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SUMMER RECAP: Cosplayholic

Just like last year, I took a break from blogging for a few months – I mean, summer IS the prime season for social events and outdoor activities. But apart from that, it gave me the opportunity to dabble in a side job, reprioritize my life, set aside some much-needed time for myself, and improve some aspects of my lifestyle that I wasn’t satisfied with. But since I can’t recap my entire summer in a single post, I’ve decided to do a series of entries to get all my followers caught up. Enjoy! :)

Cosplayholic is an eBay shop (with an impressive positive feedback score) that I had been eyeing for months. Since I know many of my readers are comparison shoppers like myself, I wanted to share an honest and detailed narrative of my purchasing experience with this seller.


My boyfriend and I decided to order the custom-tailored Tidus and Songstress Yuna outfits, since we had two events coming up – my annual trip to New Jersey for AnimeNext and a Final Fantasy themed rave in Brooklyn called Vinyl Fantasy IV. We sent Cosplayholic our measurements and paid the outrageous shipping costs, thinking it would be worth it. Unfortunately, my bank thought the order was fraudulent and activated a chargeback – which would take several weeks to process, even after I cancelled it.


Since the convention was approaching soon, I made an agreement with the seller to pay the $220+ total again via PayPal while the chargeback was processing, and in the event that the money would get taken out of my bank account a second time, they would return it to me. Yes, I know that the terms of agreement on eBay specifically state that they are not held responsible for arrangements done independently of their site. So I took the risk, thinking the seller was trustworthy.


When the costumes arrived in the mail several weeks later, we were pleased to find that both fit perfectly and looked just like the photos in the listing. (They even included a note in the package that asked us to leave them positive feedback, since they’re feeding their families in China with the money they make from their cosplay shop, and any store below a certain score is banned from making any more transactions.) It was a personal decision for me to wear a different skirt, since I thought the one included was too long. Nonetheless, we received many compliments at both events – so I’m not taking a jab at the quality of their products at all.


Now fast forward a little over a month later, where the cancelled chargeback was finished processing and I am charged a second time for my order. Despite our agreement, Cosplayholic denies receiving the second payment. After many phone calls and messages between me, my bank, and PayPal – the consensus was that the seller did receive the money. After threatening to file a dispute with them through my bank, and giving them both PayPal transaction numbers as proof of my payments, they CONVENIENTLY only responded back to me once a week – promising they would return my money but never actually doing it until months later. Ultimately, it took them from April until September to return $220+ to me even though I was messaging them every week. I do not recommend them, the customer service is a nightmare.


I’m sooo done with winter.

New York, you crazy. No, really – it was 12°F outside last week, and now it’s 50°? Just having a taste of warm weather for the past few days makes me crave Spring and Summer so badly. I miss wearing skirts and dresses without shivering. :( The only thing I like about winter is that I can use my combat/poleclimber boots in the snow. :D Definitely a more stylish and practical alternative to galoshes or Uggs – both of which I’m not a fan of.

Like my style? Hype it on Lookbook! :) ~ Take It Back

What I dislike the most about winter is how it interferes with outdoor activities that I would be doing otherwise. I’ve been meaning to go ice skating in the city with my best friend for a while, but Mother Nature just hasn’t been cooperative. (I like to feel my fingers, thank you very much.) Fortunately, I know how to keep myself busy with all this free time indoors. :P Namely, I’ve been catching up on some scrapbooking and I even started playing through Final Fantasy XIII for the first time. Better late than never, right? I’m really enjoying the battle system and plot, but I just can’t develop any connection with the characters yet. :/


While I’m on the topic of video gaming, excuse me while I nerd out for a little bit. My boyfriend and I have been playing a lot of Diablo III lately. I stopped shortly after beating the storyline once a couple months ago, but just recently started playing again and finished Inferno Mode last week. I hit Paragon Level 8 last night, and with my new ring I can consistently crit for over 700,000 damage. I still have a long way to go before I’ll be prepared for PVP, though. (Whenever it comes out, that is. Damn you, Blizzard!) Here’s a screenshot, but don’t judge me for playing on the lowest graphic settings. My laptop isn’t built to handle the game. :< And yes, my character is wearing a bird mask.


In other news, what’s new with me? Well, I just received several packages of goodies in the mail. Eventually, I’ll get to posting about them over the course of several entries when I find the time. :P It’s actually my last fashion haul for a while, since I’ve made a resolution to stop impulse-shopping until I drop a few more pounds. I’m also thinking about putting a percentage of all the money I’ll be saving into separate savings accounts for each goal I want to reach – I just don’t know the exact figures. I’ve never been good with numbers or finances, but I’m sure my friends at WallStreetSurvivor.com could help out those of you who are in the same boat as me. Until next time! ^.^

Gamer Life

Recently, one of my closest friends called me something that I never thought would ever describe me – a “casual”. Video games used to take up the majority of my free time in middle school and high school, but for the past 4 years of college it just wasn’t a priority. I’m not up to date on the newest releases, nor do I own a PS3 or Xbox 360. Thus, I’ve turned to online games that require no commitment whatsoever – particularly League of Legends. I pretty much play every night. My ign is Mirasol if you guys want to add me! :)

I’ve been trying to expand my world of gaming once again, though, and perhaps reclaim/uphold my previous reputation. Step one? Finally create a Steam account. Mostly because my brother and family friends play a ton of Team Fortress 2 – which I admit that I am terrible at. >.<;

I was pleased to find that Steam was having a ridiculous sale a few weeks ago, though! I was able to purchase both Dead Space and Dead Space 2 for only $10 in a bundle. :D Unfortunately, the first chapter of the first game terrified me too much to continue. (Seriously, I was jumping out of my bed and screaming in the dark whenever I’d hear any noise that could be a necromorph.) For a while, I was playing through it with Michael – but ever since the breakup, continuing the game together wasn’t an option anymore.

