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SUMMER RECAP: Cosplayholic

Just like last year, I took a break from blogging for a few months – I mean, summer IS the prime season for social events and outdoor activities. But apart from that, it gave me the opportunity to dabble in a side job, reprioritize my life, set aside some much-needed time for myself, and improve some aspects of my lifestyle that I wasn’t satisfied with. But since I can’t recap my entire summer in a single post, I’ve decided to do a series of entries to get all my followers caught up. Enjoy! :)

Cosplayholic is an eBay shop (with an impressive positive feedback score) that I had been eyeing for months. Since I know many of my readers are comparison shoppers like myself, I wanted to share an honest and detailed narrative of my purchasing experience with this seller.


My boyfriend and I decided to order the custom-tailored Tidus and Songstress Yuna outfits, since we had two events coming up – my annual trip to New Jersey for AnimeNext and a Final Fantasy themed rave in Brooklyn called Vinyl Fantasy IV. We sent Cosplayholic our measurements and paid the outrageous shipping costs, thinking it would be worth it. Unfortunately, my bank thought the order was fraudulent and activated a chargeback – which would take several weeks to process, even after I cancelled it.


Since the convention was approaching soon, I made an agreement with the seller to pay the $220+ total again via PayPal while the chargeback was processing, and in the event that the money would get taken out of my bank account a second time, they would return it to me. Yes, I know that the terms of agreement on eBay specifically state that they are not held responsible for arrangements done independently of their site. So I took the risk, thinking the seller was trustworthy.


When the costumes arrived in the mail several weeks later, we were pleased to find that both fit perfectly and looked just like the photos in the listing. (They even included a note in the package that asked us to leave them positive feedback, since they’re feeding their families in China with the money they make from their cosplay shop, and any store below a certain score is banned from making any more transactions.) It was a personal decision for me to wear a different skirt, since I thought the one included was too long. Nonetheless, we received many compliments at both events – so I’m not taking a jab at the quality of their products at all.


Now fast forward a little over a month later, where the cancelled chargeback was finished processing and I am charged a second time for my order. Despite our agreement, Cosplayholic denies receiving the second payment. After many phone calls and messages between me, my bank, and PayPal – the consensus was that the seller did receive the money. After threatening to file a dispute with them through my bank, and giving them both PayPal transaction numbers as proof of my payments, they CONVENIENTLY only responded back to me once a week – promising they would return my money but never actually doing it until months later. Ultimately, it took them from April until September to return $220+ to me even though I was messaging them every week. I do not recommend them, the customer service is a nightmare.


Can you see me as Sailor Mars?

Because I’m going to be joining two or three of my girlfriends next month in dressing up as one of the original Sailor Scouts and driving up to New Jersey for AnimeNext! :) Imagine my excitement at the thought of frolicking around a convention center as one of my favorite childhood characters. <3

The Sailor Moon series and I go way back. I remember waking up super early in the morning as a kid just to be able to catch it on television. My best friends and I even role-played our favorite characters and pretended to save the world during recess when we were six years old. And although I loved all the Sailor Scouts, Mars was always my favorite because she had such a strong personality. Her transformation and attack scenes made me want to be her even more!

But because I didn’t think I would have enough time to make a costume, my friends and I all ordered our respective uniforms from the Azure Costume website. I didn’t mind spending the $50 because it was way cheaper than anything else that was similar on the internet. Some costume makers were even charging $200+ for the outfit. >.<; So I really had high hopes for this.
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Nude Pumps: Acquired

It’s with a heavy heart to let you guys know that my grandfather passed away last Monday. In many ways, I think it was for the best – he was sick and suffering for a very long time. I’m so grateful for all the friends who have shown me love and support through this time of loss for my family. <3 My brother found this photo of my Lolo and I from when I last visited the Philippines in 1997.

With that out of the way, we can now return to my previously scheduled blog post. :P I’ve wanted nude pumps for the longest time. I was browsing GoJane again last week when I came across these Almond Toe Patent Kitten Heel Pumps for less than $20! :o Needless to say, I had to have them. I was going to get them in black, too, but decided at the last minute not to. Little did I know how much I was going to regret that decision. >.<;

The package arrived today at my house – which was super convenient because now that all my final exams are over, I can just chill at home for the next several days before I have to be back on campus. :) Since I was most excited about these, it was the first pair I tried on. A size 5.5 fits perfectly on me, and heel height is low enough to do some casual walking. I still need to break them in, since the material is still a little stiff, but I can imagine myself wearing these in the office during a regular work day. They match with everything, too! :D

