Trend Alert: Concert Bras

Hey, guys! As you’ve probably noticed, I have a new banner for my blog. :D At first, I thought it was a little vain of me to make a whole filmstrip of my own photos – but now that I’m participating in WordAds, having a profile photo in my sidebar looks awkward. >.<; In other news, my hair is now long enough to have more elegant curls. (click on it to enlarge)

Although I’m making a really derpy face, I’m really pleased with how much better I’m getting at using my DSLR. I’ve been practicing different techniques when it comes to contouring my cheeks, too. Because my face is so round, I’ve been taking a few tips from makeup tutorials on YouTube that teach you how to give the illusion of a slimmer face. I’m all out of bronzer, though, so I’ll have to pick another out soon! :o

Anyway, when I opened an e-mail last week from one of my favorite underwear stores Aerie, I saw that they’ve been advertising their new line of “concert bras.” I mean, I’ve always seen photos of girls at music festivals wearing nothing but shorts and a bikini top or bra, so its no surprise to me that people would wear them while rocking out and/or dancing under the sweltering summer sun.

I just found it odd that they would be marketed so blatantly and specifically towards festival-goers. I do love the style of their corset (above) and bandeau (below) styles, since most of them are very colorful and look very comfortable to wear. I’m just too self-conscious to pull it off. >.< What do you guys think?

Speaking of music festivals, I’ve never been to one. I’m seriously considering either going to Electric Zoo, Bamboozle, or Warped Tour this summer, though! :o I just need a group of people to attend with. I actually went to a concert last Sunday, where all the bands were competing for a chance to play at Bamboozle! The venue was a bar called The Nutty Irishman, located in Farmingdale.

My friend Chris took me there to see his friends, who are part of a band called This Good Robot. Because of my terrible short-term memory, I didn’t actually realize that I’ve seen them perform on my campus before! They were great, and had so much energy. With that said, here’s the only photo I took at the show. I would definitely see them again if they performed more locally to where I live back home in Queens. :P Until next time! ^.^


3 responses to “Trend Alert: Concert Bras

  1. I got that email too! I think there’s a fine line between concert cute and concert skanky, and this one just cuts it a little too close for me. I think I’d rather wear the colorful bandeu’s with a low-low cut tank top, to have a peek-a-boo effect going. :)

    • I don’t have the figure for layering like that. :< You've been to Bamboozle, right? How hot does it get?! :o

      • Honestly it depends. Its been hot, like upper 90’s, but there have been times that I’ve nearly frozen to death because it was raining all weekend. Gotta check the weather and dress accordingly.

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