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Miss KL Haul

I can’t resist a good sale. Especially when already discounted items are 33% off. I’ve always been a fan of the urban chic style on Karma Loop and ever since they released their ladies-only website Miss KL, I have been lusting for their amazing collection of clothing and accessories. Since everything is usually too pricey for me, I jumped at my chance to order while the promotion was still available. ;)

The Bangle Set, $22.00 $8.54 // The More Action Necklace, $20.00 $8.54

I’ve finally accepted that gold and bronze jewelry compliment my skin tone better than silver. (About time, huh?) And since I already have slim wrists, I figured that these thin bangles would make them look even daintier. Shortly after opening my package, though, I found they were a little loose around my wrists. It’s not too inconvenient, but I can always wear them as armbands like those exotic depictions of Greek Goddesses and Egyptian Queens in older films. ;D


The bullet necklace was exactly what I had been expecting, but I was surprised that the chain can be adjusted into a headband as well! :o Definitely need to try that out sometime. :P And I was able to score this Betsey Johnson ring for 75% off because there was only one left in stock. I was hoping that “one size fits all” would be accurate in this case, since the band is stretchy. But it’s a tad too loose on my middle finger – not enough to fall off completely, though.

Betsey Johnson Ring, $45.00 $11.85 // Feather & Lace Headband $8.00 $5.28

I do admit that this headband was purchased purely on a whim because I thought it looked fancy. >.<; Excuse my derp face, but I was a little uncomfortable with how stiff the lace on the headband is. I suppose it helps keep the shape, but since it hangs down onto my face a bit, I find it a little itchy. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent accessory to spice up an otherwise plain outfit. It reminds me of femme fatale inspired fashion, you know? I actually plan to wear it to a rave this upcoming weekend, if I can put together a killer outfit to match! :D


Next up.. some of you already know from my previous posts that I’m a sucker for sexy lingerie – especially when it can double purpose as a cute top underneath a cardigan or blazer. I tend to only purchase pieces with underwire, since my figure isn’t very cooperative with flimsier styles like babydolls. Appropriately, while I was adding this bustier to my shopping bag, these tights showed up in the “Recommended For You” sidebar and it was love at first sight. :3

Vintage Mix Bustier, $34.00 $13.17 // Black Chain Tights, $14.00 $9.24

I ordered the bustier in Medium, and it fits like a glove. My favorite part about it? It has amazing push-up abilities. I swear my cleavage looked a whole cup size larger! >.<; There are several rows of tiny hook-and-eye clasps running up the back like a corset to adjust the sizing, and the fabric is actually more vivid and less sheer than suggested in the photo. It doesn’t feel cheap at all, and the garters are removable. :D

No photoshop, I swear. I think I’m actually getting more toned? :o

As for the tights, they’re a bit inconvenient to pull on because you need to be careful not to accidentally poke holes through the sheer part of them. The opaque part of the tights are actually really thick and feel like leggings. I think it’s cute that it looks looks like you’ve layered thigh-highs over the stockings. Additionally, the chain-garter illusion and ribbons are a nice touch. :P

The Black Deck, $10.00 $6.60 // Tokidoki Polpettina Vinyl Toy, $12.00 $5.25

And just because I’m a spontaneous online shopper, I bought my boyfriend the coolest pack of cards. We often find ourselves at a friend’s house wanting to play Crazy Eights but can never find a deck, so at least we’ll be prepared next time. XD Lastly, I thought this tokidoki vinyl toy would make a great addition to the others that I’ve received as presents from friends. :)


Overall, I’m impressed with how fast Miss KL ships. My package arrived in only four business days after placing the order, and all items were true to the photos on the website. I would definitely recommend shopping here if it’s your kind of style, but only when they’re having sales like this one. Until next time! ^.^


Interior Decoration by Urban Outfitters

I’m planning to move out of my parents’ house within the next 12 to 18 months. It’s a terrifying concept. Not because I’ll be living on my own; I did that for four years in college. But because I’m blindly jumping into this new experience alone. Most of my friends don’t plan on making the same kind of step for another several years, for some reason or another. And since I’ve had a terrible history of roommates, I would prefer to share a house with the people I already trust and care about. But no one is ready to commit, even though I feel like I’m already prepared. :(


