GoJane Shoe Haul ;)

Ok, I know that I’ve denied being a shoe addict in the past – but now I can officially admit to being one. While I was browsing the GoJane website on Cyber Monday a few weeks ago, I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy myself a few new pairs of heels. They were so many sales!!! >.<;

Because there were so many great options to choose from, it took all my self-control to not splurge on too many. But since I was new to this site, I was unsure of the overall quality. Therefore, my final decision was based on price. At full price, most of the shoes on GoJane go for around $40. But I found some great deals, and ended up only spending about $50 on three pairs! :D I decided to do something fun this time, though, and go for some crazier styles. The zebra print pumps pictured above, for example, requires a lot of courage to wear. Hopefully, I’ll find suitable occasions and outfits to wear them with. :P

I also determined that I need new party shoes. The holidays are coming up, after all. And who can go wrong with black strappy heeled sandals? ;D These were a steal for only $10. And because I’ve recently fell in love with animal print trend, I also ordered the red leopard pumps below. I’m actually going to wear them tonight when I go out to the local bar with some of my classmates. :)

Before I post photos, here’s a quick video of what they look like on me. I ordered the zebra and leopard print ones in size 6, and they ended up being a smidge too big on me. But they’re not uncomfortable, nor do they slip off – so I won’t be exchanging them. I got the black ones in size 5.5, though, and they’re a perfect fit.

When I went to my campus mail room to pick up the package, I was shocked by how large the box was. x_x I honestly thought that they’d ship it in a smaller container. I must have looked so silly carrying it back to my room. :P

It was also a pleasant surprise when I realized how accurate the photos on the website are! Usually, the lighting and angle completely disguises the minor flaws in many items. Which is why I’m always wary of quality when it comes to online shopping. But these three pairs were spot on. :P

Overall, I’m incredibly pleased with my purchase. My boyfriend hates my new heels and thinks they’re tacky, but I don’t care. :) I would easily spend another $50 or $100 at GoJane, just because their selection is incredible. Fortunately, I know when too much of a good thing can have financial consequences. But you can have my word that I will definitely be ordering from them again! Here were the other shoes that I was considering. Ultimately, I decided not to buy them because they either didn’t have my size or weren’t on sale.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now. Until next time! ^.^


5 responses to “GoJane Shoe Haul ;)

  1. My roommates and i LOOOOOOVEEE GoJane. My goodness, it must have taken so much self control not to buy everything >.< $50 is great for 3 items. I love the black peeptoe & zebra print ones! My cousin used to have a zebra print pair of heels, and she always found a way to wear them with some bright solids.

    I secretly like pretty heels, though I'm not too awesome at walking at them. My mom threw at me a pair of black sequin steve madden pumps & a similar nude with black lace heels. Problem is I doubt I can wear it out in Philly because the sidewalks have taken the lives of a many of my previous heels :'(

    Enjoy your purchases!

    • Walking well in heels just takes practice! It’s still an art that I haven’t yet perfected. >.<; And I absolutely love the nude pair with black lace, but they were out of my size and costs $40. x_x I have a theory that if I buy a lot of shoes, each individual pair won't get wrecked as quickly. Lol.

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