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Trend Alert: Denim Vests

Now that the weather has been hitting the low to mid-60s, it’s time to toss aside our jackets and start thinking about more Spring-friendly outerwear. Reminiscent of the 80s, the fashion industry has been reviving the denim vest.


Since a lot of my friends are metalheads, it’s not unusual for me to see them rocking theirs with all sorts of band patches and button pins. And that’s the beauty of this trend – you can be as creative as you want, and tailor it towards your own individual style. If you’re the arts and crafts type, or just plain adventurous, you can make it a DIY project. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet for refashioning denim: acid washing, cropping, lace paneling, and installing studs/spikes, just to name a few.

DIY: Studded Lace Denim Vest [photo credit]

Since I prefer a little feminine touch to everything, I decided to purchase a embellished denim vest from Hong Kong on eBay. With its silver sequins, chains, rhinestones, and deconstruction, it was practically screaming my name. And for less than $15 with free shipping, I wasn’t going to pass it up. :P


Personally, I have a rule when it comes to denim: Only one piece at a time. I’m not about that blue collar look, if you know what I mean. With that said, this trend makes a simple outfit look edgier. I can see it working well with black leggings and a casual t-shirt or tanktop, but wearing it over a colorful patterned dress or skirt this Spring is just as chic.

fight like a girl
Like my style? Hype it on Lookbook! ~ Fight Like a Girl

Since the weather was gorgeous this past weekend, le boyfriend and I took a walk by the local marina before going out on a sushi date. Predictably, I brought my camera in hopes of finding an opportunity to snap some photos. I wore my new vest over a black maxi dress that I’ve had since high school.



Trend Alert: Bralettes

A few weeks ago, I attended my first large-scale rave: Naughty Neon 3D. And to be honest, it was one of the best nights of my life. Why? Because it combined three of my favorite things: music, dancing, and good vibes. I can’t even express how infectious the energy was from the crowd. <3

Unfortunately, I have neither the body or bravery to dress up like the typical raver girl. Half of them were literally only wearing bikini tops and hot shorts, and it was the middle of February! D: All the power to you if you do, but personally it’s not for me. At dance clubs, I prefer to be a little more practical and conservative.. which is why I rock the popular new bralette trend.


Wearing a bralette is a great alternative to wearing an itty-bitty piece of clothing that shows off your entire midriff. Unlike boxy crop tops, these fit snugly around your figure instead of draping loosely and end right above your belly button. If you don’t have the flattest stomach, they pair excellently with high-waisted skirts! Not only is your belly concealed, but your torso is elongated by the small sliver of naked skin in between. Less can be more, in the right situations. ;)


In the case that you don’t want to wear a high-waisted skirt, bralettes can also look fabulous with a simple pair of skinny jeans. Just remember to balance your top half by layering something more modest on top. Disregarding the terrible camera phone quality, below are two examples of outfits I’ve worn out recently on weekend nights. Pairing the same two boohoo bralettes pictured above with denim leggings, I kept it classy with a structured blazer and a semi-sheer tie blouse on top, both in black because it’s slimming. :D


While we’re on the topic of looking slim, I’m proud to say that I’ve lost several pounds over the last month! :) My secret? Eating healthy and working out. I never realized how much of an effect going to the gym three times per week actually makes. I’m more well-rested at night, and it puts me in a good mood if I’m having a particularly bad day. If you guys are interested, my friends at eMeals provide some really useful resources on a clean eating meal plan. I’m more motivated than ever to get in shape – so much so that I even rewarded myself with a spontaneous new piercing this past weekend. ;D Until next time!


Cute Activewear = Motivation

I’m not going to lie, very little has motivated me to exercise over the years. During my four years in college, the gym was completely free and easily accessible, but I was never consistent in going. Cardio machines get really boring after a while, even when I brought my iPod with me. But as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m finally settled in a regular jogging routine that I actually look forward to and enjoy. How? Well, for one, I don’t go running alone. My boyfriend always accompanies me, which I’m grateful for, since I would slack off otherwise. Secondly, buying cute workout clothes basically forces me to exercise, or else they would go to waste. :P I’m no expert on fitness, but through the trial-and-error experience that I’ve acquired along the way, I can give some tidbits of advice to those who are new to starting a routine.

