I-CON 2012

Hey, guys! How is everyone doing? As many of you know, I attended a convention this past weekend called I-CON. It’s the largest science fiction and fantasy con in the Northeast, and just happens to be held on my university’s campus every year! I decided to dress up as Pikachu, mostly because I knew it would be an easy costume and I didn’t have enough time to put together anything complicated. Here’s me standing outside my dorm building that morning – excuse my silly Photoshop effects. :P

To be honest, I wish I had made an effort to lose more weight before the convention. Although I didn’t feel like a whale in my dress, I still felt a little self-conscious. Thankfully, a lot of Pokemon fans gave me a huge ego boost by giving me compliments and asking to take photos with me through the day. :) I just wish it had been warmer outside on Saturday, instead of being in the mid 40s with a terrible windchill. >.<; (Btw, I solved my bra-less problem by applying adhesive silicone gel petals beforehand.)

When we arrived at the I-CON box office that morning, there was already a huge line outside of the Student Activities Center. Even though I was wearing a jacket and carrying an umbrella, the rain still managed to ruin my hair. ;_;

After about half an hour of waiting in the cold, we were finally able to register. My friend Sarah was able to score me a child’s pass, since she looks young enough to pass for younger than 14 years old. :P Wish I’m grateful for, since I only ended up paying $10 instead of $50. Here she is looking all adorable in her Ness costume!! :D

There were plenty of great costumes that I saw throughout the day. Unfortunately, posting all of them here may overload some of your browsers. :P But one that stood out in particular was this Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, who I caught walking around my quad that morning.

The majority of cool costumes I saw were in the Dealer’s Room and the Cosplay Contest, though! But at this point, I looked pretty terrible – I had to take out my circle lenses because my allergies were irritating my eyes, my false eyelashes were surprisingly heavy, and my hair got super wavy from the weather. But I was having too much fun to care, really. XD

This Storm Trooper was super badass. The Darth Vader was a boss, too. ;)

There were also huge rooms dedicated to video gaming, card gaming, and tabletop gaming. Tournaments and drafts went on throughout the day, and onlookers could come and go as they pleased.

I attended two panels in particular that were really interesting – Gender Roles in Video Games and Girl Gamers. In the latter, many issues were addressed that involves how women are treated in such a male-dominated community. It was very enlightening to learn about the role-playing game culture, too.

In fact, one of the women who ran the Girl Gamers panel was hosting a role-playing game she wrote afterwards called Psi Run. Because the only tabletop game experience I have is one or two sessions of Dungeons & Dragons with my friends at home, I opted out of playing this one. This didn’t stop me from observing, though. It’s amazing how imaginative some people can be in the process of creating the stories for the characters they play. Very intense.

The most adorable Street Fighter family! :D

Overall, I had a really exhausting but completely enjoyable experience. I didn’t even realize that we were out for 12 hours straight when we decided to go back home! It’s kind of inspired me to attend more conventions in the near future. Since I’m graduating next month, I may actually be able to attend the NYC Comic Con this upcoming Fall. :) My friend already suggested that we go as The Joker and Harley Quinn. If I do decide to do it, I’ll definitely be rocking something similar to this. Who’s with me? ;D


11 responses to “I-CON 2012

  1. I love it! Its so cute and simple!

  2. improperintegirl

    I wish I could’ve gone! I love comic/sci-fi/anime conventions… they are soooo much fun. I think your costume looked great.. and you don’t have anything to be self conscious about… attending a full blown comic-con will show you that. Morbidly obese people manage to destroy so many characters… it’s sad and should be illegal.

    I’m definitely down for NYC Comic-Con, Scott and I will be cosplaying as Lawrence and Holo XD

    • When I actually arrived and walked around a bit, I admit to seeing some shameful/unflattering cosplays. The amount of furries surprised me, too! :o And I can’t wait to see you guys do that. I’ve never watched Spice & Wolf, but the characters seem so cute together. Are you planning on attending for the whole weekend?

      • improperintegirl

        I want to go for the full weekend, but that will depends on my status in school/if I get a job or something. And I really can’t stand the furries, though I didn’t see a ton at comic-con, I mean I can understanding having an animal persona and all of that, what I can’t understand is the whole cartoon animal thing they’re into.
        And you should totally watch Spice and Wolf if you get a chance. It is the most unique anime ever, it’s a really great romance, and I hate romances 99% of the time. IT IS THE 1% XD

  3. Your costume turned out super adorable! I absolutely love it! And you look so fantastic, don’t sulk about your weight :( I like your friend’s Ness costume, too! You have the whole Smash Bros thing going on lol.

    I could totally see you rocking the Harley outfits from the new Batman games (they are such GOOD games). I’ll totally be a tiny Joker thug with you haha.

    • Thank you!! :) And we planned the Smash Bros theme, kind of. Unfortunately, no one else was interested in dressing up with us. XD And I’m so excited for Comic Con! Every time my friends have gone, I was always caught up with something here at school. So this Fall is my very first time going. :P

  4. LOVE all your photos!

    More and more ladies are getting into gaming (both tabletop and RPG). It was so nice to march into a local gamers convention held recently at the university and say “I’m running a game today, I’m here for my GM badge!”.

    go girl gamers!

    • Thank you. :) I have been gaming since I was 8 years old, and I’ve always felt left out in groups of boys with similar interests. It’s so great to know that I’m not alone out there.

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time being adorable for 12 hours :3

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