Love Moving

Thanks for the guest post by Esteban Vinson

I love moving – realizing that makes me sound like a crazy person. I actually hate the process, you know, packing all your stuff into boxes and buying and selling houses but once you get all those boxes into your new home it’s really fun being able to move in at your leisure and make sure everything’s in its right place. I find that for every home I’ve lived in there’s a right spot for everything and that makes me happy, you know? I wish I had learned that lesson long ago when I should have been researching Texas electricity providers and instead I was worried about whether or not these drapes went with this room and things like that. As you mature you learn what’s important when it comes to a home and that family is what makes it feel like HOME and not the suff you’ve got in it. Arranging the stuff is just a hobby of mine and I’d never enjoy it as much if it was in a house more than a few miles from my family!


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