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Trend Alert: Gold Sequin Dresses

I’ve been so busy trying to get myself situated with my new job at the hospital, that I was neglectful to wish you all a Merry Belated Christmas! I spent the 24th, 25th, and 26th with family and food – what about you? :)


Although I’m too old to still be receiving gifts from my parents every year, I’m so grateful that they still do. :) Knowing that I’ve always wanted to explore the realm of loose leaf teas, I opened a package on Christmas morning that included: a Sophie Conran teapot, a wire mesh tea strainer, a 4 oz. tin of Genmaicha (my favorite Japanese tea), 20 satchets of Peppermint Herbal, and flavor samples from Harney & Sons. :D


And to celebrate my new salary, I also bought myself a little gift. ;) Working girls deserve nice purses, so I didn’t hesitate at all when I found this Betsey Johnson satchel at Burlington Coat Factory. Even though the retail price was around $110, I was able to score it for only $50. The color reminds me of plum wine, and the juxtaposition of studs and ruffles was practically screaming my name. :P Since I found it hidden on a shelf under a pile of ugly bags, I can only assume another shopper was going to come back for it. Sorry! >.<;


I’ve also decided to buy the new iPhone 5, along with this adorable tokidoki case from GelaSkins, in the upcoming week. Because I’m diagnosed with hyperhidrosis of the hands, the responsiveness of my current phone’s touch screen has been getting worse and worse. In comparison, my iPod touch is still in perfect shape. I can only assume the technology behind Apple’s touch screens are more suited to people with a condition like mine. :< I’m excited to finally join the ranks of iPhone users, though.


Anyway, on to the real content of my post – gold sequin dresses. When done right, they exude glitz and glamour. And with New Year’s Eve being tomorrow night, it’s no wonder that this trend has been a huge hit lately. In this case, spending the extra money for quality counts. You wouldn’t believe how many sequined items of clothing I’ve tried on over the past few months, only to have some of the details fall off in the dressing room. :(  The two dresses pictured above are from PacSun, and the two pictured below are from ASOS.


If you have a special event coming up, and are willing to splurge on looking like a diva for the night, you will definitely turn heads with a gold sequin dress. Personally, I can think of many more worthwhile things I can spend $100 on, so I’m waiting for one of these to go on sale so I can hopefully have one in my closet by the next time someone invites me to something fancy. ;)


Speaking of gold, my boyfriend’s mother gave me the most beautiful shade of Clinique Long Last Soft Shine lipstick that contains finely milled gold shimmer. :) Appropriately named All Heart, it’s a warm rose shade. Although my camera shouldn’t capture the tiny gold flecks, it has a subtle sparkle in the sunlight. A perfect match for my New Year’s Eve outfit. ;) The best part? It moisturizes like a tinted lip balm without the sheerness of one! I’ll definitely consider buying another tube in a different shade when I run out. Until next time! ^.^



My new appreciation for headbands.

Ever since I spontaneously decided to give myself blunt bangs last week with the help of a YouTube video and a pair of semi-sharp scissors, I’ve realized more and more how uneven and high-maintenance they’re becoming. And when they come into contact with the wind? Forget about it. I’m quickly learning that hairspray and headbands are going to be my two best friends until they grow out. I really regret cutting them, and I already miss my sideswept bangs. ;_;


I’m glad the headbands that I already own are being put to good use, though. I received most of them as gifts, but I haven’t worn them nearly as much as I would have liked over the years. I actually found this cute one at my local 99¢ store the other day – the color scheme reminds me of the 4th of July and/or sailors. :D I actually wore it to a camera date on Friday with one of my friends Mia. We played dress-up and took silly photos in my backyard. :P So please do me a favor and hype my look? <3 Thanks! :)


I’d love to expand my collection, though. Particularly with metallic headbands and those that have embellishments like studs, pearls, and rhinestones. Soooo, if any of you still don’t know what to get me for Christmas, here’s a hint. ;)


On a different note, in order to prepare for the next few weeks of holiday parties, I decided to restock on three things that will be necessary for me to pull off a more glamorous look: black gel eyeliner, tinted lip balm, and lip liner.