1. Keep yourself hydrated and always stretch. Do yourself a favor and drink water. A LOT OF IT. Personally, it really affects my endurance/stamina and how I feel the next day. I usually drink about half a liter before and after, but it also depends on your weight and body type. Also spend at least 10 minutes stretching before your workout. If you’ve watched the movie Zombieland, it’s a good idea to limber up before any strenuous activity. It loosens up your muscles, and reduces the chance of injuring or straining yourself. Additionally, if you’ve never been on a cardio routine before, it’s a good idea to give yourself a one-day break in between sessions. After you’ve become comfortable, you can increase the frequency to several times per week.

2. Wear a sports bra. This might seem obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many women I’ve seen at the gym wearing a push-up bra on the treadmill. Regardless of your cup size, a sports bra should fit you snugly. If it doesn’t keep your babies in place, doesn’t it defeat the purpose of wearing one? I started off jogging with sports bras I bought when I was 40 pounds heavier than I am now, thinking it wouldn’t make a difference if they were a bit loose. Little did I know how wrong I was – my breasts were sore for a whole week after one run, and I developed slight bruising. Not cute. This is where quality really does matter, so don’t buy the cheap ones being sold in trendy fashion stores at the mall. I ended up buying two Nike Pro Victory Compression Bras – not only do they eliminate all bounce, but they come in so many colors! :D (I might buy a few more, lol.)

3. Choose comfort over fashion. Just because the models in fitness magazines wear skin-tight yoga pants, doesn’t mean you have to. The last thing you should be is self-conscious. Depending on the weather and how far I’m traveling to get home after my workout, I’ll either wear cycling shorts or sweatpants with a loose tanktop. Since the winter is approaching soon, I’ll be throwing on a thick pullover hoodie to keep me from getting sick. And although I may hate how I look in a ponytail, long hair must be worn up and kept out of the way. Personally, I’m a fan of the sweatpants from Gilly Hicks. They’re super soft and warm! Best of all, they’re available in skinny and super skinny pant leg styles. Which I prefer, since I’m short and have difficulty moving around in baggy pants.

4. Stylish Sneakers vs Traditional Sneakers. Lastly, a pair of quality shoes is a must. (Unfortunately, a pair of Chuck Taylors isn’t going to cut it.) Which was always a problem for me, since I hate the look of regular sneakers. They make me think of my awkward elementary and middle school days in gym class. Yuck. And I don’t think I could ever wear a classic pair without feeling frumpy or self-conscious that my feet look huge. Fortunately, athletic brands have been taking these concerns into account and are designing sleeker lines of footwear for women that are both practical and fashionable. Champion made the current pair I wear, and it meets all of my needs. :)

Hopefully, some of my information was useful – even if you already knew most of it beforehand. The bottom line is that you don’t have to sacrifice your style to stay healthy. Good luck, and stay fit! :D

And the job hunt begins once again..

Long story short, I am currently unemployed. To be honest, I’m not too distraught about it. I wasn’t happy with my job, and it wasn’t what I saw myself doing after college. Maybe it’s a sign to move on to bigger and better things? It’s really time to get my priorities together and figure out where I’m going career-wise, though. I’m trying to stay optimistic, but with the job market being the way it is, I get so much anxiety just thinking about it. On the bright side, I now have more experience and can update my resume and cover letter template to something a little more impressive. :P

How did those of you who were affected fare Hurricane Sandy? Thankfully, I live in Queens and the storm didn’t hit my neighborhood as badly as it did Long Island and Manhattan. All we got were downed power lines and uprooted trees. Since my boyfriend lost power on his side of town, we’ve been getting our pleasant fill of candlelight and a romantic fireplace. ;) Though I’m really grateful that we’re not part of the thousands of people whose homes are still underwater. :( My prayers go out to them and their families – I can only imagine how difficult their situations are right now.

