Bikini Body </3

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day! How did everyone celebrate? Personally, I didn’t involve myself in any of the festivities. I just grabbed a few drinks at John Harvard’s Brew House with some friends. :) It really upsets me, though, when the majority of the single people around me become bitter around this time of year. You could at least be happy for those who are in love and choose to celebrate it. :P I chose this Valentine’s Day to mail one special boy a small care package, which included chapstick and an envelope full of origami that I made – complete with this cute paper bow on the front. I used this tutorial, if any of you are interested in trying your hand at it. :D

My coworker and I also decided to host a Valentine’s Day themed program in our building the other day, too! Residents were able to craft their own unique cards using any of the supplies available in our office, so they could give them to those special people in their lives. We even gave out heart-shaped donuts and candy!

And to make up for my recent frumpiness, I decided to at least look presentable the other day. I’ve finally gained enough courage to start posting on – it’s great motivation to be more style-conscious in my everyday outfits, and gives me the opportunity to hone my photography skills. So if you guys can do me a favor and hype this look.. that would be awesome. <3 Even if you don’t have a Lookbook account, you can still log in with your Facebook. :D

So.. my Victoria’s Secret bikini came in the mail a few days ago!! ;) I was quite ecstatic to try it on, especially since I’ve always been too scared to wear one at the beach. I know it was a little pricey at $50 for both the bandeau top and string bottom, but definitely worth it if it will drive me to lose weight. Isn’t it sexy? :o

I also found the bikini below while browsing the Hot Topic website. It was a close second when I was deciding which swimsuit to buy. :) Although it’s cute AND has Hello Kitty stamped on the butt, I didn’t think it would be as flattering.

I basically got lazy at the beginning of this semester, and haven’t even gone to the gym once – despite promising myself that I would. Instead, I’ve been cutting down my calories severely. But even that isn’t enough to get my flabby body into shape. >.<; Right now, I’m about 113 lbs. I’d love to be 105, though! ;_; So in order to improve my self-esteem, I camera whored a little bit the other night. :P

I’m really enjoying my new DSLR. :) Many of my shots still come out really blurry, though, since I have extremely shaky hands. It’s nothing a little Photoshop filter can’t fix, though, to pass for “artsy fartsy”. :] Anyway, that’s all I have for now. Stay tuned for more posts throughout the week – until next time!


10 responses to “Bikini Body </3

  1. Not really sure why you’re concerned about your weight. Or afraid to wear a bikini at the beach either. And to answer your question, yes, it’s hella sexy.

  2. I’m so amazed by your self discipline! You’ve been losing weight ever since you made a goal, and you are almost there! I on the other hand have gained back all that I have lost over the summer XD I always hit the gym hardcore in the spring & summer during internships, but once school starts again my metabolism dies (along with the unhealthy amounts of sleep and poor quality of food intake). It’s really depressing :( Any tips? haha.

    As for you, you should be so happy with your body! You are tiny and have killer legs!

    That’s a super cute origami bow! I kind of don’t like Valentine’s Day, with or without someone to celebrate it with. I’d rather spend the day normally, baking atrocious cookies with candies in them and feeding those I love haha.

    • Thank you, it’s been really difficult lately to maintain my diet. And I know what you mean, the greatest temptation for me to eat unhealthily is being in my school environment. As for tips, I could only recommend keeping a goal in mind and staying determined to reach it. I’ve give up on unreasonable goals, and take it one week at a time. Before you know it, eating healthy just becomes a regular part of your lifestyle. I have such a weakness for sweets, though. D;

  3. Well I hope you get the into the shape that you want and are working for. I know it is hard a the time, but you will feel so proud when you get there.

  4. improperintegirl

    That origami bow is adorable!! And congrats on finally posting on look book! You’ve put so many awesome outfits together, it’s about time :D

    • Thank you! I’ve just been really intimidated by the other members on the site. They’re all so coordinated with their outfits, not to mention tall and beautiful. Makes me wish my legs were longer. >.<;

      • improperintegirl

        I didn’t even realize, but I applaud you even more for posting in there now. Just think of how many other short people are out there looking at lookbook!! Society’s narrow view of beauty wont change until we start showcasing all sizes, shapes and colors.

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