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m obsessed with tinted lip balms. I picked up the new CoverGirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in Jam Twist. It’s designed like a twist-up pencil, and the color payoff of this muted rose shade is better than I expected for a drug store brand – maybe because my natural lip color is already so pigmented and the balm just exaggerated it. It’s not too sheer, and not too opaque. The product itself is very lightweight, and doesn’t give you that gross creamy feeling. Which is fine by me, because creamier formulas are too soft for my liking, and tend to break inside the packaging. Rating: 5/5


I also picked up the new Revlon Crème Gel Eye Liner in Black, despite my original intentions to buy the original liquid liner. It comes with a brush that seems too round and thick to apply precise lines, so I suggest using your own angled brush. After twisting off the cover, you’ll reveal the all-too-soft gel formula. It doesn’t apply as dark as the liquid liner, so you may want to wear black pencil underneath it or apply two layers for a more intense black. I’m a bit disappointed, to be honest. But unlike other drug store gel liners I’ve tried in the past, at least it removes easily. Rating: 3/5


Lastly, I bought the Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Pencil in Wine. As many of my friends know, I love to wear bold red lipstick for my evening looks. Unfortunately, it’s the kind of color that bleeds so easily and ends up making more of a mess (mostly on your clothes and significant other) than it may be worth. Unless you get the application right, of course. :P It’s perfect for defining my cupid’s bow before lipstick application, or for shading my lips in entirely for that matte look. And for only $3? Good job, Rimmel. Rating: 5/5


No, I’m not dead.

I know I’ve been gone for a really long time – and I sincerely apologize. Between work, friends, family, and le boyfriend.. it’s kind of difficult to juggle everything else. So I’ll do my best to summarize what an amazing summer I’ve had.

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Garnier Nutrisse: #40 Dark Brown (Dark Chocolate)

I know, I’ve been neglectful of this blog lately. But to be honest, this is the happiest I’ve been thus far in terms of where I am in life right now. I’ve got a degree, a full-time job, a supportive family, wonderful friends, and an amazing boyfriend. Everything is looking up, and I feel optimistic for the first time in too long. Blogging can wait a little bit while I enjoy life for the time being. :)

Me and my brother on graduation day! :D

Of course, I can’t keep myself away for too long. :P I just wanted to share my new hair dyeing experience with you guys. It’s no surprise that I’ve decided to go dark again, since AnimeNext is next week. And although Sailor Mars has pitch black hair, I figured it would be too harsh against my tan skin (I went to the beach last Saturday!) and picked out something a little softer.

Garnier Nutrisse in Dark Chocolate transformed my locks into a deep, almost-black shade of brown. At first, I thought it was wayyyy too dark! But that’s probably because I’ve been so used to my hair being significantly lighter. I know it’ll lighten in the sun anyway over the next few weeks. :P What I like the most about this shade, though, is that the neutral undertones of the color make my warm complexion look much fairer and less yellow. :D I look like a mess from the humidity on the day this photo as taken, but it’s a pretty accurate representation of what my hair looks like right now.

Excuse the awkward 16″ height difference. >.<;

In other news, remember my recent craze over tinted lip balms? I just purchased  the L’Oreal Colour Riche Le Balm in Plush Plum (which I’m wearing in the picture above) and couldn’t be happier with it. It’s not as moisturizing as Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm, but definitely lasts longer and has a better color payoff. The selection of shades is much wider, too. Plush Plum in particular is a rich, not-to-sheer, not-too-opaque shade of plum with just the right amount of sparkle! It smells like vanilla, and definitely applies more red than purple on my pigmented lips. I’m tempted to buy a couple more in different shades. :P

I also bought a bottle of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Midnight in NY. Black nail polish will always have a special place in my heart, and the multi-colored micro-glitter in this one had me at hello. :) Unfortunately, it’s not as long-wearing as the solid creme shades from the same brand. It was already chipping after less than two days, but maybe it’s because I handle a lot of paperwork at my job? ;_; A top coat is definitely needed, and it was my mistake not taking the time to apply one.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your week. I’ll be busy basking in the glory that is youth and freedom. (I like to exaggerate.) Until next time! ^.^

New Sephora Website in Beta

Before I begin my real post, I’d just like to do a quick review of two new products I’ve been using. The other day, I went to Target and picked up some new mascara and eyeliner – Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume in Very Black and Maybelline Master Drama Cream Pencil in Midnight Master.

