Play Lounge

Happy New Year! :) My boyfriend and I were able to celebrate the countdown to 2013 at Play Lounge in Elmhurst with our favorite couple, Kristiana and Jonathan. <3 She found this amazing VIP package on Yelp. ;) I don’t know about you, but I can never pass up an open bar – especially at the price of only $25. We made online reservations the night before, just to make sure we were guaranteed the tickets. :P


Located right on Queens Boulevard, this place is impossible to miss with its lime green exterior. Immediately after walking inside, I was already impressed by the vibe of the décor – blacklights, gold bead curtains, and leather couches. A very upscale feel without the upscale price. There’s a mandatory coat check, too. Which we didn’t mind at all, since it only costed $3. (I’ve been to venues that have charged as much as $10.) And the dress code is pretty standard as far as club casual goes: no sweatpants, sneakers, or hoodies.


What really perplexed me was the fact that only two bartenders were working that night. I mean, if you’re going to throw a New Year’s Eve bash and expect a huge turnout, prepare to provide the necessary service to meet the demand. Fortunately, we arrived early and were able to score our first four rounds with no problem. But after 10pm, it was madhouse. There were at least sixty people crowding the bar by then.

DSC_7776 (2)

Another bonus to arriving early is that you can bowl without a long wait. Since there are only three bowling lanes, I can imagine how in-demand it must get later in the evening. The setup is quite nice, but I was a bit concerned after a waitress failed to check on us during our entire game. All we wanted to do was order dinner and a few more drinks. :/ Little did we know how terrible the service would continue to be throughout the night.


We decided to relocate ourselves to the sitting area near the pool and ping pong tables and find someone to take our order. Long story short, it took about two hours for them to get our food to us. Ridiculous and unacceptable. D:< This place was severely understaffed and disorganized. The waitresses kept “losing our order”, and it was only after chasing around several employees that we were able to track down and speak to the manager. He made sure we were promptly served, and even gave us a huge discount. After everything was settled, we were still a bit upset, but everything was a lot more enjoyable.


The music they played was mostly Top 40’s and although there wasn’t an official dance floor, we got down to it anyway in the open lounge area by the DJ. And when midnight came around, everyone was able to watch the ball drop in Times Square on the television screens that lined the walls. As per tradition, you’re supposed to give that special someone a little lovin’. ;D


Despite our poor experience with the service at Play Lounge, I’m sure it was just management underestimating the volume of people that would show up that night. The fact that this place is so unique almost fully redeems our terrible waitresses. And to be honest, we still had a great time regardless. :P If you want to read more of my reviews, check out my Yelp account! ^.^


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