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Blonde Envy

aka “How to go from dark brown to light blonde at home for under $50.”

I do admit that from time to time, I feel a pang of inadequacy because of my natural dark hair, skin, and eyes. Especially since two of my closest girlfriends are gorgeous blondes, I often find myself feeling so mediocre next to them. I suppose society’s standard of beauty is to blame, but I genuinely enjoy bleaching my hair every once in a while for a change of pace. :)


There are varying opinions of Asian women with blonde hair. The general consensus always  seems to be,”It’s just not natural.” I disagree. Sometimes, it’s pulled off well. And other times, it’s just a disaster. It all has to do with skin tone, and finding the perfect shade for you. This time, I wanted to reach a cooler almost-platinum blonde instead of golden/strawberry blonde.


The new Fèria Absolute Platinum in Extreme Platinum sounded promising when I first laid eyes on it. Unfortunately, it only lifted my hair a few shades lighter from dark brown to a medium orange-brown. It was at this point that I was getting frustrated with my reluctant strands, and went for a brand I’ve been wanting to try out forever.


Palty is known for being very effective on dark, thick, Asian hair. It doesn’t hurt that the packaging is downright adorable, as well. I’ve read tons of online reviews, and was thankful to find a huge selection hidden in a beauty store at my local “Chinatown”, Flushing. I thought the most appropriate shade would be Super Flash Sparkling Blonde.


It was a bit pricey at $13 per box, and I needed two.. but my hair successfully lifted more significantly. I have to admit that I felt a mild burning sensation on my scalp during the process. But I suppose that’s the price you have to pay for beauty. It came out a lovely golden blonde with brassy undertones. As you can see in the photo below, my ends are already getting fried. :X


Unfortunately, I’m very hard to please and wanted to get rid of the orange tones completely. So I counteracted it with a cool blonde shade, Garnier Nutrisse: #82 Champagne Blonde (Champagne Fizz). I was going to get the lighter, White Chocolate shade, but couldn’t find it anywhere. :/ I was happy with how it came out, though. I got a lot of compliments at work. :P


But after a month, my roots were already growing out and the brassiness was coming back. So I picked up two boxes of Garnier Nutrisse: #100 Extra Light Natural Blonde (Chamomile) to touch it up a bit. And to be honest, I’m in love with the results. It’s the perfect medium between warm and cool, and matches my skin tone pretty well.


As you can see in this photo, I’m almost as blonde as my beautiful friend Kristiana. <3 I’m in dire need of a trim, though. My strands feel like straw, which I’ve been trying to nurse back to health with lots of deep conditioner and by only flat-ironing my hair on the weekends and special occasions. Next month, I might just get my roots and highlights done professionally. Because the bottom line is that as much as I love doing my own hair, I could have just saved myself all the trouble and went to a salon. The extra money would have been well worth it, given the hassle I went through. x_x



How to Cook: Spontaneous Stir-Fry

Stir-fry is a staple of Asian cuisine that is so easy to prepare, it’s almost laughable. Tonight, I used whatever was available in my kitchen to make dinner for my family and it came out surprisingly delicious for something thrown together last-minute. So feel free to substitute any of the ingredients that I listed with your own meats and vegetables! Bean sprouts, snow peas, broccoli, baby corn, and peanuts are especially good in stir-fry. ;)

MY INGREDIENTS: thinly sliced beef, garlic, onions, potatoes, zucchini, ginger, cabbage, olive oil, soy sauce, and hoisin sauce (optional)

Dice up all your vegetables and set them aside in separate bowls. Taking only your garlic and half of your onions, sauté them with your beef in olive oil until it’s halfway browned. At this point, throw in about half a cup of soy sauce and stir well so that the flavor is cooked into the meat. Add a small amount of ginger and a generous portion of diced potatoes.

After adding some sliced cabbage to the pot, leave it covered for few minutes to steam. After the leaves have softened somewhat, uncover and add two tablespoons of hoisin sauce. Stir well, as this is what will sweeten the dish. If your mixture looks a bit dry, add no more than another 1/3 cup of soy sauce. At this point add your zucchini and the remaining half of your onions. Stir well and cover once again to steam for a few minutes.

Serve over steamed white rice and enjoy! ^.^ If you’ve missed any of my other cooking posts from way back when, check them out:
Pancit / Baked Salmon Loaf / Turon / Sopas  / Pad Thai

How To Make a Pikachu Headband

Hey, guys! Sorry if some of you received my unfinished draft of this post in your e-mail. I accidentally clicked “publish” instead of “save”. :P Anyway, I promised many of my readers who messaged me via Twitter and Skype that I’ll be showing you all how I made my DIY Pikachu headband. It only took me about 2 hours of trial-and-error, and my method was greatly inspired by this YouTube video:

-ear template (I downloaded mine from shnugglebunny)
-fabric marker (the Sharpie in the photo below proved to be ineffective)
-hot glue gun
-yellow fleece
-black acrylic paint
-pipe cleaners
-cotton balls

Although I bought the majority of my materials from the craft section in Walmart, my mom provided me with the hot glue gun when I went home the other weekend. :P I was actually pretty nervous, since this was my first time using one. Surprisingly, it went better than I thought – yes, I may have burned a finger or two, but it’s certainly much easier than sewing! :o

Anyway, I decided to use fleece instead of felt. Although felt may have been sturdier in the long run, I couldn’t resist how soft this package felt in the store! Unfortunately, this was the smallest size they carried. Which I don’t really mind, since I might make a Pikachu tail with the leftover fabric if I’m not too busy with school and work stuff. (Would you guys be interested in that?)