I still haven’t made the jump into buying higher-end makeup, mostly because I don’t have much of a disposable income anymore. But in my opinion, mascara and eyeliner shouldn’t be something you splurge on. If you’re going to spend a lot of money on makeup, invest it in a good foundation. You don’t want to mess around with the cheap stuff when it comes to what you put on your skin daily.

Above is me wearing both the eyeliner and mascara. The application of the cream pencil is smooth, since the product is veryyyy soft. There’s no need to run it over twice – once is enough to get that perfect, dark line. My only issue with it is that it can get messy if you have shaky hands. There’s a lot of transfer to the lower lids throughout the day, too, which was a little disappointing.

As for the mascara, I wasn’t too happy with it. Not only is the brush shape terrible for catching my lashes in the far corners, but it’s way too easy to accidentally get product on your eyelids. The product itself doesn’t coat my eyelashes very well, either, taking up to 4 or 5 coats for me to be satisfied. And even then, it doesn’t lengthen or thicken dramatically at all. What’s worse is that because I bought the waterproof formula, it’s incredibly difficult to remove all of it at night before I go to bed. Not repurchasing.

Anyway, as a Beauty Insider at Sephora I was eligible to view the beta of their new website. I was actually very impressed with the changes. Not only is it more aesthetically pleasing, but they provide better photo viewing of their products. Which is definitely a plus for all the bloggers out there. :P Among the new features is the ability to filter everything even more specifically, Sephora TV (which reminds me of what MAC has been doing on their website for years), and checking for the availability of a product in-store before you actually go out to buy it.

Browsing their site inspired me to add a bunch of items onto my wishlist, too. :P The first is the Too Faced Natural Flirt Makeup Collection. I’ve grown very fond of the brand ever since purchasing their Natural Eye Neutral Eyeshadow Collection a few months ago. And for only $45, this kit includes every basic a girl could possibly want inside the most adorable bag. Do want!

I’ve been looking into skin care kits, as well, with the Philosophy: Great Skin Is In collection being #1 on my list. Specifically targeting consumers with Normal to Combination skin, this would be perfect for me! :D

I’ve been lusting after a new perfume, too. I’m almost done with my bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy, and it’s about time I hunt for a new scent. I’ve owned two bottles of Vera Wang perfume before – Princess and Rock Princess. Although I loved both, the latter suited my tastes more than the former because it was darker. Which is why I think the new Vera Wang Princess Night would be a great match for me. And after reading what the notes were, I desired it even more. (Wild Berries, Watermelon, Raspberry, Jasmine Petals, Orange Flower, Passion Rose, Plumeria, Crushed Sugar, Creamy Woods, Sensual Musk, and Vanilla.) Chic, intoxicating, and mysterious? Perfect.

In other news, I’m super excited for next week! My friend Wade is visiting me in New York for a couple days, and I just can’t wait to show him around the city. He’s never been here before, so I’ll be doing my best to expose him to what Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs have to offer. :P Which reminds me! My friends at Gogobot have plenty to offer any travelers who are new to NYC. One feature in particular are their super useful New York City hotel reviews. If any of you are interested, definitely check them out – I believe they could be a great resource for any vacation plan. Until next time! ^.^

150,000 hits?! :D

Hey, guys! I’m pleased to tell you all that this blog has reached 150,00 views as of yesterday. :) I never thought I’d reach such a number, mostly because this all started off as a hobby. :P Thank you so much for sticking with me this entire time. <3 Anyway, with the first round of exams coming up, I’ve been getting exponentially stressed and lazier by the day. >.<; Thankfully, this box of tea that I picked up last week has been quite effective at calming me down and keeping me focused! It’s oh-so-delicious, as well. ;)

In other news, my old mouse broke. :< Mostly because I’m just really clumsy. I replaced it with the same model in a different color, just because it fits so comfortably in my hand, and Logitech is a pretty reliable company that I trust.

Having a good mouse is so important for gaming – especially since I just recently joined an all-girls ranked team on League of Legends. We’re called the Destructive Divas, and although we haven’t played much together yet, I can see this being a long-term thing. :P Girls can be pro at video games, too! Which reminds me, I really need to invest in a good headset.

