The other day, I received an early Christmas present from my parents – a new laptop!!! :D I’m incredibly grateful for this, especially since I’ve been in dire need of one for a really long time. My old laptop could barely load pictures in Windows Photo Viewer. >.<;

For the past few months, I’ve been borrowing my boyfriend’s old computer in order to get schoolwork done. And because he’s so knowledgeable about tech stuff, he was the only one I trusted to find the right laptop for me. All I wanted was to be able to run Adobe Photoshop and League of Legends smoothly! Thus, he picked out the ASUS A53E-EH91 from NewEgg. For the price tag of only $430, it’s a steal for its value.

The photo above is the box that it came in, and below is what was inside! ;)

It’s so shiny and wonderful. <3 It runs everything that I need.

For those of you who are tech geeks, here are the details:

I’m incredibly excited to continue using it for the next few years. :) On a completely irrelevant note, I forgot to show you guys what my December bulletin board looks like! Even though residents are already moving out this week, I’m still proud of my color coordination. :P All the information posted are just reminders for them to clean their rooms and suites before they leave for break.


4 responses to “ASUS A53E-EH91

  1. Hey, it looks just like mine! Glad I made a good pick. Those Best Buy guys totally would have swindled you.

  2. Congrats! How does it feel to have a brand new baby laptop :)? You are in your senior year, right? So, I’m sure this new computer is exactly what you need right now to get your work done right. I know I was literally lost for the 2 weeks my old laptop broke down. Then, after consulting my computer experts (aka my CS major friend & bro-in-law), I finally got my new laptop (which weighs half as much as my old one).

    And thank goodness for NewEgg. It’s a god-send for the budget-minded techie.

    • I know! I bought my external hard drive from NewEgg a few years ago for an amazing deal. They have earned my complete trust. :P And it feels SO AMAZING to have a new computer. Mine has crashed at least five times before I decided to completely stop using it. Thankfully, my boyfriend is a CS major and know far more about this sort of thing than I do. Haha.

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