And the job hunt begins once again..

Long story short, I am currently unemployed. To be honest, I’m not too distraught about it. I wasn’t happy with my job, and it wasn’t what I saw myself doing after college. Maybe it’s a sign to move on to bigger and better things? It’s really time to get my priorities together and figure out where I’m going career-wise, though. I’m trying to stay optimistic, but with the job market being the way it is, I get so much anxiety just thinking about it. On the bright side, I now have more experience and can update my resume and cover letter template to something a little more impressive. :P

How did those of you who were affected fare Hurricane Sandy? Thankfully, I live in Queens and the storm didn’t hit my neighborhood as badly as it did Long Island and Manhattan. All we got were downed power lines and uprooted trees. Since my boyfriend lost power on his side of town, we’ve been getting our pleasant fill of candlelight and a romantic fireplace. ;) Though I’m really grateful that we’re not part of the thousands of people whose homes are still underwater. :( My prayers go out to them and their families – I can only imagine how difficult their situations are right now.

In other news, how was everyone’s Halloween? I spent it with some of my closest friends, and wouldn’t have had it any other way. Because the party was thrown together last minute, I put together a simple witch costume from my closet. I wore the new Sonya Sweetheart Bandeau Mixi Dress that I bought from Boohoo, which is slowly becoming one of my favorite online stores.

Since I don’t have any formal events to attend in the near future, I’ve been looking for an occasion to wear it. So why not start now? :P I love that it’s stretchy, and that the fit actually hides all the unpleasant things about my middle area. >.<; Nonetheless, clothing will always look better on the website models than on me. Strapless dresses always make me self-conscious about my arms and shoulders, too. I think it’s time for me to start my exercise routine again. ;_;

Oh, did I not mention that I bleached my hair? It took me two boxes of  Clairol Born Blonde Maxi to reach this shade. It’s so shiny in the sunlight! :D

Anyway, since I’ve come across some extra free time in my search for work, expect me to be posting more often again. ;) Until next time! ^.^


5 responses to “And the job hunt begins once again..

  1. Yikes, I’m sorry to hear about your job. On the bright side, I think a big mistake young professionals make is settling for whatever job they have because of the tough job market. However, this may be a good chance to find another position that allows you to advance past entry level into managerial type jobs. I wish you the best of luck with job hunting again. On a side note, during this time you may want to study for the GRE’s and take them since that score is valid for 5 years. Unfortunately the exam is expensive.

    On a side note, I adore your black dress. The flowy things are so cute!

    • Thanks! I’m not going to lie – after I was offered my last position, I stopped applying for jobs completely and settled for it. Even though the office location was impractically far from home. :< I may just find a temporary/seasonal part-time job until I find work that I will actually enjoy and see myself moving forward in. I'm just concerned that this may take more than just a few months. ;_;

      • I think that’s a really good game plan! Let me know if you want someone to peer review your resume. I’m far from an “experienced professional” but I have enjoyed editing resumes for my friends here in Philly and Kirsten’s as well. Good luck with the job hunt!

    • Actually, I would really appreciate it if you can. What’s your e-mail address? Can I send you a sample cover letter, too? I’m not quite sure if I’m going about writing them correctly. :< *le cry*

      • Yea sure, feel free to send whatever you have. It’s always good to have another editing eye. Also, if you have career objectives or goals specifically in mind (like where you see yourself working ideally), just write a note in the email so we can focus your resume and cover letter to express them.

        christal.alonzo at

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