Iron Fist Clothing

If you’ve ever stepped into a Hot Topic or other alternative fashion store lately, I’m sure you’ve seen a pair of Iron Fist shoes being displayed for sale. They’re pretty hard to miss, as they often feature punk-inspired print and details. Although a lot of them are too loud for me to wear regularly, many of them have just the right amount of feminine edge for my taste. But what I love most about this brand is how fearless and unique each piece is.


Iron Fist also carries a lot of clothing and accessories, but to be honest I would never purchase them. Their footwear more than makes up for it, though. I was literally scrolling through dozens of pages on trying to make up my mind on which pair to get! >.<; Eventually, I decided on their Santeria peep-toe platform pumps – a wonderful black/green/pink floral print that simultaneously reminds me of Kat Von D tattoos and Dia de los Muertos. The lowest price I could find was being offered on Amazon (yay, free shipping!) by Newbury Comics. Surprisingly, it arrived in only three business days. :D


And you know what? THEY LOOK SO MUCH BETTER IN REAL LIFE. The photos on the website don’t do them justice – the colors are actually much more vivid, and the print looks sharper. The only detail that I would have preferred was if the straps at the front were made of patent material instead of matte elastic.


And the fit? Since they don’t come in half sizes, I ordered these in a 5. They’re a bit snug, but comfortable to walk in, given the height of the heels. I’m still in the process of breaking them in, but I can’t wait to flaunt these at parties. ;)

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During a quick photoshoot with my boyfriend outside my local church, I paired these lovely shoes with a casual outfit – we were going to a few bars later that night, so I didn’t want to show up overdressed. :P But I feel like the studs on my purse and collar really complete the whole “bad girl” look. ;D What do you guys think, would you rock a pair of Iron Fist heels?



6 responses to “Iron Fist Clothing

  1. I love how those shoes look like they are floral printed yet tattooed at the same time! Also on a random note, how are you not freezing during your photoshoots?? You always look amazing, and I admire your resistance to the cold! haha.

    • Thanks! To be honest, I really hate the cold. It just so happened to be warm this weekend. >.<; I also hate wearing sleeves, so I usually just layer over my tops with cardigans and jackets. XD It doesn't take long for these photos, either. Maybe only 5-10 mins. :P

  2. They really do look like Dia de los Muertos print, super gorgeous. I’m a member of JustFab and they’ve always featured Iron Fist heels. I totally think they’re gorgeous but couldnt justify spending $50 on a pair. :'(

    • Yeah, $50 is a lot. I think mine were only $35? Probably because they only had my size left. I also bought a pair of $120 Doc Marten wedges for only $60 due to limited sizing. I love having small feet. :D

  3. I really love these shots! I love iron fist clothing, I think it’s a great way to jazz up an outfit, because the detailing on them is so pretty, while at the same time not being so girly. Also I must add I love that studded bag, great idea teaming bold accessories together with something a little more casual like jeans. Amanda.

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