So.. what else is new? Well, I bought a new makeup primer and nail polish the other day! I went with Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure in Commander in Chic, because I’ve had amazing experiences with it before – in 3 other shades.

Not only is the formula smooth, but it can last up to a week with minor fading at the tips and minimal (if at all) chipping. I’ve never had a problem with air bubbles after application, but I do admit that the drying time is a little above average. I don’t mind, though, because I just busy myself with things on my computer while I wait for my nails to dry. :)

I adore this shade, too! It’s easily make favorite nail polish right now. Somewhere between taupe, greige, and muted purple, it’s the ideal Fall/Winter color. I would wear it all year round, though. <3 What I like the most about the shade is that it looks dramatically different under several kinds of lighting, and that it matches with all my outfits and makeup. :D

As for my new makeup primer, I’ve been meaning to switch brands and try out a new base for my foundation for a couple months, since I usually don’t like sticking to one product forever. I went with Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Primer because it was relatively inexpensive. The product itself gets my skin really greasy by the first couple hours, unfortunately.

It doesn’t matte-ify the dewiness of my natural complexion as much as other primers do, either. It does the bare minimum of being a mediocre base for my foundation to apply smoothly, but I’m not recommending or repurchasing. And although I usually hate what my naked face looks like, but here’s a photo of me without makeup anyway. :)

On a final note, have you guys heard of Killing Floor? It’s a co-op survival zombie game. It was 85% off on Steam the other day for only $3, and was too sweet of a deal for me to pass up. The game play reminds me of a cross between the Left 4 Dead series and Team Fortress 2. Even though I’m terrible at it right now, it’s pretty enjoyable. :) Add me- my Steam account is Mirasol. Until next time! ^.^

Trend Alert: Temporary Lip Tattoos

The other day, while I was browsing Karma Loop, I stumbled across their collection of Betsey Johnson pieces. A few years ago, when I would flip through magazines or browse designer items online, I would always find the brand too tacky and loud for my taste. But I do admit that nowadays the collections are more toned down and incredibly cute! For example, I would absolutely love to have this umbrella – the skulls, roses, and frill have just the right amount of edgy and feminine. :)

Unfortunately, the website also led to my discovery of the latest fashion trend that doesn’t sit so well with me – temporary lip tattoos. The brand Violent Lips produces and distributes lip appliqués in packs of three that are supposedly supposed to last up to 8 hours. My issue with this is mostly comfort – wouldn’t your lips get dry and irritated after the first hour or two? Secondly, I doubt that it would fit all lip shapes and sizes like it says it will. Third, won’t it get in the way of doing normal activities like eating and drinking? But this may be just me assuming that these temporary tattoos would be worn for practical occasions, which is probably not the case.

And despite the photos above and below looking glamorous, I bet there was much Photoshop involved to make them look that appealing. Although I don’t mind the glitter ones, there are gaudy patterns available that range from leopard print to fishnet to rainbow stripes. And I even though they’re being marketed towards fashion-forward individuals, I believe that they are much more appropriate for parades or costume parties. What do you think?

In other news, I bought the E.L.F. contour brush from Target a few weeks ago for about $3. The last brush that I was using to apply eyeshadow into my crease had rough bristles and was splaying on me. :< Which isn’t really a surprise, considering it was only $1 at a discount makeup booth on my campus. My new brush is pretty great, though. It evenly blends out my eyeshadow, and is the perfect shape to add definition to my crease without looking overdone.Furthermore, I realize that the frequency of my posts has been lacking lately. I’ve been finding myself exhausted every day, and have been putting all my free time towards other things. I just ordered a ton of things online, though, so stay tuned for a few posts on those hauls! :P On a final note, I’ll leave you with an outfit posted on by the lovely Ivy X.

I would love to have her entire wardrobe, or at least as much clothing coordination as she does. <3 Since it’s been so cold out, I rarely have any motivation to get dressed up in more than just jeans and a t-shirt with a jacket on top. On most days, I don’t even wear makeup anymore! D: I’m afraid that I’ve fallen into a miserable rut of frumpiness. Hopefully, as the weather gets warmer, I’ll have reason to look nicer on a daily basis again. Until next time! ^.^