About Me

I live in New York, and I’m twenty-three years young. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science and I work in a hospital. I’m obsessed with food, floral print, and red lipstick. My favorite activities include online shopping, playing video games, scrapbooking, and cuddling. <3 I don’t claim to be any sort of expert, be it fashion or makeup. I just like to post about anything I find interesting or exciting in my everyday experiences. Please, get to know me.

Disclaimer: I may generate income through advertisements and links located in my blog entries. A girl’s gotta eat (and/or buy shoes), right? ♥



16 responses to “About Me

  1. Adorable Blog Darling!

  2. Enjoyed your blog. Do stop over at mine!

  3. Seems like a great and interesting blog! Just found it by accident and I will deffinately come back to explore it more carefully! :) You’re on my blogroll now! :)

    Best regards,
    Paula from http://paulaligere.wordpress.com

  4. unknowntheartist

    Love the blog, I haven’t found many fashion/style blogs on WordPress (because everyone’s at Blogspot) but nice to see you’re here on Wp :)
    I’ll def check back again soon!

  5. Love your clothes!

  6. THE Baller Trader likes your style. Let’s get coffee some time.

  7. I found your blog after Googling League of Legends game card, which my little cousin wanted and I had no idea what that was, lol! Cool blog, I also went to Stony Brook a looooong time ago!

  8. Whats health science? are you a nurse?

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