YesStyle Haul #2

Since my last haul from YesStyle was so successful, I decided to go the extra mile this time and place an order over $150. The free 3-day express shipping was worth it. ;) And now that I’ve officially been hired for a full-time job after graduation (more on that in another post), I figured that I needed more professional work attire and accessories. A more “grown up” look, if you will.

1) Black Lace Single-Button Blazer, $38

I fell in love with this piece immediately when I saw it on the website. There’s something so fierce yet soft and feminine about a fitted lace blazer. Perhaps I was pulled in by the gorgeous model wearing it – but this is practically the jacket of my dreams. You can dress it up over a dress or skirt, or dress it down over jeans. Either way, it looks classy. :P

The first thing I noticed about this blazer was that it was a size too large on me. You can see in the photo below that there’s a huge space on the right side where it should be snug against my torso. Thankfully, after throwing it in the washing machine and dryer, it shrunk to a more appropriate fit. ;D Not only does it look great with black, but also works on top of brighter colors to peek through.

2) Black Faux-Leather Bear-Accent Satchel, $30

I’ve been eyeing this bag for months. The only reason I never ordered it sooner was because I had no way to rationalize the shipping fee for purchasing only one item from the website. Don’t worry the only reason it looks a little flat is because that’s what the satchel looked like straight out of the packaging. It holds a lot more than I originally thought it would, to be honest.

My only complaints are that the gold is too yellow, and the zippers can be difficult to open and close sometimes. The longer strap is hard to readjust, too. And although the black material itself doesn’t look or feel cheap, it’s definitely a lot less matte than I was expecting.

Additionally, the bear charm that came with it looks mad ghetto. It’s literally a brown piece of rubber (?) punched with metal circles. The photos from YesStyle were a little deceiving in that aspect, obscuring its details in any of the views. Thankfully, I have a soft teddy bear plush to take its place until I find something cuter to attach to it. :D (Kim is the nickname that my family calls me.)

3) Pink Faux-Suede Tasseled Shoulder Bag, $27

I figured that I needed more color in my purse collection, so I went with this pink shoulder bag. It’s much lighter in real life than the photo suggests, but I don’t mind. The material doesn’t look super fake at all, either, which was my main concern with ordering artificial suede. And maybe it’s because the model is so tiny that I had the impression that the bag was going to be slightly larger. >.<;

4) Black Bow-Accent Quilted Long Wallet, $40

I’ve needed a new wallet for the longest time now. I’m done with lusting over expensive, designer goods. (for now) It’s just a wallet anyway, right? Perhaps sometime in the future, I can invest in one. But now isn’t the right place or time to be splurging on luxuries like that.

Anyway, this cute wallet has a quilted print all over, with a bow and “la pure” printed on the front. It has nine card holders inside, as well as a zipped coin compartment and three large spaces to hold your cash/receipts/checks. No complaints with this at all. :D

5) Camel Single-Button Blazer, $16.20

Oh, where do I start with how disappointed I was in this blazer? Not only was it too small on me, but it’s the wrong color, and is made out of really cheap material. The photos on the website weren’t accurate at all. Because the listing for the color was called “Camel”, I assumed it would be a pretty tan/beige shade. It ended up being more of a brown-pink.

The color is still pretty, but the material isn’t structured at all. It feels like polyester, and makes me sweat. The cut isn’t very flattering at all, and I don’t have the tiny waist that it was intended for. Maybe if I get more serious about my weight loss journey, I could pull it off. But for now, it’ll be hanging in the back of my closet until that time comes.


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