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SUMMER RECAP: Clip-in Hair Extensions

Just like last year, I took a break from blogging for a few months – I mean, summer IS the prime season for social events and outdoor activities. But apart from that, it gave me the opportunity to dabble in a side job, reprioritize my life, set aside some much-needed time for myself, and improve some aspects of my lifestyle that I wasn’t satisfied with. But since I can’t recap my entire summer in a single post, I’ve decided to do a series of entries to get all my followers caught up. Enjoy! :)

A few months ago, in her heavy Korean accent, my hairdresser told me that my locks underwent “chemical melting” from all the harsh bleaching I had put it through. Which explained why my ends were so thin and uneven. So she chopped it all off. But because having my hair at shoulder length made me feel less feminine, my confidence dipped significantly. :( Thankfully, a friend recommended clip-in extensions as a temporary solution while it grows back. At first, I was skeptical. I had so many questions! Would they look natural? What is the color doesn’t match perfectly? Could I heat style them? How much would they cost? How long would they last? Would they fall out if I wasn’t careful?


So I took to researching all the different options for my hair type. At the end of the day, I decided that a 7-piece set of wefts in varying widths would give me that layered look I wanted. Nervously, I ordered a set of 18” dark brown human hair extensions from the eBay seller “ldszyz” for about $31 with free shipping. When they arrived at my doorstep a week later, it occurred to me that I had no idea how to put them in. >.<; But, naturally, I was an expert three YouTube videos later. :P


I was pleasantly surprised that the color blends beautifully – you can hardly tell they’re extensions! They aren’t heavy at all, it they stay put really well. Typically, it’s recommended that my extensions should last 3-4 months before replacing them – but that’s with everyday wear, heat styling, and regular washing. Since I only wear mine on the weekends, I estimate that they should last me about a year. And by then, my hair should already be six inches longer! :D My only issue with them is that they sometimes give you too much volume in humidity, especially if your hair isn’t naturally straight. But this is something that can easily be fixed by wearing it in a sleek, long ponytail. What do you guys think, would you ever consider wearing clip-in hair extensions?



Trend Alert: Feather Hair Extensions

When it comes to recent fashion trends that I am on the fence about, feather hair extensions give me quite the dilemma. I do admit that feather extensions are an appropriate accessory to wear with some outfits and occassions, but what really irks me are the annoying crowds of pre-teens lining up at their local mall stall with their mothers and beggings for one. Personally, I try to avoid trends that grow popular amongst girls who are far younger than me. I try my best to look my age, you know? :P

As you can see in the photo above, feather extensions add a pop of uniqueness to your hair. It actually looks quite lovely with the right color combinations. They’re relatively inexpensive, too! The only thing that concerns me are their ability to last. If you think about it, the average woman’s hair goes through a lot every day: washing, combing, blow-drying, heat-styling, etc. And from what I hear, these extensions are only held by a bead. With the way I treat my own hair, they would probably fall out by the next few days after getting them in.

However, I am open to trying new things. Besides, the whole nature-girl, flower-child, hippie look is fun to wear sometimes. :) If anything, I would probably be most interested in getting them in pink. What do you think?

In other news, my friends at Shop Savannahs wanted me to tell guys about their exclusive sales on Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. Though very stylish, they’re way out of my price range. But if any of you are interested, check them out. :)