Especially since two of my closest girlfriends are gorgeous blondes, I often find myself feeling so mediocre next to them. I suppose society’s standard of beauty is to blame, but I genuinely enjoy bleaching my hair every once in a while for a change of pace. :)


There are varying opinions of Asian women with blonde hair. The general consensus always  seems to be,”It’s just not natural.” I disagree. Sometimes, it’s pulled off well. And other times, it’s just a disaster. It all has to do with skin tone, and finding the perfect shade for you. This time, I wanted to reach a cooler almost-platinum blonde instead of golden/strawberry blonde.


The new Fèria Absolute Platinum in Extreme Platinum sounded promising when I first laid eyes on it. Unfortunately, it only lifted my hair a few shades lighter from dark brown to a medium orange-brown. It was at this point that I was getting frustrated with my reluctant strands, and went for a brand I’ve been wanting to try out forever.


Palty is known for being very effective on dark, thick, Asian hair. It doesn’t hurt that the packaging is downright adorable, as well. I’ve read tons of online reviews, and was thankful to find a huge selection hidden in a beauty store at my local “Chinatown”, Flushing. I thought the most appropriate shade would be Super Flash Sparkling Blonde.


It was a bit pricey at $13 per box, and I needed two.. but my hair successfully lifted more significantly. I have to admit that I felt a mild burning sensation on my scalp during the process. But I suppose that’s the price you have to pay for beauty. It came out a lovely golden blonde with brassy undertones. As you can see in the photo below, my ends are already getting fried. :X


Unfortunately, I’m very hard to please and wanted to get rid of the orange tones completely. So I counteracted it with a cool blonde shade, Garnier Nutrisse: #82 Champagne Blonde (Champagne Fizz). I was going to get the lighter, White Chocolate shade, but couldn’t find it anywhere. :/ I was happy with how it came out, though. I got a lot of compliments at work. :P


But after a month, my roots were already growing out and the brassiness was coming back. So I picked up two boxes of Garnier Nutrisse: #100 Extra Light Natural Blonde (Chamomile) to touch it up a bit. And to be honest, I’m in love with the results. It’s the perfect medium between warm and cool, and matches my skin tone pretty well.


As you can see in this photo, I’m almost as blonde as my beautiful friend Kristiana. <3 I’m in dire need of a trim, though. My strands feel like straw, which I’ve been trying to nurse back to health with lots of deep conditioner and by only flat-ironing my hair on the weekends and special occasions. Next month, I might just get my roots and highlights done professionally. Because the bottom line is that as much as I love doing my own hair, I could have just saved myself all the trouble and went to a salon. The extra money would have been well worth it, given the hassle I went through. x_x



Post-Grad Interview Outfits

Hello! Sorry once again for the long wait before another post. It’s the last four weeks of school for me, and I’ve been swamped with group projects and presentations. Before I go about about giving tips for what to wear to an interview, let me just update you guys on the current state of my hair. It’s been about two months since the last time I dyed it, and my black roots were growing in much quicker because of the warmer weather. (It’s true, look it up!) I ended up buying a box of Garnier Nutrisse #63: Light Golden Brown (Brown Sugar), and apart from the roots, it didn’t change my previous shade by much. So I’m not going to be posting pictures this time. :<

I probably shouldn’t be experimenting too much with new shades anyway, since I’ve been spending the past two or three weeks applying for jobs and waiting for callbacks. Who knows if something can go wrong with a hair dyeing session the night before an interview? :P Speaking of which, I just had my first interview yesterday for an entry-level job relating to my major! :D Which inspired me to write this post.. here’s a good Polyvore representation of the outfit I wore:

Always dress appropriately for the position you’re applying for.
This is common sense. Yet I still hear of horror stories of applicants who show up to interviews in jeans and a blouse. At the same time, it also depends on the field you’re looking to work in. As a Health Care Management major, I always assume that the company will be a distinguished organization and bring my best business attire. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed, after all.

It’s 2012. You can look put-together without being too conservative.
What always irked me about putting together an outfit for an interview are reading websites giving advice on how to dress demurely. Given, these websites mostly target middle-aged women. And I think that many younger college students are led to believe that they have to dress in their grandmother’s Sunday Best in order to secure the job at the interview. I disagree. In fact, I firmly believe that you can wear clothes that are more fitted to your body. Many websites tell women to avoid skirts, on the risk that they may be too short. But I think that times have changed, and it’s now acceptable to wear a skirt above the knee – as long as the hemline and the rest of your outfit is still reasonably modest.

You can never go wrong with a blazer.
I understand that freshly graduated college students may not have the wardrobe or income to provide them with several full business suits. Thus, I’ve come to the conclusion that blazers are a lifesaver. A single-button blazer looks great on top of many dresses, shirts, or blouse you may already own – and add instant class to your outfit. :) Invest in one or two, for now!