To be honest, I just want to know the storyline! D; Thankfully, my friend Wade doesn’t mind starting a new game with me. Since he lives in Idaho, though, I gave him my password and watch as he streams it via screen-sharing through Skype. So far, we’ve been completing one chapter per night. Technology, ftw! Excuse my stupid duck face in the screenshot below. Isn’t he a cutie? :)

In other news, he also convinced me to start playing Final Fantasy IX on an emulator. I used to be a hugeeee fan of Square/Squaresoft/SquareEnix, but for some reason never played this installment. And although I’ve heard great things about it, and I might just end up loving the gameplay and character plots, I know my heart will always belong to Final Fantasy X. <3

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Since I found myself with some free time recently.. I decided to download a Nintendo DS emulator last night, along with the ROM for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Although I do believe that I’ve somewhat outgrown video games that are targeted towards a younger audience, it’s nice to just sit back and relax with one once in a while.

It took a lot of tinkering around with the settings until it would run the game “smoothly” on my computer. (My laptop is pretty old and unbearably slow, fyi. It has been through a lot, after all.) Even with the sound and video settings at the lowest possible quality, the graphics and gameplay still lag. I haven’t gotten far into the game, though, and am still considering whether I should continue or not. The storyline is pretty slow at first, and I don’t know if I should keep playing if my experience is going to be like this the entire way through.

I’ve been getting frustrated with my laptop more and more each day. For over a year now, I’ve had a non-functioning battery – so if ever the cord gets accidentally unplugged (which happens very often), my machine shuts off instantly. =/ I don’t want to buy a new battery, not only because they cost $60-$100, but because my laptop is complete garbage to begin with. I’ve reinstalled Windows 7 about three or four times now, but it’s not completely compatible with my computer since it originally came with Windows Vista.

When the time does come for me to replace my machine, I’m still undecided as to whether I should get another notebook or a netbook this time. As a college student, the netbook would be practical  – 13+ hours of battery life, internet browsing, and word processing, in a compact size. But as my own person, a laptop has the capability to do things I enjoy – run large applications like Photoshop, stream videos faster, etc.My lifestyle calls for both, but my budget can only afford one. =/ Hopefully, I’ll be able to save up enough money to buy one of them before my current one is permanently out of commission. >.<;

In other news, I went out to Target and purchased the Studio Tools kabuki brush and NYC Translucent Loose Powder the other day – mostly because I realized that my new blush is way too pigmented to share a brush with any of my other makeup, and I needed something to set my foundation with. Both were super cheap, too! The brush is very fluffy, and the loose powder does a good job with keeping my face matte for most of the day. I have nothing to complain about. :P

This semester went by FAST. o_o

There are only two more weeks  until the end of the semester. I couldn’t believe it when I found out! As far as my academics go.. I have five final exams (one of which I just finished this afternoon because it’s a take-home), a five-page essay, and a coding project due. D; I know how to sit back and enjoy myself on the weekends, though. For the past two days, I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XII with Michael. I remember starting it a couple years ago and getting 3/5 through, but just never got around to finishing it. Thus, we started a new game! :D

In other news, I’ve been eyeing the Urban Decay NAKED palette for quite some time now. Everyone’s been raving about it, and it’s been sold out EVERYWHERE for months. Although I know it’s a quality purchase, I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to spend $44 on a set of eyeshadows. The nude shades are so pretty, though! x_x

Luckily for me, I found another nude palette that would more than satisfy me for less than 1/4 the price of NAKED. ; ) The NYX 10 Color Palette in Champagne and Caviar comes in at only $9.75! I’m not one to do outrageous or colorful makeup looks in the daytime, since I’m kind of a newbie to eyeshadow, so I really love soft browns and bronze-golds. I’ll probably buy myself this palette once my current Wet’n’Wild Vanity eyeshadows run out. : )

On a final note, I just want to point out the current sale at  Charlotte Russe: 50% off their holiday party dresses! :o If I didn’t have so many already, I would totally buy another one asap. XD I found this really cute silver dress on their website, that I would absolutely wear to this year’s Christmas party if I owned it. :P

I don’t like wearing short dresses all by themselves in the cold weather, though, so I was also drooling over these adorable tights on the Urban Outfitters website. <3

Until next time! ^o^

What’s been keeping me busy?

Hey guys! Now that Thanksgiving break is over and most of my classes are going easy on me until finals roll around, I’ve had a tons of free time. : ) So what HAS been keeping me busy? For one, my roommate introduced me to the Showtime television series called Weeds.

The plot follows a recently widowed suburban mother named Nancy who turns to dealing marijuana to make ends meet for her two sons. It’s a great drama that examines family life. I’m already up to season six! If you guys are interested, SideReel links to episodes uploaded onto MegaVideo and other various hosting sites.

Also, I know Chanukah isn’t until Wednesday evening, but I was impatient and gave my boyfriend his present early. :o I bought him the new edition of Clue! It’s a 3 to 6 player murder-mystery board game that requires you to use strategy, reasoning, and deduction. We spent three hours playing it with his suitemates last night! Although Friday night is usually our “Poker & Pictionary Night”, we might just add Clue to the weekly tradition. ; )In other news, Michael brought back his Playstation 2 from home. So I grabbed a few of my favorite games from home to keep us busy here at school. Currently, we’re playing through Kingdom Hearts – I haven’t picked up this game in years! Although I liked the sequel to this game a whole lot more, the first installment is still a beautiful collaboration between Square Enix and Disney that will always be a classic to me. : )

What have YOU been doing in your free time?