Can you see me as Sailor Mars?

Because I’m going to be joining two or three of my girlfriends next month in dressing up as one of the original Sailor Scouts and driving up to New Jersey for AnimeNext! :) Imagine my excitement at the thought of frolicking around a convention center as one of my favorite childhood characters. <3

The Sailor Moon series and I go way back. I remember waking up super early in the morning as a kid just to be able to catch it on television. My best friends and I even role-played our favorite characters and pretended to save the world during recess when we were six years old. And although I loved all the Sailor Scouts, Mars was always my favorite because she had such a strong personality. Her transformation and attack scenes made me want to be her even more!

But because I didn’t think I would have enough time to make a costume, my friends and I all ordered our respective uniforms from the Azure Costume website. I didn’t mind spending the $50 because it was way cheaper than anything else that was similar on the internet. Some costume makers were even charging $200+ for the outfit. >.<; So I really had high hopes for this.

But when it arrived in the mail the other day, I was devastated to find out how unflattering it was on me. The website offered free custom tailoring, so I provided them with my measurements. But the actual costume itself didn’t look as pleasant as the photo above. ;_; Where do I begin? The red fabric looks cheap and shiny, both of the bows fell off almost instantly, the white fabric is practically see-through, and the skirt is way too long. Additionally, the v-shape at the hip rides way too high and makes my body look like that of a sumo wrestler.

Perhaps my expectations were way too high for a cheap, handmade outfit from Hong Kong? Either way, I have a few solutions for the current problems. First, I definitely have to iron the whole thing out. Every part of it is incredibly crumpled, and perhaps added to my initial reaction of “OMG IT’S SO UGLY!!!” Second, I really need to hem the skirt to a more appropriate length – I’m going for sexy, not grandma-chic. :P After that, I have to sew the bows back on with more than just a few weak stitches. (I can’t believe they were so careless!)

EDIT: This is what the costume looked like on me at AnimeNext.

And because I’ll be wearing slip shorts underneath the costume, I’m probably going to take a tiny safety pin to keep the v-shape in a lower position. Besides that, I know of nothing else to do to make it look more flattering on me rather than spend the next few weeks attempting to lose more weight. ;___; There goes all my dreams of looking as fantastic as these ladies:

Despite my disappointment with the current state of my costume, I’m still optimistic about AnimeNext. I know my friends and I are still going to have a great time. :D Because isn’t that what matters the most? <3

On a final note, even after over 15 years of leaving my Sailor Moon fandom behind, this scene still gives me chills of nostalgia. Until next time! ^.^


8 responses to “Can you see me as Sailor Mars?

  1. I was totally creeping your facebook via my newsfeed, and I totally can see you as S. Mars! You got the lovely body & flowing hair for the job!

  2. improperintegirl

    I’m sure you can fix up that costume! .. I haven’t even gone fabric shopping for mine.. and I don’t know if my wig will arrive in time. It’s coming from Hong Kong >.<

    • When did you order it? I’m sure it’ll get here by a month’s time. :P And I intend on doing everything I possibly can to fix it up. To be honest, I should have just made it from scratch. But between work and school and having a real job starting next week, I don’t think I would have had enough time anyway. D;

      • improperintegirl

        A day or two ago, estimated delivery’s latest date is like a week after the con. I can always go with my natural hair, but I’m not getting bangs XD
        My costume is probably going to be a tad ghetto given I’ll be constructing it the week before mostly. I plan on fixing it up for comic-con in october =D

  3. That scene from Sailor Moon is still one of my favorite scenes! I used to sing the song from that scene all the time in school.

  4. I was looking at buying a Sailor Jupiter costume from Azure. 50 bucks, free shipping, free custom tailoring? I thought it was too good to be true, and this post proved that it really is. -__- But I wanted to thank you for this, because now I won’t be wasting over half of my allowance on a poorly made costume. ^-^

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