In other news, how was everyone’s Halloween? I spent it with some of my closest friends, and wouldn’t have had it any other way. Because the party was thrown together last minute, I put together a simple witch costume from my closet. I wore the new Sonya Sweetheart Bandeau Mixi Dress that I bought from Boohoo, which is slowly becoming one of my favorite online stores.

Since I don’t have any formal events to attend in the near future, I’ve been looking for an occasion to wear it. So why not start now? :P I love that it’s stretchy, and that the fit actually hides all the unpleasant things about my middle area. >.<; Nonetheless, clothing will always look better on the website models than on me. Strapless dresses always make me self-conscious about my arms and shoulders, too. I think it’s time for me to start my exercise routine again. ;_;

Oh, did I not mention that I bleached my hair? It took me two boxes of  Clairol Born Blonde Maxi to reach this shade. It’s so shiny in the sunlight! :D

Anyway, since I’ve come across some extra free time in my search for work, expect me to be posting more often again. ;) Until next time! ^.^

Spring Dresses from H&M

Exactly seven months ago, I bought a cute dress at H&M.

Remembering how much I loved the fit, pattern, and relatively inexpensive price tag.. I sought out another one the other day. It’s the perfect time to buy a new Spring dress anyway, now that the weather is getting nicer. :)

While browsing the racks, I immediately fell in love with the romper shown on the left in the photo above. I would have purchased it right away if it weren’t for the fact that I had difficulty closing the zipper over my bust. Although a size 6 fits my waist and hips perfectly, I find that clothing at H&M is usually not accommodating to women who have a C-cup or larger. Which is a shame, since I felt that it was very flattering to my figure. :< On the other hand, I did find the black dress above to be the complete opposite – draping over my body to the point where I looked shapeless. ;_;

And between the other two dresses I tried on in the fitting room, one had sleeves and a collar that were a tad too conservative for me, and I was undecided as to whether the light blue shade of the other dress flattered my skin tone. After some reassurance from an employee, I ended up buying the latter.. which I wore to a casual lunch and karaoke get-together with some friends back home. :D I especially like the pattern of white hearts all over it. It’s a little too long for my short legs to be considered a “mini dress”, but I’m sure the hem will get hiked up a few inches after throwing it in the washer and dryer. ;)

While I was catching up with everyone over some drinks, my friend Kristiana introduced me to the world of instant cameras. I had seen her bring one to functions before, but I never asked much about it until now. Especially since I had recently stumbled upon a plethora of old-school film cameras at Urban Outfitters, I was more interested than ever to get my own!

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Instant Film Camera pictured above is the one that I’m looking to purchase after I save up some money. It costs about $63, not including the film – which can easily be $15 for a pack of 20. I hear that it’s much cheaper to buy the film on eBay, though, which is what I’ll probably end up doing. Anything to save a few extra dollars. :P

To me, instant cameras are a fun variation of casual picture-taking. It’s always super exciting to see the prints develop right in front of you, too! They also provide you with a tangible souvenir of the experience, something that the age of digital photos has somewhat lost. I can’t wait to start up this new hobby! ^.^

Bikini Body </3

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day! How did everyone celebrate? Personally, I didn’t involve myself in any of the festivities. I just grabbed a few drinks at John Harvard’s Brew House with some friends. :) It really upsets me, though, when the majority of the single people around me become bitter around this time of year. You could at least be happy for those who are in love and choose to celebrate it. :P I chose this Valentine’s Day to mail one special boy a small care package, which included chapstick and an envelope full of origami that I made – complete with this cute paper bow on the front. I used this tutorial, if any of you are interested in trying your hand at it. :D

My coworker and I also decided to host a Valentine’s Day themed program in our building the other day, too! Residents were able to craft their own unique cards using any of the supplies available in our office, so they could give them to those special people in their lives. We even gave out heart-shaped donuts and candy!

