Vacation Homes

Guest post from: Natalie Walter

Vacation homes are not the best idea if you’re already cash strapped, let me tell you that. I know that sounds really obvious to most people but you know, for us it seemed like a great way to bring in more money for the household in the long run from the renters coming in and out. But low and behold, the rental market just hasn’t been as good as we wanted it to be so at the end of the day it’s been a real financial strain on us. We put in a lot of improvements into the place like hughes net and paint and even a hot tub out back to try and attract renters but you know, it’s just a tough market right now. I certainly don’t think we’ll have any luck trying to sell it if we do that now but you know, I guess we’ve always got a place to vacation which is more than some people can say. Next time we’ll think it through a bit more before we make a big decision.


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