Stella Artois

“To the casual observer, drinking Stella Artois from a pint glass seems…acceptable. But to the refined eye? It’s nothing short of criminal. We know you won’t do the same injustice to your beer. In Belgium, the birthplace of Stella Artois, tradition dictates every beer be served in a unique glass that highlights its distinctive flavor. Stella Artois is no exception — this classic Belgian lager is best enjoyed from a Chalice, not a glass.”


As a BzzAgent, I love being introduced to brands that I have never tried before. This time, we partnered up with Belgian beer brand Stella Artois – a lager I had always heard positive things about. And since Stella was initially launched in 1926 as a seasonal beer for the holiday market, I find it appropriate that I received their special chalice and learned their 9 Step Pouring Ritual a few weeks before Christmas. :)

I was never a huge fan of beer in college, probably because it’s an environment where quantity matters more than quality. Dorm parties were always thrown with racks of Coors Light or Keystone Light – yuck. But I’m glad that I’m starting to develop an appreciation for good beer now, my favorite being Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat. :) Stella Artois is a little too bitter for me, but definitely a good choice for those of you who look for that in a lager.


I’m no connoisseur, but there’s definitely a difference in taste when drinking from their chalice compared to from the bottle – it’s much more crisp and tasty. If there’s anything I’ve learned from this campaign, it’s that beer should be enjoyed in the proper glassware. :P Until next time! ^.^



2 responses to “Stella Artois

  1. I’m super jeally :( I wanted in on this campaign, but by the time I checked my email it was filled! Did Bzzagent also give you a coupon for the beer or just a free chalice?

    I’m a fan of lager, so maybe Stell Artois is worth a try. I like the big glasses you get beer in bars; you can stare at the pretty colors better, and it almost makes the beer more appetizing.

    • I signed up for BzzAgent on my secondary email, and can’t change it to my primary one for some reason, so I miss out on a lot of campaigns just from forgetting to check. >.<; I only got the chalice, but my local beverage distribution warehouse sells beer for a discount anyway. :D And I agree, those glasses do make them look more appetizing, and it's a fact that golden drinks and food makes you crave them more!

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