My boyfriend and I have discussed moving into a modest apartment together, and although I know that would be a more practical option, neither of us know where we’ll be a year from now.  :X It doesn’t stop me from fantasizing about the new place I’ll call home, though. In particular, I’ve been daydreaming a lot about interior decoration. It goes beyond color schemes, and I end up thinking about the fine details. Truth be told, the majority of it was inspired by all the wonderful goodies in the APARTMENT section on the Urban Outfitters website. I didn’t even realize how much they have in stock until I browsed through its entirety the other week! :o


To be honest, I’ve always associated the crowd that frequents Urban Outfitters with pretentious hipsters. But a lot of the decor on their website is actually practical, all while being trendy. In fact, a lot of their curtains and bedspreads feature simple and quiet patterns. A lot of floral print, too, which I’m obsessed with. Although a lot of what they carry are a bit expensive compared to large department stores like Target, I feel like every piece would bring its own unique presence into a room.


For example, I came across a pair of salt-and-pepper shakers on the website in the shape of dinosaurs. Completely unnecessary from a minimalist’s point of view, but would definitely bring life and personality into an otherwise plain dining room or kitchen. Same thing for the birdcage shower curtain and whale bathtub mat (which reminds me of Twitter’s “fail whale”) pictured above!

And admit it, nothing says “geek chic” like a chemistry beaker set for your fresh flowers. :P Their Maria Jewelry Box (which I’ve conveniently added to my wishlist) would make organizing a breeze, as well. I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but I just can’t wait to decorate! I already have several pieces of furniture in my current bedroom that would settle quite nicely in a new space. Speaking of furniture, my friends at Wholesale Furniture Brokers are offering some pretty sweet deals on section sofas. Just check out their website for more information. ;)


Oh, if only the rent in New York weren’t so expensive. :< I have so many things to save up for before moving out, the first being a car. So I have a long way to go in terms of budgeting before I should be thinking about interior decoration. But a girl can dream, right?

I used to find it embarrassing..

..when people I knew in real life stumbled upon my blog. (Hence why I rarely promote any of my posts via Facebook.) But recently, a coworker of mine reassured me that it really takes courage to put yourself out there and turn a hobby into something bigger. Especially on the internet, where people like to criticize every single facet of your digital existence. With over 150 subscribers and 320,000 hits, I’d like to think that all the time and work I’ve put into this website must amount to something that I should be proud of, right? So I just want to thank all of my wonderful, supportive readers for sticking with me. <3


So what have I been up to? (Apart from having way too many unfinished blog posts drafted in my queue, waiting for the right time to be published.) My new iPhone 5 case finally arrived all the way from Toronto – isn’t it adorable?! :D And for those of you wondering what nail polish I’m wearing in the photo above, I used Merino Cool and Set in Stones. Although Essie is pricier than most drugstore brands, they’re worth the extra few bucks. Because as much as I love cheap varnish from New York Color, they don’t prevent the chipping that inevitably comes with all the paperwork I do throughout the week. :<


Speaking of work, I took the plunge a few weeks ago and bought two pairs of Columnist Pants from Express, since my wardrobe had been slightly lacking in the business casual department. Yes, they were expensive. And because I’m an infamous penny pincher, I was worried that I had made an unnecessary splurge. But I like that the fabric isn’t thin or flimsy – it’s also wrinkle-free so I don’t have to iron them! The fit is better than most dress pants I’ve had. The legs are slightly tapered for that slim look, while still looking professional. They still run a little long and large, though. I ordered them both in a size 4-short, but the waist is a bit loose and the inseams are too long for me to wear flats. But I don’t mind wearing heels every day. ;)


In other news, I finally gave in and signed up for a gym membership. It would be cliché of me to say that getting in shape was my New Year’s Resolution, but the winter cold got the best of me, so I couldn’t continue my jogging routine. And after taking photos with my friend Mia, I realized just how much weight I had gained over the holidays. :< This was my favorite shot out of the set, though. Click here to hype it on Lookbook! :D

where i end and you begin

Although it’s only been a week, I already enjoy it. Going to the gym is convenient and flexible with my work schedule. Whether I’m driving or walking, it’s a very short distance from where I live. And the best part? It’s only two blocks away from my boyfriend’s house. :P Right now, I’ve been sticking exclusively to cardio. But when I’m ready to get toned, I’ll look into weights. I just had my first Zumba class the other night, too! Although it’s not as intense as I was hoping for it to be, it’s still a lot of fun. Since I already have experience in Latin dance, it was easy for me to pick up right away. :)