Avoid patterns – solid shades look neater.
While I was looking at websites targeting young women, many have a “professional wear” section. I was horrified to see pages and pages of fashion faux pas in the business world. Gaudy embellishments, tacky pinstripes, and too many ruffles to count, just to name a few. In my opinion, sticking to solids in a more traditional cut looks much neater for a first impression.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors.
Monochrome suits are dated. Many companies seek applicants who are on top of current trends and technology. To a certain degree, I think you should look like it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think you should wear anything too trendy. Sticking to neutral colors like black, grey, and beige are very safe bets. Just don’t hold the old-fashioned mindset that your outfit should be limited to a suit in the same color. In fact, statistics have shown that navy blue is the most successful color to wear to an interview. ;)

Leave your statement jewelry and dramatic makeup at home.
This, too, is common sense. Don’t wear your giant feather earrings or tribal necklace. In fact, I had to take off my favorite necklace before my interview because the pendant was a pair of scissors – which may have raised some concerns if my interviewers were from an older generation. Additionally, don’t make up your face to the point where you can be mistaken for a street walker. Keep it natural and light. As a girl who really enjoys lipstick, I would advise settling for chapstick or tinted lip balm for your interview. Good luck!

Garnier Nutrisse: #53 Medium Golden Brown (Chestnut)

Hello! Again, I’m sorry for the hiatus. Things have been very hectic with work and school, and I have yet another exam later this week. Thankfully, I’ve found some free time to update you all with what’s been going on with me. But first.. my new hair color! :P At this point, I’ve tried out most of the Garnier Nutrisse shades, so I picked one at random that I haven’t. What did I have to lose?

I was getting sick of my black roots anyway, and although Medium Gold Brown lightened them, the length of my previous color was darkened significantly. I still have the gradient effect going on, which I can’t seem to get rid of ever since the last time I bleached my hair last Spring, but I don’t really mind.

Under indoor lights, the result does look somewhat golden. But as you can see in the photo below, the shade is more of a chocolate brown in flash photos – same goes for in natural sunlight. I was just really relieved to get rid of the brassy orange undertone that my hair had developed prior to dyeing it.

Yes, that is a pineapple rum cocktail in my hand! :)

So what’s been up with me? Stress, and lots of it. It’s not even necessarily my workload, either. Between trying to juggle my academic responsibilities, keeping up with Resident Assistant work, and enjoying my last year of college as much as possible – I’ve just been exhausted and drained all the time. It’s kept me pretty productive, though! Check out my bulletin board for this month:

I thought it would be useful to my residents to put up vacationing tips, especially since I know that many of them are going out of the country for Spring Break. Not only did I take this opportunity to promote safe traveling habits, but also safe sex and responsible drinking. :P I also designed a poster for a passive program that my staff is implementing. My boss is going to blow it up really big, laminate it, and hang one up in both laundry rooms in our building. :D

Again, I apologize for not updating as often as I once used to. I’ll keep trying to stay active, but the several hundred other things in my life must take priority. This next photo accurately explains my current mindset. Until next time! :)

Garnier Nutrisse: B3 Golden Brown (Cafe con Leche)

Since my last hair dye post, the red color has faded a ton on the previously bleached parts of my hair. It was still going strong on the healthier sections, though! Unfortunately, I hated how uneven and dull it looked – so I decided to color over it with Garnier Nutrisse in B3 Golden Brown, Cafe con Leche. :D

I left the dye in for about 40 minutes before washing it out, but I’m still unsure about whether I like the results. Instead of coloring over my dull red hair with brown, it made the shade more vivid instead! The fresh roots turned a light golden brown, and the length of my hair now looks like it’s been highlighted with golden tones. In direct sunlight, the color reminds me of orange marmalade. :o

It doesn’t look much different from before, but my hair is definitely lighter now and more multi-dimensional. I haven’t highlighted my hair since high school, so I was pleasantly surprised with how it now has that effect. And as always, my hair came out really shiny. :D Indoors, this is what my new color looks like.

My creepy deer-in-headlights look. :P

I really liked my curls this morning, but it was raining all afternoon. So by the time my best friend John took me out to dinner at Outback Steakhouse as an early birthday present, my hair was already flat and ruined. >.<;

Next time, I kind of want to dye it  black and leave it that way until next Summer. It’ll be easier to maintain, and help my damaged hair grow out unnoticeably. What do you guys think: Is it time for me to settle down with my natural color? On a final note, I’ll leave you guys with a photograph that I took at Fort Totten today. I love sunsets. <3 Until next time! ^.^

Restaurant.com: Momo’s Sports Bar & Grill

Hey, guys! Remember the last time I received a Restaurant.com gift card? Thanks to BzzAgent and MyPoints, I received another one in the mail last week. : ) My boyfriend and I browsed the participating restaurants near us, and decided on doing something a little different. The one we chose was Momo’s Sports Bar & Grill, which is about a 15-minute drive from campus in Holbrook, Long Island.