And to make up for my recent frumpiness, I decided to at least look presentable the other day. I’ve finally gained enough courage to start posting on – it’s great motivation to be more style-conscious in my everyday outfits, and gives me the opportunity to hone my photography skills. So if you guys can do me a favor and hype this look.. that would be awesome. <3 Even if you don’t have a Lookbook account, you can still log in with your Facebook. :D

So.. my Victoria’s Secret bikini came in the mail a few days ago!! ;) I was quite ecstatic to try it on, especially since I’ve always been too scared to wear one at the beach. I know it was a little pricey at $50 for both the bandeau top and string bottom, but definitely worth it if it will drive me to lose weight. Isn’t it sexy? :o

I also found the bikini below while browsing the Hot Topic website. It was a close second when I was deciding which swimsuit to buy. :) Although it’s cute AND has Hello Kitty stamped on the butt, I didn’t think it would be as flattering.

I basically got lazy at the beginning of this semester, and haven’t even gone to the gym once – despite promising myself that I would. Instead, I’ve been cutting down my calories severely. But even that isn’t enough to get my flabby body into shape. >.<; Right now, I’m about 113 lbs. I’d love to be 105, though! ;_; So in order to improve my self-esteem, I camera whored a little bit the other night. :P

I’m really enjoying my new DSLR. :) Many of my shots still come out really blurry, though, since I have extremely shaky hands. It’s nothing a little Photoshop filter can’t fix, though, to pass for “artsy fartsy”. :] Anyway, that’s all I have for now. Stay tuned for more posts throughout the week – until next time!

Trend Alert: Built-In Platform Heels

The other day, I received compliments from several people (most of them friends and one of them a complete stranger) on how well I walked in heels. On one hand, I give myself credit for being a pro at wearing heels now because of how practiced I am – wearing high shoes pose no problem for me at all these days. But on the other hand, I was wearing these boots from Forever 21, which have a small built-in platform.

What I mean by a built-in platform is that the front of the shoe is elevated from the ground, giving the illusion that you’re wearing higher heels than you actually are. For example, my boots in the photo above have 4-inch heels. But because of the built-in platform, it only feels like I’m walking on 3-inches. So in a way, it’s kind of like cheating. :P But this really got me thinking about how popular built-in platforms are getting. Every Thursday night, I see girls who are heading out to the bar or club wearing monstrosities like these:

To be honest, I don’t like the shape of these pumps at all. The front is exaggerated, whereas the whole point of built-in platforms is to be somewhat less noticeable. I understand that shoes like these are designed to make wearing high heels easier, but these styles just look tacky. In fact, they almost remind me of stripper shoes. >.<;

In my personal opinion, built-in platforms and pumps just don’t mix. I don’t mind seeing them on boots or wedges, though. It’s unfortunate that almost every single store at the mall carries shoes like these. :'( What do you guys think?

In other news, I scored a tube of NYC Ultra Moist Lipwear in Mahogany the other day. It was an extra in the theatrical makeup haul that my committee bought, and I was able to keep it because it was still sealed and unopened. :D

The shade itself is incredibly dark in the packaging, which may be a little intimidating at first. But once applied, it’s actually pretty sheer. You have to actually build up the layers in order to achieve the dark burgundy color in the tube. Thankfully, one or two layers on top of lip balm or lip gloss is enough to get dramatically plum lips without the vampiress look. :P It’s a shame that its lasting power isn’t much to brag about. But I’m not surprised, since a tube of this stuff only costs $0.99 at your local drug store. At least the smell is pleasant! : )

In other news, I’d like to mention my friends from Tungsten Depot. My boyfriend had brought up earlier today that he was interested in buying the His and Her rings sets on the website, given there was a special occasion. And I do admit that many of their specialty tungsten rings look quite fancy and desirable! Which is why I want to spread the word about them. If any of you are interested in buying tunsgten jewelry, look no further. Until next time! ^.^