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Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil

As a BzzAgent, I’m able to test out new products released by brands that I already love! In this case, I was sent a free bottle of the new Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil. I’m already a long-time fan of their hair dye line and have also recently started using their straightening heat protectant spray, so being picked for this campaign was a pleasant surprise. :) Marketed as an everyday multi-purpose product for hair, body, and face, this weightless formula absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave an oily residue. It combines three different oils: olive, avocado, and shea.


Olive oil moisturizes, protects, and replenishes your dry hair, improving its strength and elasticity. You face and body benefit from antioxidants that help protect against skin damage. Avocado oil is loaded with Vitamin E, and protects against dryness while locking in color and moisture to keep your hair looking radiant and silky soft. The oil’s natural hydrating abilities promote soft and supple skin, too. Shea oil is known for heaving unique healing properties. It rejuvenates damaged hair and leaves it with a healthy shine. It’s also a great moisturizer that helps improve elasticity in skin. –Garnier Fructis


Since I’ve been embracing my natural hair lately, and choose to air-dry instead of blow-dry, I could always use some extra moisture. After using this product every morning for a week.. I noticed that it was shinier, my waves were more defined, my dry ends didn’t feel as brittle, and my locks were overall softer.

photo 1


1) Do not apply directly into your hair. Especially your bangs. The product is very heavy and soaks in really quickly, so it won’t get distributed evenly and you’ll just end up looking greasy. If you have medium/long hair like me, two spritzes into your palm will be enough. Rub your hands together, and run them through your damp hair at least three inches from your scalp in a downward massaging motion. Once your hair has dried and you still think it could use some extra moisture or softness, do not use more than one spritz to touch up. A little goes a long way!

2) If you have oily and/or acne-prone skin, do not apply onto your face. Not for extended periods of time, at least. I didn’t even risk it, since I know that I break out really easily. If you have dry skin on other parts of your body, though, I highly recommend this. It’s a lot more lightweight than other similar oil-based products, and gives a healthy glow. Since I love showing off my legs in the warmer seasons, I can imagine myself using a little bit of this to accentuate them in shorts/skirts/dresses. :P


New Skin Care Routine

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had bad skin. I tried to reason with myself and blame it on genetics, hormones, and my overall lifestyle. Regardless, I’ve always been very insecure and self-conscious about my face. Not only is it oily and acne-prone, but I’ve never been satisfied with my uneven skin tone.

Throughout high school and early college, I went on and off Proactiv. Unfortunately, it tended to dry out my skin and once gave me a really bad case of seborrheic dermatitis – which left some ugly scars on the skin around my eyes. Ever since, I have been trying to find the perfect products that work with my skin type. It’s been a long vicious cycle of trial-and-error, but I think my new regimen has proven to be effective thus far.

Last week, I bought two things at my local drugstore: Aveeno Ultra-Calming Foaming Cleanser and Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner. The former came with a free sample-sized bottle of Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion, too! (Which just so happens to be my favorite moisturizer.) The decision to purchase these two products was influenced by the members of MakeupAlley, my go-to website for reliable beauty reviews.

Although it’s only been a week, I can already notice a significant difference in my skin tone. My pores are visibly smaller, and my dark spots are a bit lighter. The cleanser doesn’t completely remove my makeup, but I don’t mind because I usually remove it with lotion beforehand anyway. And the toner doesn’t dry my skin out as much as the Proactiv toner did, but the sensitive skin at the corners of my eyes begin to flake if I don’t moisturize well afterwards.

Hopefully, this new routine will prevent future breakouts and eventually even out my complexion. Until then, all I can do is wait and hope for the best. If these products don’t meet my needs in the end, I think it would be worth the money to invest in higher-end skin care products. I’ve had my eye on Philisophy’s Purity Made Simple and Clinique’s Mild Clarifying Lotion, but I’m not willing to splurge on them if there are less expensive alternatives. All I want is clear, bright, healthy skin – is it really too much to ask for? I’ll keep you guys updated. :P

This heatwave is ridiculous.

For the past several days, the heat in New York has been killing me. Today, it was over 103 degrees! :'( So imagine my relief when I was given the night off from work. :D But this extreme humidity has been wrecking my dry hair. My new conditioner has been treating it kindly, though!

