150,000 hits?! :D

Hey, guys! I’m pleased to tell you all that this blog has reached 150,00 views as of yesterday. :) I never thought I’d reach such a number, mostly because this all started off as a hobby. :P Thank you so much for sticking with me this entire time. <3 Anyway, with the first round of exams coming up, I’ve been getting exponentially stressed and lazier by the day. >.<; Thankfully, this box of tea that I picked up last week has been quite effective at calming me down and keeping me focused! It’s oh-so-delicious, as well. ;)

In other news, my old mouse broke. :< Mostly because I’m just really clumsy. I replaced it with the same model in a different color, just because it fits so comfortably in my hand, and Logitech is a pretty reliable company that I trust.

Having a good mouse is so important for gaming – especially since I just recently joined an all-girls ranked team on League of Legends. We’re called the Destructive Divas, and although we haven’t played much together yet, I can see this being a long-term thing. :P Girls can be pro at video games, too! Which reminds me, I really need to invest in a good headset.

So.. what else is new? Well, I bought a new makeup primer and nail polish the other day! I went with Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure in Commander in Chic, because I’ve had amazing experiences with it before – in 3 other shades.

Not only is the formula smooth, but it can last up to a week with minor fading at the tips and minimal (if at all) chipping. I’ve never had a problem with air bubbles after application, but I do admit that the drying time is a little above average. I don’t mind, though, because I just busy myself with things on my computer while I wait for my nails to dry. :)

I adore this shade, too! It’s easily make favorite nail polish right now. Somewhere between taupe, greige, and muted purple, it’s the ideal Fall/Winter color. I would wear it all year round, though. <3 What I like the most about the shade is that it looks dramatically different under several kinds of lighting, and that it matches with all my outfits and makeup. :D

As for my new makeup primer, I’ve been meaning to switch brands and try out a new base for my foundation for a couple months, since I usually don’t like sticking to one product forever. I went with Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Primer because it was relatively inexpensive. The product itself gets my skin really greasy by the first couple hours, unfortunately.

It doesn’t matte-ify the dewiness of my natural complexion as much as other primers do, either. It does the bare minimum of being a mediocre base for my foundation to apply smoothly, but I’m not recommending or repurchasing. And although I usually hate what my naked face looks like, but here’s a photo of me without makeup anyway. :)

On a final note, have you guys heard of Killing Floor? It’s a co-op survival zombie game. It was 85% off on Steam the other day for only $3, and was too sweet of a deal for me to pass up. The game play reminds me of a cross between the Left 4 Dead series and Team Fortress 2. Even though I’m terrible at it right now, it’s pretty enjoyable. :) Add me- my Steam account is Mirasol. Until next time! ^.^


6 responses to “150,000 hits?! :D

  1. Congrats on the hits! I think I am about half the way behind you. :/

    • Thank you – and don’t worry, the views will keep on rolling in the longer you keep it up. :D I’ve learned that the best thing you can do is stay consistent with the frequency of your posts. :3

  2. Congratz on the hits! I ♥ the Sleepytime tea2. :)

  3. Congrats on all of those hits ^^
    I love celestial seasonings teas! Especially the ones with hibiscus in them, those are delicious even without sugar, and make great iced tea in the summer. You also look great without makeup <3

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