Nikon D60

Hey, guys! As you may have noticed, I have a new blog photo. I took it last night, while I was playing around with a lamp and my point-and-shoot. It looks nothing at all like me, but I really like it nonetheless. :P

I know that I haven’t updated in forever. Despite being done with exams since last week, I’ve had a lot of RA work to do. Not having classes and finals to worry about gave me the opportunity to spend more quality time with my staff and classmates, though. Here’s a photo of me with some of the people in my Health Science track when we all went out to the local bar together. :)

Anyway, I finally left campus earlier this afternoon! And to my surprise, look at what I found on my bed when I got home:

My dad gave me his old Nikon D60 camera as an early Christmas present! I honestly thought he was going to sell it on eBay after he bought a new DSLR, but I’m glad he didn’t. I’ve been meaning to save up for a nicer camera in order to take better photos for this blog, so this is a dream come true! :D

Fortunately, the memory card for my Canon PowerShot SD1300 is also compatible with the Nikon D60. So, of course, I wanted to start using it right away! I know that it’s going to take time for me to become comfortable with using it and adjusting all the complicated settings, but I’m determined to be a pro by the end of my winter break. :P Here are some of the test shots I took:

Look at how it captures even the finest dust flecks! x_x

Photos taken with flash come out incredibly sharp.

I still need to improve on reducing the blurriness from my shaky hands.

I can’t even express how excited I am to start using it! :) I may actually write another post tonight, just to begin familiarizing myself with the settings. :P


4 responses to “Nikon D60

  1. Love your new profile pic, they are all gorgeous but this one I just love =)
    (in a non-lesbian way! lol)

  2. You have always have looked Sexy.. you don’t even know what you’ve got, that’s what makes you so cute. But trust me, you are breath-taking naturally. No effort required! I’m not gay btw, but I know a Sexy girl when I see one ;)

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