Early Holiday Gift Exchange!

Earlier today, Michael and I exchanged Christmas/Hanukkah presents – mostly because he’s leaving for winter break a whole week earlier than I am. :'( We both agreed to get each other small gifts that wouldn’t break the bank. I thought it would be thoughtful of me to get him a nerdy video game shirt. :P As I’ve mentioned to you guys before, we play League of Legends together. The official website just happened to carry this one..

It features the champion Cho’Gath (an alien-like creature that you can play as) dressed up in a suit, top hat, and monocle. This is a reference to the “Gentleman Cho’Gath” skin available for purchase through the in-game store. Needless to say, Michael really liked it! Here’s him wearing it:

But do you know what’s funny? He surprised me with a LoL-related present, as well. :P He got me a pre-paid card through which I could redeem for Riot Points, the game’s currency, and delicious Godiva chocolate. ;)

But that’s not all! HE BOUGHT ME WHITE FUZZY EARMUFFS. They’re so soft, warm, and comfortable – and they make me feel like a polar bear. :D Clearly, this boy knows the way to my heart. <3

This is an awful photo of me, and I put on the earmuffs a little lopsided, but I was so incredibly excited that I just had to wear them right away! :)

In other news, we also decided to go to the mall today. I had a $10 Victoria’s Secret gift card that I wanted to spend, and ended up buying their Precision Liquid Liner in Blackest Black for only $3 instead of $13. I swatched the product in the store, and was surprised by how dark the formula is. I just ran out of liquid eyeliner, too, so this was the perfect time to buy a new bottle.

I also browsed H&M and found a simple cropped black t-shirt for only $9. I would normally hate this trend, but there’s something about this particular material and how it flows when I walk that convinced me to purchase it. I was going to buy another in dusty rose, but decided not to at the last minute. While I was at H&M, I also bought five pairs of cute socks! I don’t know how, but I always seem to lose a pair or two when I do my laundry. >.<;

On a final note, have you guys heard about La Tomatina? When I first came across the website, I thought it looked like the most awesome thing to become a part of. Unfortunately, there aren’t any events near the New York area for me to attend. :( Check out their website, though – you might live near some of their locations. Anyway, that’s all I have for now. I have another post coming soon, though. I’ll mostly likely have it up tomorrow. :P I just need to pick up the package from my campus mail room first. *hint hint* Until next time! ^.^


10 responses to “Early Holiday Gift Exchange!

  1. Glad you liked the earmuffs! I didn’t expect you to feel like a bear, but I’m glad you do :-) Also, don’t waste the RP on a champ you never play this time, Lol.

  2. I’ve never seen anyone look so cute wearing earmuffs.

  3. Those earmuffs look really warm and awesome. I can totally see why they make you feel like a polar bear :)

  4. omg those earmuffs <3 now you can pretend you are an uber cute ice bear (aka polar bear)

  5. Where did you get the LoL t-shirt. I’m looking to buy it myself.

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