4 responses to “5 Useful Money-Saving Tips

  1. Totally agree with the eating and drinking one. When I used to live near a liquor store with my roommates, we saved so much money just partying up at home than in the bar. Plus shorter distance to walk to my bed when the night is done haha. I’ve also had to unsubscribe to those mailing things because 1) it clutters the crap out of my inbox and 2) I have too much stuff. I wish I could live minimalistically sometimes haha.

    Good luck saving up and moving out! Any ideal areas you are looking into? Or just a nice, wholesome craigslist/padmapper search?

    • Thanks! I’m looking into Queens Village, maybe Springfield Gardens. My boyfriend works in the city, so somewhere reasonably close to a train too. The thought of moving out is so scary! My other option is to stay at home while I go back to school. Decisions, decisions.

  2. Also random, I found this article today on Facebook and remembered that you mentioned in your post electronic cigarettes. The e-cigarette is still healthier than a normal cigarette, but apparently long term use is discouraged due to metals and nanoparticles :(


    • I read up on the safety of e-cigarettes, too, before suggesting them to him. Apparently, those kind of dangers are more prevalent in the brands that import their nicotine cartridges from third world countries. Blu is 100% US-made, and although pricier, a safer option than both smoking real cigarettes and knock-off brands. I do admit that I was hoping it would become a cessation tool instead of a replacement that you become dependent on. Half the battle is the psychological dependence and oral fixation, after all.

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