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Recently, one of my closest friends called me something that I never thought would ever describe me – a “casual”. Video games used to take up the majority of my free time in middle school and high school, but for the past 4 years of college it just wasn’t a priority. I’m not up to date on the newest releases, nor do I own a PS3 or Xbox 360. Thus, I’ve turned to online games that require no commitment whatsoever – particularly League of Legends. I pretty much play every night. My ign is Mirasol if you guys want to add me! :)

I’ve been trying to expand my world of gaming once again, though, and perhaps reclaim/uphold my previous reputation. Step one? Finally create a Steam account. Mostly because my brother and family friends play a ton of Team Fortress 2 – which I admit that I am terrible at. >.<;

I was pleased to find that Steam was having a ridiculous sale a few weeks ago, though! I was able to purchase both Dead Space and Dead Space 2 for only $10 in a bundle. :D Unfortunately, the first chapter of the first game terrified me too much to continue. (Seriously, I was jumping out of my bed and screaming in the dark whenever I’d hear any noise that could be a necromorph.) For a while, I was playing through it with Michael – but ever since the breakup, continuing the game together wasn’t an option anymore.

To be honest, I just want to know the storyline! D; Thankfully, my friend Wade doesn’t mind starting a new game with me. Since he lives in Idaho, though, I gave him my password and watch as he streams it via screen-sharing through Skype. So far, we’ve been completing one chapter per night. Technology, ftw! Excuse my stupid duck face in the screenshot below. Isn’t he a cutie? :)

In other news, he also convinced me to start playing Final Fantasy IX on an emulator. I used to be a hugeeee fan of Square/Squaresoft/SquareEnix, but for some reason never played this installment. And although I’ve heard great things about it, and I might just end up loving the gameplay and character plots, I know my heart will always belong to Final Fantasy X. <3


9 responses to “Gamer Life

  1. Enjoy FFIX <3 !!! It is my second favorite Final Fantasy to date :) It's super cartoony graphics, but the characters are really lovable in my opinion. Vivi the black mage is one of my faves. I'm sorry you lost a gaming partner, but at least you have a friend who is willing to help you get through the story!

    I totally hate it when people call me a causal gamer now. However besides the occasional handheld games, I guess that's what I've been reduced to. I usually just watch along the not-so-new PS3 games, like the new Batmans and Uncharted. Though, I can still whoop some butt in fighting games (without practice) when I need to defend my honor. A few of my lab partners have been trying to get me into LoL for a while now, but online games intimidate me XD

    • So far, I love it. :D Vivi is adorable, but I can’t believe he’s a guy. My whole life, I thought the character was a girl. XD And being a casual gamer isn’t so bad – there are things in life that should have more priority. It’s just that condescending tone people give me when they realize that I literally know nothing about the latest games anymore. ;_; John tries to keep me up to date. This past winter break, we tried to complete Uncharted 3 together. :P And you should definitely start playing LoL!!! It’s my current addiction. :)

  2. My sister has been really getting into Final Fantasy games lately, and while I was home, I played FFX with her over winter break. Needless to say, I LOVED that game :D I even got her a figure of Auron for her birthday cuz you know obviously hes the best character in the game lol :P She’s also got FFVII, FFVIII, FFXII and FFXIII, but I hadn’t really been able to get into any of the other ones in the same way. :/
    I also have a Steam account as you know :P but I haven’t been on it in forever ;X i did a few of their winter challenges, but my computer has a hard time running most of the games :( I did download Portal when it was free though, and I got to the last level…and haven’t gotten back to playing it since XD I should probably get to that one of these days…

    • FFX will always be my favorite. I haven’t played it in years, and I was looking at some cut scenes on YouTube the other day that made me reminisce. :) Auron and Lulu are definitely the most badass characters, imo. I really liked FFVII and FFVIII, too, but couldn’t really get into FFXII. >.<;

      • Yeah I def think Auron is the best haha I like Lulu although I’ll never understand why she winds up with Wakka D: She’s way out of his league. I liked Rikku too..until I played some of FFX-2. Have you played it? I started it but I haven’t finished it because its just that…bad lol I wish they had stuck with their original idea to do a prequel instead with Braska, Auron and Jecht :( instead of the whole girl power dress spehere thing…my sister told me that they’re gonna be redoing FFX soon tho to improve the graphics once they finish the next installment of Kingdom Hearts so that’ll still be pretty cool :) Oh, I almost forgot about it, but even though I didn’t get into FFVII, I did like Crisis Core with sad when he dies :( My sister did a handmade plushie of him for me for Christmas its really cute :) Ill have to show you sometime!! Also, I’ve written you half of a letter so I’m going to try to finish that today/tomorrow to send to you :D

  3. Last hit more! xD

    Seriously though, I probably became twice the player I used to be by watching LoL streams. Even things that apply to every game, such as communication and being able to find victory (or just humor) in defeat.

    PS – this is legit I wish I had a website

    • I’m the worst at getting last hits. >.<; I'm easily demotivated when losing, too. I'll try looking up some streams, thanks! :) And yeah, having your own website is pretty awesome. :P You should start your own. :D

      • My favorite streamer is Saintvicious ( mostly because I jungle, but he’s also really entertaining even when he’s losing. Doublelift ( is probably the best player at last hitting I’ve ever seen. It’s almost shocking when he misses one.

        Don’t get demotivated when you’re losing. When you lose it just means you got bad teammates or there is something you yourself can improve on. Either way, it’s an opportunity to do better in the future.

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