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Red Leopard Print Scarf: Acquired

Last Monday, I was browsing the ASOS website on my phone during class when I came across this scarf. Originally $28.75, it was on sale for only $12.58!!! :o

Of course, I had to order it immediately. >.<; The free shipping didn’t hurt, either. ; ) Besides, I’ve always had a thing for leopard print in non-traditional colors! Additionally, it’s a much cheaper alternative to the white leopard print circle scarf that I had been lusting for at Express. I still may buy this scarf if it goes on sale in the near future. :P

Anyway, I just received the package in the mail over the weekend – and I’m already in love with it! <3 First of all, it’s hugeeee. It’s taller than my boyfriend (who is 6’0″) and wider than 2 of me combined! Second, it’s really soft. Third, the print looks so much better IRL than in the website photo.

And last night, the internet taught me how to tie a scarf in SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS. I didn’t even know how versatile an accessory it could be! My favorite instructional video on YouTube has to be Michelle Phan’s “7 Ways to Wear a Scarf”. :D

My favorites are The Knot and The Criss Cross. :P But who doesn’t love the classic scarf loop, either?

In other news, who’s running out of school supplies already this semester? I know I am. Whether it be pencils for my scantron exams or craft supplies for my RA bulletin boards, I know that my friends at School Supplies for Less have me covered. If any of you are interested, check out their site. Until next time! ^.^

Instead of buying new denim shorts..

..I made some out of old clothing that I never wear. : ) For the past two years or so, I’ve had two particular pairs of jeans – one that I bought at Charlotte Russe, and the other at PacSun. Ever since I’ve lost some weight, the thigh area has been way too loose on me, despite the waistbands still being comfortable. Especially with the introduction of denim leggings into my life, I haven’t touched these two pairs since. :P So last night, I decided to turn them into cuffed denim shorts! The process is quite easy.

You will need.. a pair of sharp scissors, black thread, and a sewing needle.

1) Fold your denim jeans in half, the long way. No less than two inches from the crotch, cut the pant legs off in a straight line.
2) Take the hem of one side, and roll upwards twice into a neat cuff. Sew the inseam and outseam in place with a few stitches.
3) Repeat with the other side. If the fabric isn’t sturdy enough to keep itself from unfolding, carefully sew one or two “invisible” stitches to keep them in place.

See? I told you it was easy. :D If you want me to be more specific, feel free to ask in the comments! I get the feeling that my instructions aren’t very clear. :P

In other news, remember the free pair of EOS Adult Pink circle lenses that I received from MyCandyEyes? I wrote a review on them a while back. Since I never wore them, I gave them to my good friend Jessica. They flatter her fair skin and features much more than mine! :D

She also gave me the idea for the two of us to cosplay as KOS-MOS and T-elos from Xenosaga III one day! It really doesn’t sound like such a bad idea – I just need to lose the weight in order to show that much skin. Regardless, when we do decide to do it, we’d look pretty badass with all that armor on. ; )

Origami! :3

Since my boyfriend is a beast at origami, I decided to begin learning how to make some! Which is great timing, too, since my floor’s new door decorations are due this weekend. ; ) At first, I really wanted to make every suite an adorable Japanese yukata-wearing paper doll like this:

That was the plan, until I realized that they would definitely be too time-consuming and detailed. I might make a simpler version next month, though! I ultimately decided on making sailboats after finding this tutorial floating around the internet, mostly because it looked cute and easy to make! (click to enlarge)

So I headed over to Michael’s (the craft store, not the boyfriend) yesterday to buy some origami paper! Unfortunately, I completely forgot about the 40% off coupon I had. :'( The paper was pretty cheap, though. I bought a pack of 100 solid colored sheets for only $4.99! In Flushing, they run for about $4 for a pack of 24. Of course, those papers are higher quality, but I was going more for quantity since I had to make one for all 39 of my residents.

Here is what the finished product should look like:

After two hours, I made enough to fill up an entire Converse shoe box! : )

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How to Cook: Pancit

For dinner tonight, I cooked a staple of Filipino cuisine: pancit (pronounced: pahn-set). Of course, like pasta, there are many variations of this traditional dish. You can use almost any combination of meat and vegetables when it’s your turn to cook! The ingredients I used in this version are merely what I happened to have in my house at the time, and create the variation called pancit canton. Oh, and did I mention that it’s extremely easy to cook? : )

-garlic, carrots, celery, and cabbage
-chicken (pork, beef, or shrimp may also be used)
-noodles and noodle sauce mix (available at any Asian market)

1) Cut up all your vegetables and meat. Sauté your garlic, chicken, carrots, and celery with a little bit of oil in a large pot.

2) Add about 4 cups of water and the contents of the noodle sauce packet. Mix thoroughly. Then add your cabbage and stir until soft.

3) Finally, add your noodles and stir thoroughly. It’s okay if they break – once they are soft, turn off the heat and let sit for a minute until the sauce is absorbed by the noodles. Serve while hot and enjoy! ^o^

Oh, look! I have a signature for this blog now, too. ; )