And since I was already on the website, I helped myself further to the nude footwear trend by ordering these adorable Strappy Bow Sandals for only $16. Summer is quickly approaching, after all. ;D I can see myself rocking these with floral dresses, or denim shorts and a colorful top! A lot of people may find my love of bows to be a little tacky, but idgaf. :P

I bought these in a size 5.5 and compliment my naturally tan skin tone well. If I had ordered them in any other color, the contrast would have been way too harsh. The buckle can be a little tricky to undo and redo quickly, but I’ll get the hang of it with time. :)

Additionally, I had ordered these Red Karmen Pumps from Payless about two or three weeks ago. The box has been sitting at my house since then, but I never had the chance to come home and open it until tonight. I originally bought them as an accessory to a cosplay that I’m planning for next month (more on that in a separate post), but now I realize that I can totally make them work in an everyday outfit. If I throw these on with some dark skinny jeans and a dressy top, I’ll definitely look ready for a girls’ night out! ;)

Although I also got these in a size 5.5, they’re slightly larger than the other two pairs in this post. They’re not at all loose on me, but a size 5.75 would be a more accurate expression of how I feel about the fit. What I like the most about these, though, are how insanely comfortable they are! The insole is slightly padded, so I literally feel like I’m walking on cushions. Which is great, since I’ll be prancing around a convention center in these all day. :o And for the price of only $20, it was a deal that I couldn’t pass up on.

Thank you for bearing with my ridiculous shoe addiction again, guys. As always, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog – just click on the button on the right sidebar. Oh, and did I mention that I received a free sample of the new TRESemmé Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner in my GoJane package? It was awfully nice of them to include it. :P Anyway.. until next time! ^.^

I-CON 2012

Hey, guys! How is everyone doing? As many of you know, I attended a convention this past weekend called I-CON. It’s the largest science fiction and fantasy con in the Northeast, and just happens to be held on my university’s campus every year! I decided to dress up as Pikachu, mostly because I knew it would be an easy costume and I didn’t have enough time to put together anything complicated. Here’s me standing outside my dorm building that morning – excuse my silly Photoshop effects. :P

To be honest, I wish I had made an effort to lose more weight before the convention. Although I didn’t feel like a whale in my dress, I still felt a little self-conscious. Thankfully, a lot of Pokemon fans gave me a huge ego boost by giving me compliments and asking to take photos with me through the day. :) I just wish it had been warmer outside on Saturday, instead of being in the mid 40s with a terrible windchill. >.<; (Btw, I solved my bra-less problem by applying adhesive silicone gel petals beforehand.)

When we arrived at the I-CON box office that morning, there was already a huge line outside of the Student Activities Center. Even though I was wearing a jacket and carrying an umbrella, the rain still managed to ruin my hair. ;_;

After about half an hour of waiting in the cold, we were finally able to register. My friend Sarah was able to score me a child’s pass, since she looks young enough to pass for younger than 14 years old. :P Wish I’m grateful for, since I only ended up paying $10 instead of $50. Here she is looking all adorable in her Ness costume!! :D

There were plenty of great costumes that I saw throughout the day. Unfortunately, posting all of them here may overload some of your browsers. :P But one that stood out in particular was this Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, who I caught walking around my quad that morning.

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How To Make a Pikachu Headband

Hey, guys! Sorry if some of you received my unfinished draft of this post in your e-mail. I accidentally clicked “publish” instead of “save”. :P Anyway, I promised many of my readers who messaged me via Twitter and Skype that I’ll be showing you all how I made my DIY Pikachu headband. It only took me about 2 hours of trial-and-error, and my method was greatly inspired by this YouTube video:

-ear template (I downloaded mine from shnugglebunny)
-fabric marker (the Sharpie in the photo below proved to be ineffective)
-hot glue gun
-yellow fleece
-black acrylic paint
-pipe cleaners
-cotton balls

Although I bought the majority of my materials from the craft section in Walmart, my mom provided me with the hot glue gun when I went home the other weekend. :P I was actually pretty nervous, since this was my first time using one. Surprisingly, it went better than I thought – yes, I may have burned a finger or two, but it’s certainly much easier than sewing! :o

Anyway, I decided to use fleece instead of felt. Although felt may have been sturdier in the long run, I couldn’t resist how soft this package felt in the store! Unfortunately, this was the smallest size they carried. Which I don’t really mind, since I might make a Pikachu tail with the leftover fabric if I’m not too busy with school and work stuff. (Would you guys be interested in that?)

