Black flats are always in season.

Hey, guys! Sorry for the long wait since my last post. I had been stressing over my most recent exam in Corporate Compliance and Regulation in Health Care – which is probably the driest course I’ve ever taken in my entire college career, as far as material goes. Anyway, with Spring approaching soon, I figured that I needed new flats. My old ones all got destroyed in the span of a year from wearing them too much. :P But that’s to be expected, I guess. I never really count on a pair of flats to last me longer than a few seasons.

Since my last shoe haul was filled with crazy patterns, styles, and colors.. I decided on ordering something that was a little more demure. ;) Not only can black flats can be worn all year round, but it can be dressed up or down according to your outfit and accessories. They’re not difficult to match at all, either. When I found these flats on the ASOS website ($39.39 $31.51), there was no way that I wasn’t ordering them. I have such a soft spot for black lace. <3

Unfortunately, ASOS messed up the order the first time –  sending me a pair of two right feet. Thankfully, customer service was very professional about it and immediately sent me a replacement pair. I’ve yet to send the faulty ones back, because of my busy week, but I should probably get on that before they double charge me. >.<; As for the shoes themselves, a size 5 fits me just fine and the lace upper is actually much sturdier than the photos made them out to be, which relieved some of my concerns. The downside to this is that I still need to break them in, and I keep forgetting how painful this process can be. I give it about one more week until the material won’t be so stiff anymore. Until then, I’ll just be wearing Hello Kitty band-aids on the back of my heels. :P

I also couldn’t help myself when I saw these Chinese Laundry ballet flats ($59.00 $29.50) on sale while browsing Endless. The sheer sides and cute flower detail were too irresistible! I ordered them in a size 5.5, and there’s no breaking-in process necessary because they’re already so comfortable. Knowing that I got them for such a great price and free two-day shipping almost fed my shoe addiction even more to order another pair by the same brand, but thankfully I had enough self-control. XD

Next on my list of things to buy soon are a new pair of Converse. My current black Chuck Taylors are almost three years old and are so beaten up, worn, and faded – but I love them to death. Unfortunately, I know they can’t last me forever. The ones pictured above are from their new Chinese New Year collection, but personally I’m not willing to shell out the full $75 for them.

And speaking of shoes, I was so flattered when my friend Wade asked me to be his fashion consultant of sorts. Some of the things I helped him pick out were shoes (namely the Circa ones pictured above), skinny jeans, graphic t-shirts, and a sweatshirt. By far, his favorite is this hoodie from American Apparel. Apparently, it’s super soft and warm. ;)

It’s such a lovely color, too! Despite being called Ultra Blue, it strikes me more as a deep aqua green. The photo below is a screenshot of him wearing it while we were on Skype several days ago. :D I’m glad that he trusted my sense of style to go with my recommendations. :) Anyway, that’s all I have for now. If you haven’t subscribed to my blog yet, there’s a nifty little button on the right-hand side of the page. I would greatly appreciate it if you did. :P Until next time! ^.^



14 responses to “Black flats are always in season.

  1. Love the title of this post. So true.

  2. improperintegirl

    Those lace black flats are so cute!!!

    I still have the green converse I had when I was in 8th grade.. as well as the red pair I got 2 years later. They’re pretty beat up but I still wear them on occasion. I drew all over them… much cheaper alternative to having them decorated. My sister also has a gray pair that she drew a scale-like pattern on them with a black sharpie.

    • Converse may not be the most comfortable shoes to use as sneakers, but I do admit they go with everything casual in my wardrobe. :3 And I know what you mean about getting them decorated, some artists on Etsy charge $100+ to draw on a pair of Converse. x_x

  3. Love the shoes! Although I still want to see the other haul you were telling me about ;P Also, I love converses! I have about 6 pairs maybe? I dont wear them as often as I would like tho :/ Right now I’m really liking the Dr. Seuss ones. I think these are probably my favorite out of the bunch :)

  4. I love those black lace flats! So cute! I’m happy & surprised to hear that the lace is not that flimsy or delicate as it looks. I finally got a pair of Converse last year, and I absolutely love them. I can wear them with jeans to class and even with dress pants when I go volunteering at the hospital & business casual Fridays at my old job.

    These are the ones I have:

    I got them for super cheap at Famous Footwear in LI (I think it was like $30).

  5. i tried buying those same exact converse shoes, but they ran out of them in my size…seeing them now just made me a little sad, lol

    • Really? :o I really like them, but they’re so much more expensive than a regular pair. :< And are you an uncommon shoe size? I'm a women's 5.5 and I could never find shoes that find me in stores. Which is why I always shop online. XD

  6. i wear size 11 in men’s which isnt really uncommon, except on the converse site, lol

  7. i did manage to get these black and yellow batman chucks tho, so the site’s not a total loss for me

  8. same here. i’m tempted to buy another pair, but they dont hav any other superhero shoes in black, and i like wearing black…wish batman wasnt the only superhero that dealt in monotone like that, lol

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