And although it may be too early to be thinking about the beach, I hope that with enough determination I could have a bikini body by summer. I’ve already been drooling over pretty swimsuits on ASOS. >.<; Wish me luck! :X


Trend Alert: Gold Sequin Dresses

I’ve been so busy trying to get myself situated with my new job at the hospital, that I was neglectful to wish you all a Merry Belated Christmas! I spent the 24th, 25th, and 26th with family and food – what about you? :)


Although I’m too old to still be receiving gifts from my parents every year, I’m so grateful that they still do. :) Knowing that I’ve always wanted to explore the realm of loose leaf teas, I opened a package on Christmas morning that included: a Sophie Conran teapot, a wire mesh tea strainer, a 4 oz. tin of Genmaicha (my favorite Japanese tea), 20 satchets of Peppermint Herbal, and flavor samples from Harney & Sons. :D


And to celebrate my new salary, I also bought myself a little gift. ;) Working girls deserve nice purses, so I didn’t hesitate at all when I found this Betsey Johnson satchel at Burlington Coat Factory. Even though the retail price was around $110, I was able to score it for only $50. The color reminds me of plum wine, and the juxtaposition of studs and ruffles was practically screaming my name. :P Since I found it hidden on a shelf under a pile of ugly bags, I can only assume another shopper was going to come back for it. Sorry! >.<;


I’ve also decided to buy the new iPhone 5, along with this adorable tokidoki case from GelaSkins, in the upcoming week. Because I’m diagnosed with hyperhidrosis of the hands, the responsiveness of my current phone’s touch screen has been getting worse and worse. In comparison, my iPod touch is still in perfect shape. I can only assume the technology behind Apple’s touch screens are more suited to people with a condition like mine. :< I’m excited to finally join the ranks of iPhone users, though.


Anyway, on to the real content of my post – gold sequin dresses. When done right, they exude glitz and glamour. And with New Year’s Eve being tomorrow night, it’s no wonder that this trend has been a huge hit lately. In this case, spending the extra money for quality counts. You wouldn’t believe how many sequined items of clothing I’ve tried on over the past few months, only to have some of the details fall off in the dressing room. :(  The two dresses pictured above are from PacSun, and the two pictured below are from ASOS.


If you have a special event coming up, and are willing to splurge on looking like a diva for the night, you will definitely turn heads with a gold sequin dress. Personally, I can think of many more worthwhile things I can spend $100 on, so I’m waiting for one of these to go on sale so I can hopefully have one in my closet by the next time someone invites me to something fancy. ;)


Speaking of gold, my boyfriend’s mother gave me the most beautiful shade of Clinique Long Last Soft Shine lipstick that contains finely milled gold shimmer. :) Appropriately named All Heart, it’s a warm rose shade. Although my camera shouldn’t capture the tiny gold flecks, it has a subtle sparkle in the sunlight. A perfect match for my New Year’s Eve outfit. ;) The best part? It moisturizes like a tinted lip balm without the sheerness of one! I’ll definitely consider buying another tube in a different shade when I run out. Until next time! ^.^


My new appreciation for headbands.

Ever since I spontaneously decided to give myself blunt bangs last week with the help of a YouTube video and a pair of semi-sharp scissors, I’ve realized more and more how uneven and high-maintenance they’re becoming. And when they come into contact with the wind? Forget about it. I’m quickly learning that hairspray and headbands are going to be my two best friends until they grow out. I really regret cutting them, and I already miss my sideswept bangs. ;_;


I’m glad the headbands that I already own are being put to good use, though. I received most of them as gifts, but I haven’t worn them nearly as much as I would have liked over the years. I actually found this cute one at my local 99¢ store the other day – the color scheme reminds me of the 4th of July and/or sailors. :D I actually wore it to a camera date on Friday with one of my friends Mia. We played dress-up and took silly photos in my backyard. :P So please do me a favor and hype my look? <3 Thanks! :)


I’d love to expand my collection, though. Particularly with metallic headbands and those that have embellishments like studs, pearls, and rhinestones. Soooo, if any of you still don’t know what to get me for Christmas, here’s a hint. ;)


On a different note, in order to prepare for the next few weeks of holiday parties, I decided to restock on three things that will be necessary for me to pull off a more glamorous look: black gel eyeliner, tinted lip balm, and lip liner.


