Tinted Lip Balms

Ever since I’ve been using the new Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me on a daily basis for the past month, I have fallen in love with tinted lip balms. Although I do love my lipsticks, they aren’t always appropriate for the occasion. The stains they leave on clothing, drinking glasses, and boys can also get annoying. I think that tinted lip balms are a more natural way to achieve a subtle color on your lips.

The other day, I was looking to buy the Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner in Black from my local Duane Reade – mostly because everyone on Makeup Alley has been raving about it being a drugstore dupe for MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Aqua Eyes eyeliner. But as I was making my way towards the cash register, I spotted a display of Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm. And I was instantly attracted to their deepest shade, Red Dahlia.

The formula is more lightweight, less shiny, and longer lasting than Baby Lips – all of which are a huge plus to me. The shade isn’t as intimidating as it looks in the tube, either. It applies very sheer, but can still make an impact. Overall.. I’m quite impressed, though I wish they offered a larger variety of shades.

After this buy, I started browsing the Sephora website for more tinted lip balms. And although the Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatments pictured above look so delicious, the $22.50 price tag per tube isn’t so appealing to me.

The same goes for two other tinted lip balms I really liked on the website: Laura Mercier HydraTint and Bite Sheer Balm. Both cost around $20, more than I could ever justify spending on a product that I could easily lose or finish within a month’s time frame. The shades are to die for, though! Especially Bite’s Burgundy, Carmine, and Claret. (I’ve decided that red shades suit my skin tone much better than pinks.)

In other news, since I’m going to be in California for the holidays, I received a few early Christmas presents from family friends the other night! I guess it’s a well-known fact that I like origami. :P

I also received a warm plaid scarf and a LeSportsac makeup bag! :D

Pretty neat, huh? Anyway, since I’m on vacation in California for the next two weeks, I honestly have no idea when my next post is going to be. I’ll just have to keep you all guessing. :P Until next time! ^.^


7 responses to “Tinted Lip Balms

  1. improperintegirl

    The covergirl naturelux gloss balm thing I got to try through bzzagent was also a tinted lip balm… they feel way more comfortable than lipstick. I’ve been told they’re comparable to burt’s bees lip shimmers, which cost about the same price but weren’t tested on animals. I’ve never seen the burt’s tinted balms you have… but then again I’ve been so disconnected from society for the past month or so XD I’ll need to catch up during january XD

    • Lip balms in general are definitely more comfortable and versatile than lipstick. Lipstick can look really nice on dressy occasions, though. But I can’t stand lipgloss! Lol. I’ve tried the Burt’s Bees lip shimmers in freshman year, but didn’t like them very much. I don’t remember why, though. XD

  2. I love Burt’s Bee and haven’t tried their tinted lip balms, but I use their normal pomegranate one which gives me a slight redder tint (my lips already have a redder tint to them, but it gives more color to my friends who have paler lips).

    I’m a big fan of Clinique’s Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm. It’s about $15, which I feel like I can justify since it looks like a GIANT crayon. It has a slightly more smooth texture than the Burt’s Bee.

    • Ah! I just looked up the Clinique Chubby Stick, and I’m already planning to buy it.. thanks for the suggestion. :) I also love the Burt’s Bees pomegranate lip balm, but my lips are too pigmented for the tint to show up. Lol. XD

  3. Tinted lip balms for the win! I see you mentioned the Clinque chubby stick in your above comment; I got one for free in a makeup freebie, and I like it very much (though I have it in a pinker shade than most would like).

    What is your favorite origami thing to make?

    • I’ll definitely have to try it, then, if so many people recommend it! :D And although I’m no pro at origami, I love making hearts and sailboats for my residents as small thoughtful gifts throughout the semester. :)

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