Dove’s Cool Moisture Damage Therapy Conditioner makes my hair smell like cucumber and green tea. <3 I know the photo above depicts the shampoo, but the bottle for the conditioner looks the same. :P Not only does it keep my hair moisturized, but it detangles amazingly. For some reason, my hair becomes resistant to the effects of shampoos and conditioners when I use the same brand for too long – so I like to switch it up pretty often. This one hasn’t been disappointing. I also like the Dove brand because they’re very pro-positive body image. : )

Anyway, I spent my day off hanging out with my best friend John and watching him play Uncharted 2. : ) From what I’ve seen, it’s a really awesome game. It strikes me as an uncanny cross between the National Treasure film series, Assassin’s Creed, and Metal Gear Solid. :P I’m still unsure of whether I want to buy a PS3, especially since I’m going back to school in three or four weeks. It’s incredibly tempting to get back into gaming, though. >.<;

In other news, I’ve also been spending my free time watching the X-Men cartoon series from the 90’s with my brother! It really brings back a lot of childhood memories. Rogue was my favorite. <3 I appreciate how she was depicted in the animated series, since they really downplayed her abilities and character in the more recent X-Men films.

All the episodes are available to stream on the official Marvel website, which is pretty convenient. I usually turn to SideReel for all my television needs, but lately there seems to be a lot of dead links. What websites do you guys use?

TRESemmé Color Revitalize Shampoo & Conditioner

Because I’m a BzzAgent, I’m often given the opportunity to try out new products for free and share my opinion of them with people like you guys! : ) In partnership with TRESemmé, I was sent two free bottles of their new Color Revitalize Shampoo & Conditioner. Now, believe me, I’m no stranger to TRESemmé products. I’m a long-time fan of their Moisture Rich Conditioner. So imagine my excitement when I was signed up for this campaign! :D

Did you know that the number one reason for hair color fade isn’t exposure to UV rays, salt, chlorine, or pollution? It’s wash out from daily cleansing, which strips the hair shaft of dye molecules and natural oils. Chemicals in water also alter the tone of your color!

This product claims that it will bring the shine back to your color-treated hair and protect it from further fading. Because my hair has become really brassy and dull since my last bleaching, I was hoping this would help me out. The color in this next photo might be a little exaggerated because it was taken with my iPod, but this is basically what my hair looked like:

After two washes, I had already noticed a slight difference in my hair color. Because the Color Revitalize Shampoo & Conditioner does not deposit color, but instead cleanses your current shade, the blonde in my hair has become lighter and less “yellow”. It’s also shinier! Unfortunately, using the shampoo and conditioner alone dries out my already damaged hair and leaves it more tangled after a shower than my Aussie Moist Shampoo & Conditioner. I would definitely suggest following up with a deep conditioner and/or leave-in conditioner afterwards if you have overprocessed hair like mine.

I also received a ton of coupons with my package! Although TRESemmé products are already quite affordable (about $5 for a huge 32-oz bottle), an extra dollar off just makes it better. :P If you know me in person, feel free to ask for one! : )

Searching my closet for Spring!

To keep myself content with my current wardrobe and ward off the temptation to buy new Spring clothes, I dug through things that I haven’t worn in a long time and was surprised with what I found! I forgot that that I even owned colorful clothing. :P Searching through your own closet for pieces that are still in style for this season, and setting them aside to make a conscious effort to wear, is a great way to refresh your outfits!

I must have bought this necklace over 4 years ago. I rarely ever find personalized things with my name spelled correctly on it, so I usually hop on the chance to collect them. Lately, I’ve been having more appreciation for gold jewelry, too. It comes off as more grown-up than silver, in my opinion. : )

Floral wedges? Check. I bought this lovely pair at the Lake Success Shopping Center about two years ago for only $16, but have only worn them about three times since. Mostly because I wasn’t confident enough with how I walked in taller shoes. That’s definitely going to change this Spring. ; )

Bright, colorful, and fun patterns? Check! Top Left: Dress from Charlotte Russe. Top Right: Tunic top from Burlington Coat Factory. Bottom Left: Sheer sleeveless top from Aéropostale. Bottom Right: Dress by A. Byer that still fits me from the 4th grade! I’m sure I could find a whole lot more if I keep searching. :P

In other news, I’ve been trying to break in my new patent leather flats. They’re still incredibly stiff and probably won’t soften up for a while. Unfortunately, this has caused cuts in the back of my heels where the material rubs against my skin. We all have to suffer for fashion at some point, right? >.<; Anyway, I found myself with no band-aids in my room, so I went out to Target to buy some.