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Anticipating Spring! :D

For the past week, the weather has just been fantastic on Long Island. I can’t wait until I don’t have to wear a jacket anymore, and showcase all my Spring dresses and skirts. ;) But the other night, while I was browsing the American Apparel website during their flash sale, it occurred to me that I don’t own enough sleeved clothing – mostly because I hate wearing sleeves. Layering over tanktops is much more comfortable and convenient, in my opinion.

So I ended up ordering a cardigan and a shirt. :P Look at how much I saved! :o
Unisex Fine Jersey Double-Breasted Cardigan (S), $41.00 $16.00
Unisex Helvetica Alphabet T-Shirt (XS), $24.00 $6.00

First of all, let’s me get this out of my system.. AMERICAN APPAREL COTTON IS SO EFFING SOFT. I’m wearing this shirt right now as I type this, and I still can’t believe how comfortable the material is. Don’t even get me started on the fit! An XS is the perfect length, and despite being somewhat loose, doesn’t make me look like a shapeless bag. I was afraid of the sleeves being too long and the collar being too high, but neither of those were a problem for me. This purchase has definitely convinced me to buy more casual t-shirts from AA. <3

Excuse the dirty mirror. I really need to invest in a tripod. >.<;

As for the cardigan, I was a little disappointed that the photo on the website was misleading. I thought the buttons were going to be black, but they came in beige/brown instead. Because this is a unisex style, the fit is somewhat awkward on me when buttoned up all the way. But I prefer leaving it completely open, or only buttoning it up halfway or less. :) The material is also really soft, and thin enough to wear in the Spring on a windy day without feeling hot. And for what little I paid (compared to its original price tag), I still think it was a great buy. :P

In other news, I’m so excited to be attending I-CON this year! :) I haven’t been to a convention in forever, and how awesome is it that my university’s campus hosts one every year? :D Although this convention is mostly centered around science fiction (which I admit strays somewhat from my interests), I’m sure I’ll still find tons of fun things to do.

As for the costume that I will be wearing that Friday, the photo above inspired me to put together a “sexy pikachu” outfit. I was so excited to make a dress from scratch, but after looking at my academic schedule, I’ve realized that I have no time. ;_; Although I still plan to make the headband by myself, I ordered this dress from Charlotte Russe the other week. (I feel like such a cheater!)

I figured that a clubbing-style dress could be worn on more occasions than just a convention. The daffodil yellow color is perfect for spring, too! :P Admittedly, the openings on the side are a bit risque – but maybe that’s just because I’m modest. And although I don’t think the cut of the dress flatters my figure very well, I’m learning to cast aside my insecurities and wear what makes me happy. My only issue with the piece is that I can’t wear a bra under it – any suggestions for what to do? I hear that special band-aids or pasties will do the trick of hiding your nipples through thin fabric, but I have no experience with this. >.<;

On a final note, I want to let you guys know that I’m dealing with stress a whole lot better this semester. Even though I don’t think I did very well on my most recent exam, I know that I worked hard and did my best. All I can do now is hope that the curve boosts my grade, and enjoy the company of good friends every Thursday night before  graduate. :) Until next time! ^.^

Instead of buying new denim shorts..

..I made some out of old clothing that I never wear. : ) For the past two years or so, I’ve had two particular pairs of jeans – one that I bought at Charlotte Russe, and the other at PacSun. Ever since I’ve lost some weight, the thigh area has been way too loose on me, despite the waistbands still being comfortable. Especially with the introduction of denim leggings into my life, I haven’t touched these two pairs since. :P So last night, I decided to turn them into cuffed denim shorts! The process is quite easy.

You will need.. a pair of sharp scissors, black thread, and a sewing needle.

1) Fold your denim jeans in half, the long way. No less than two inches from the crotch, cut the pant legs off in a straight line.
2) Take the hem of one side, and roll upwards twice into a neat cuff. Sew the inseam and outseam in place with a few stitches.
3) Repeat with the other side. If the fabric isn’t sturdy enough to keep itself from unfolding, carefully sew one or two “invisible” stitches to keep them in place.

See? I told you it was easy. :D If you want me to be more specific, feel free to ask in the comments! I get the feeling that my instructions aren’t very clear. :P

In other news, remember the free pair of EOS Adult Pink circle lenses that I received from MyCandyEyes? I wrote a review on them a while back. Since I never wore them, I gave them to my good friend Jessica. They flatter her fair skin and features much more than mine! :D

She also gave me the idea for the two of us to cosplay as KOS-MOS and T-elos from Xenosaga III one day! It really doesn’t sound like such a bad idea – I just need to lose the weight in order to show that much skin. Regardless, when we do decide to do it, we’d look pretty badass with all that armor on. ; )