Trend Alert: Over-the-Knee Socks

About a month ago, I added a pair of over-the-knee socks to my American Apparel shopping cart for the sole purpose of bumping up my total to be eligible for free shipping. It was only after they came in the mail that I realized how much potential they added to my wardrobe! :o

My favorite thing about them is that you can recycle your summer clothing for the colder seasons. You can pair them with shorts, for a more casual look. But personally, I love pairing OTK socks with semi-sheer tights when wearing a short dress or skirt. They make your legs look so slim and long! Let’s admit it, thigh-high legwear is only flattering on a small percentage of women. They never worked for me since I’m so short, so over-the-knee socks are the perfect length for all you petite ladies out there. ;D

And because the material of denim leggings are so thin compared to regular jeans, wearing these socks underneath will keep your legs from freezing in the cold. (And believe me, I know a thing or two about brutal New York winters.) A lot of women I know layer full leggings under their jeans, but personally I don’t find it to be comfortable – especially if they pinch at your waist and thighs, making awkward lumps underneath your clothing. >.<;

Here’s me attempting to model the trend for you guys. Photo credit goes to my boyfriend, whose Japanese Maple Tree matches perfectly with my skirt. :P If you would be so kind, please Hype this photo for me on Lookbook! Click here. :)


2 responses to “Trend Alert: Over-the-Knee Socks

  1. I find that I like lots of school uniforms styled items way more now that I don’t wear school uniforms. Knee socks, plaid, and skirts are just to name a few haha. I like your wolf sweater btw. I looks so comfy!

    • Thanks! I got it from Forever 21, the magical land of inexpensive but cute clothing. <3 I swear half my wardrobe is from there. XD And personally, I've never had a desire to wear uniform-inspired clothing since Prep. These are an exception because my keep me warm. :D

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