MAC Mineralize Blush

Imagine my dismay after my vacation when I opened my luggage and makeup train case to find that my trusty MAC blush in Ambering Rose was completely shattered. :'(

True, there are many ways to fix broken makeup. In fact, I came across the YouTube video below and wanted to try out her method. Unfortunately, I’m quite clumsy and ended up making a mess that couldn’t be salvaged. >.<;

So I headed into Macy’s last week and talked to a beauty specialist at the MAC counter to determine what kind of shade would look best on me. Even though I insisted that pink and shimmery colors look awful on my skin tone, she proved me wrong after trying three different blushes on me. I walked out with the MAC Mineralize Blush in Gleeful – described on the website as a “deep dirty blue pink with gold pearl”. The shimmer isn’t overpowering at all, and actually just gives me a healthy glow. :)

Because cheap drugstore blushes tend to become blotchy on my oily skin and completely disappear by the end of the day, I didn’t mind spending the extra money for a quality product. I’ve also been using the application technique that I learned from a makeup artist that I recently subscribed to on YouTube.

And I must admit, there is definitely a world of difference between his method and my previous one. :P My cheekbones end up looking higher! :D In other news, my neighbor dropped off a late Christmas present at my house. The small box contained a roll-on tube of the Ralph Lauren Always Yours,  a Covergirl Outlast Lipstain, and a Covergirl Moisturizing Topcoat. Although I love the perfume and lip balm, the lip stain applies uneven and dry.

Regardless, it still makes for a good picture. (I’m trying really hard to take better photos with my new camera. Am I improving?) Until next time! ^.^


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