This is a bad shot of me, since I’m making a weird face, but this is what my new hair color looks like. I’m not going to bother making a separate post on how I colored over the last dyeing accident with Garnier Nutrisse #53: Medium Golden Brown (Chestnut). But I already like it way better –  it’s shiny, soft, and looks longer! :P Not to mention my entire head is evenly colored now. : )

Anyway.. Momo’s is decorated with various sports paraphernalia – jerseys, posters, pennants, etc. They had several huge flatscreen televisions mounted on the walls, too, for people to watch the games while they get their drink on. XD Michael and I were seated in the back, where there were casual tables and chairs. Here’s my boyfriend filling out a lottery ticket while waiting for our food:

For our appetizers, we ordered Crab Cakes and Fried Ravioli. I haven’t had fried food in a REALLY long time, so it felt good to indulge myself. :P The cheese ravioli was perfect, but the crab cakes could have been a little firmer.

For my actual meal, I ordered their Shrimp Po’ Boy. It consisted of popcorn shrimp, lettuce, onion rings, and zesty bbq sauce in a bun with a side of fries. I was already pretty full, though, so I left the bread alone. >.<;

Michael ordered the Buffalo Chicken Fajitas. It came steaming on a tray, and smelled so good! I tasted a little bit of it, but I’ve never been a fan of buffalo sauce. Check it out:

We were SO FULL by the end of it! :o Michael said he wanted to return one night with our friend after I turn 21, and actually stay to drink at the bar. I wouldn’t mind, but sports really aren’t my thing. :P Anyway, Restaurant.com hasn’t failed us yet with its selection of participating eateries, so I hope to discover even more new places as I acquire more gift cards. ; ) Until next time! ^o^

Clairol Nice ‘N Easy Color Blend Foam: 5G Medium Golden Brown


Alright, so Kirsten sent me a coupon for a free box of Clairol hair dye a few weeks ago. I believe it was to promote their new Nice ‘N Easy Color Blend Foam. I walked into Target yesterday, and picked up the shade Medium Golden Brown. I figured the warm undertones in this would compliment my skin tones better than the Ash or Neutral shades.

From years of hair coloring experience, I know that the results on the side of the box are never accurate. This shade was supposed to make my dark blonde hair become a honey-esque, milk chocolate brown. I expected it to come out slightly darker, of course. The instructions in the box explained how to apply the foam product correctly: Pour bottle 1 into bottle 2. Close lid. Shake vigorously. Squeeze bottle to dispense foam. Apply to hair in a shampooing motion.

Easy enough, right? Well, I immediately disliked the application technique. My boyfriend had to keep shaking the bottle throughout the whole process because the foam kept turning back into liquid after a minute of leaving it alone. Which leads me to believe that this whole “foam” thing is merely a gimmick, since the foam would turn into liquid again once applied to your hair.

The dye itself SMELLED LIKE SOY SAUCE. I was not pleased at all. The consistency was like watered down pudding in my hair, and was extremely drippy and messy. My boyfriend was so frustrated with the squeeze bottle, that he eventually took off the lid and started applying the dye directly into my hair without foaming it. After my entire head was completely saturated, I left it in for 25 minutes before jumping into the shower and washing it out.

The result? An ugly, almost-black, disgusting mess. My hair came out at least three or four shades darker than the box suggested. Needless to say, I was incredibly disappointed. It didn’t even lift my black roots!

What’s worse is that the color came out REALLY uneven. As in, large patches of blonde in the back. I know for a fact that the dye was evenly distributed because I checked the back of my head with a mirror in the bathroom. I should also mention that this dye DOES NOT MAKE YOUR HAIR SHINY like Garnier Nutrisse does. If anything, the color is flat and boring. My damaged hair from before looked much healthier than it is now. =/

Ultimately, I’m completely upset over the current state of my hair. Never trusting Clairol again. Especially since my boyfriend has had bad experiences dyeing his own hair with Nice ‘N Easy. I may just dye over mine with a prettier shade of brown by another brand, or just go black. What do you guys suggest I do to fix this? :'(

Bliss: An Early Valentine’s Day Celebration

Because Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday this year, Michael and I decided to celebrate it a little bit early this weekend! And since his mother was nice enough to give him a very generous gift certificate to a local restaurant called Bliss, we went out to dinner there tonight. : )

Bliss is a classy French-American restaurant and bar located in East Setauket, just two minutes from our college campus. If you want to read a more thorough review of the restaurant and dishes, check out Michael’s food blog post here! Inside, they had a very romantic setup and ambient environment. I especially loved the tasteful framed photography on the walls – I hope to someday do something similar when I have my own house or apartment.

As an appetizer we had Tuna Sashimi and Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, and for my entrée I ordered the Free Range Chicken Breast – which came with this amazing cornbread-sausage stuffing with cinnamon and golden raisins. SO DELICIOUS. The best part was how rich everything was.. I could literally taste every individual ingredient. *drools*

For dessert, I had the Banana Chocolate Cheesecake. It was the perfect end to what I can confidently say was easily one of the best (and most expensive) meals I’ve had in my life. I probably won’t be coming back again, though. :P

And if you guys noticed, I have a new blog photo! It’s also my new Facebook profile picture, too. :P Someone finally noticed that the reason I Photoshop cute little designs into the corner of many of my pictures is to cover my armpits! Hahaha. I seriously love the way these circle lenses look on me, though.

Until next time! ^o^