Trend Alert: Temporary Lip Tattoos

The other day, while I was browsing Karma Loop, I stumbled across their collection of Betsey Johnson pieces. A few years ago, when I would flip through magazines or browse designer items online, I would always find the brand too tacky and loud for my taste. But I do admit that nowadays the collections are more toned down and incredibly cute! For example, I would absolutely love to have this umbrella – the skulls, roses, and frill have just the right amount of edgy and feminine. :)

Unfortunately, the website also led to my discovery of the latest fashion trend that doesn’t sit so well with me – temporary lip tattoos. The brand Violent Lips produces and distributes lip appliqués in packs of three that are supposedly supposed to last up to 8 hours. My issue with this is mostly comfort – wouldn’t your lips get dry and irritated after the first hour or two? Secondly, I doubt that it would fit all lip shapes and sizes like it says it will. Third, won’t it get in the way of doing normal activities like eating and drinking? But this may be just me assuming that these temporary tattoos would be worn for practical occasions, which is probably not the case.

And despite the photos above and below looking glamorous, I bet there was much Photoshop involved to make them look that appealing. Although I don’t mind the glitter ones, there are gaudy patterns available that range from leopard print to fishnet to rainbow stripes. And I even though they’re being marketed towards fashion-forward individuals, I believe that they are much more appropriate for parades or costume parties. What do you think?

In other news, I bought the E.L.F. contour brush from Target a few weeks ago for about $3. The last brush that I was using to apply eyeshadow into my crease had rough bristles and was splaying on me. :< Which isn’t really a surprise, considering it was only $1 at a discount makeup booth on my campus. My new brush is pretty great, though. It evenly blends out my eyeshadow, and is the perfect shape to add definition to my crease without looking overdone.Furthermore, I realize that the frequency of my posts has been lacking lately. I’ve been finding myself exhausted every day, and have been putting all my free time towards other things. I just ordered a ton of things online, though, so stay tuned for a few posts on those hauls! :P On a final note, I’ll leave you with an outfit posted on by the lovely Ivy X.

I would love to have her entire wardrobe, or at least as much clothing coordination as she does. <3 Since it’s been so cold out, I rarely have any motivation to get dressed up in more than just jeans and a t-shirt with a jacket on top. On most days, I don’t even wear makeup anymore! D: I’m afraid that I’ve fallen into a miserable rut of frumpiness. Hopefully, as the weather gets warmer, I’ll have reason to look nicer on a daily basis again. Until next time! ^.^


4 responses to “Trend Alert: Temporary Lip Tattoos

  1. improperintegirl

    … I have all of the same problems with the lip tattoos as you do. I agree, they do look fun for costume parties and such but I see them as more of a staple for drag queens than fashion forward women… Why don’t they just make different colored lipsticks more widely available… at least those could be reapplied and would be something different without having gaudy patterns.. or glitter which can’t be healthy to ingest…

    • Exactly! I could imagine the contestants on Ru Paul’s Drag Race using these for their runway shows. XD Mostly because the themes are generally exaggerated. And I agree with the glitter. I have this one eyeshadow that has giant chunks of glitter in it, and I’m afraid to use it because I might inhale the fallout. D:

      • I love Betsey Johnson <3 !!

        My TA loves Ru Paul's Drag Race haha. I watched it one time just because I wanted to know what he was talking about. Tattoo lips are just too crazy and extreme. Great for runways & avant garde ads, but not real life. Specifically, glitter can get awkward when it falls everywhere and on everyone lol. The only glitter makeup I like using is for nail polish because I can add a clear coat to seal. My eyeshadows & eyeliners with glitter end in despair by the end of the day.

  2. I loveee Ru Paul’s Drag Race. :) I always stop watching midway through a season when my favorite drag queen get eliminated, though. :< I don't trust myself with glitter nail polish because I'm such a klutz. :P I hear Seche VIte is a miracle product as a top coat, though. :o

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