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m obsessed with tinted lip balms. I picked up the new CoverGirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in Jam Twist. It’s designed like a twist-up pencil, and the color payoff of this muted rose shade is better than I expected for a drug store brand – maybe because my natural lip color is already so pigmented and the balm just exaggerated it. It’s not too sheer, and not too opaque. The product itself is very lightweight, and doesn’t give you that gross creamy feeling. Which is fine by me, because creamier formulas are too soft for my liking, and tend to break inside the packaging. Rating: 5/5


I also picked up the new Revlon Crème Gel Eye Liner in Black, despite my original intentions to buy the original liquid liner. It comes with a brush that seems too round and thick to apply precise lines, so I suggest using your own angled brush. After twisting off the cover, you’ll reveal the all-too-soft gel formula. It doesn’t apply as dark as the liquid liner, so you may want to wear black pencil underneath it or apply two layers for a more intense black. I’m a bit disappointed, to be honest. But unlike other drug store gel liners I’ve tried in the past, at least it removes easily. Rating: 3/5


Lastly, I bought the Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Pencil in Wine. As many of my friends know, I love to wear bold red lipstick for my evening looks. Unfortunately, it’s the kind of color that bleeds so easily and ends up making more of a mess (mostly on your clothes and significant other) than it may be worth. Unless you get the application right, of course. :P It’s perfect for defining my cupid’s bow before lipstick application, or for shading my lips in entirely for that matte look. And for only $3? Good job, Rimmel. Rating: 5/5


Can you see me as Sailor Mars?

Because I’m going to be joining two or three of my girlfriends next month in dressing up as one of the original Sailor Scouts and driving up to New Jersey for AnimeNext! :) Imagine my excitement at the thought of frolicking around a convention center as one of my favorite childhood characters. <3

The Sailor Moon series and I go way back. I remember waking up super early in the morning as a kid just to be able to catch it on television. My best friends and I even role-played our favorite characters and pretended to save the world during recess when we were six years old. And although I loved all the Sailor Scouts, Mars was always my favorite because she had such a strong personality. Her transformation and attack scenes made me want to be her even more!

But because I didn’t think I would have enough time to make a costume, my friends and I all ordered our respective uniforms from the Azure Costume website. I didn’t mind spending the $50 because it was way cheaper than anything else that was similar on the internet. Some costume makers were even charging $200+ for the outfit. >.<; So I really had high hopes for this.
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I-CON 2012

Hey, guys! How is everyone doing? As many of you know, I attended a convention this past weekend called I-CON. It’s the largest science fiction and fantasy con in the Northeast, and just happens to be held on my university’s campus every year! I decided to dress up as Pikachu, mostly because I knew it would be an easy costume and I didn’t have enough time to put together anything complicated. Here’s me standing outside my dorm building that morning – excuse my silly Photoshop effects. :P

To be honest, I wish I had made an effort to lose more weight before the convention. Although I didn’t feel like a whale in my dress, I still felt a little self-conscious. Thankfully, a lot of Pokemon fans gave me a huge ego boost by giving me compliments and asking to take photos with me through the day. :) I just wish it had been warmer outside on Saturday, instead of being in the mid 40s with a terrible windchill. >.<; (Btw, I solved my bra-less problem by applying adhesive silicone gel petals beforehand.)

When we arrived at the I-CON box office that morning, there was already a huge line outside of the Student Activities Center. Even though I was wearing a jacket and carrying an umbrella, the rain still managed to ruin my hair. ;_;

After about half an hour of waiting in the cold, we were finally able to register. My friend Sarah was able to score me a child’s pass, since she looks young enough to pass for younger than 14 years old. :P Wish I’m grateful for, since I only ended up paying $10 instead of $50. Here she is looking all adorable in her Ness costume!! :D

There were plenty of great costumes that I saw throughout the day. Unfortunately, posting all of them here may overload some of your browsers. :P But one that stood out in particular was this Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, who I caught walking around my quad that morning.

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