And I was much more excited than I should have been to find these!! XD Plain band-aids are surprisingly more expensive than kids’ band-aids, so I bought these instead. So cute! There was a whole variety of cartoon characters to choose from, but I went with Hello Kitty and Strawberry Shortcake because they were the prettiest. : )  I already opened them from their individual packaging because I’m a freak.

While I was there, I also picked up some black eyeliner and a new bottle of contact solution because I had run out of both. :P  Now that it’s getting warmer, my eyes won’t dry out from my circle lenses as quickly. So I’ll definitely be wearing them more often! :D

Deep Conditioner: Aussie vs Pantene Pro-V

Yesterday, I picked up a bottle of Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep at Stop & Shop because my hair has become a small, dry, damaged, wreck since bleaching it over the weekend. I want to start heat-styling again asap, so I figured that using a deep conditioner would quickly bring my hair back to a condition good enough to handle my straightening iron! : ) Of course, I also had to compare how this product fares against what I’ve previously been using – Pantene Pro-V Restore Beautiful Lengths Replenishing Mask. (That’s a mouthful!)

Ultimately, I think I’ll be sticking with Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep. Not only does it smell AMAZING in the shower, but it also makes your hair smell like that for the rest of the day! It makes my hair feel unbelievably soft and healthy, too, not to mention easier to straighten. And the overall value of 3 Minute Miracle is better, as you get more product for about $2.00 cheaper. : )

On the topic of hair products, there’s one that I feel is completely underrated – Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing Pomade. I’ve had the same tin for about five years now! The company has been producing it since 1925 and only uses three ingredients: petrolatum, mineral oil, and fragrance. I bought mine for only $3.00 during my sophomore year of high school, and I’m not even halfway through the container!

I first purchased this product back when I thought the scene mullet hairstyle was cool. The woman at the salon who cut my hair told me that using hair wax would make my choppy layers look more defined and piece-y. And you know what? It worked. But there were a few problems – not only does the cut look awful when it grows out, but it looks downright ridiculous if your hair isn’t straight. My face was too round for the look anyway. :P Thankfully, I grew out of that phase. If I hadn’t, my hair would probably still look similar to these:

It was definitely a fun time, but as with most fads, I grew tired of it. 

Canola Oil Hair Treatment

Hey, guys! It’s been snowing here in my part of New York. The forecast predicts that we’ll be getting 14 inches – yikes! Here’s the view outside the front of my house earlier today, just as the blizzard was starting. I hope everyone shovels their sidewalks by tomorrow afternoon, as I’ll be going out. >.<;

Since my last coloring the other day, I’ve been really worrying about the state of my hair. It’s been feeling really dried out, and my ends are beginning to split. I remember the last time I fried my hair, I bought Bed Head’s Dumb Blonde Reconstructor and it was absolutely amazing.

I remember its delicious pineapple scent, and the way it saved my hair with its thick protein-packed formula. Truly a godsend. Unfortunately, quality damage repair products don’t come cheap. A mere 6-ounce tube of it costs $16! As a poor college student, I really can’t afford to be spending that kind of money. Thus, until I find a cheaper drugstore alternative to Dumb Blonde, I’ve been using some of my mom’s canola oil that she uses to cook. (Mostly because we currently don’t have any olive oil in the house.)

You don’t need much – just measure about an eighth of a cup of canola oil, and microwave it for a few seconds until warm. I apply the oil to the lower half of my hair only, and leave it in for about fifteen minutes before jumping in the shower. The effects are very nourishing, and make my hair soft without being greasy, since canola oil is lighter than olive oil.

It’s a little difficult to tell, but here in this photo that I took for my boyfriend, you can kind of see that the damage has been reduced since my last hair post – it doesn’t look like straw anymore! : ) I accidentally deleted the original picture, though, so I’m sorry that it’s in black and white.. :X

I don’t plan on using canola oil for too long, though, since there are a ton of hair products that  want to try out and review for you all. ; ) Until next time! ^o^