Finals Week (-.-)

Hey, guys! :) I’m actually in the middle of my finals week right now, and I’ve been incredibly busy with presentations and projects. So I apologize for my sporadic updates. >.<; Anyway, I just wanted to give you all a quick update. I’ve been handling all the stress pretty well. On the days when I’m feeling a little down, going to Red Mango really turns my day around. :D I swear I’m addicted! Michael and I even signed up for the rewards card because we go there so often. :P

I also bought a new bottle of nail polish to cheer me up!

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Pedal to the Metal is a very pretty metallic greige shade with purple undertones.The photo above and below shows how two coats look on me. (It looks very different under varying types of lighting.) It’s a little more sheer than I would like, and could get somewhat streaky during application, but it’s the perfect Fall/Winter color to wear. :P This formula seems to last forever, too! No signs of chipping, even after a week.

I’ve also been enjoying the fact that my summer tan has completely faded. I love this season, just because this is the palest I’m ever going to get. :P I’ve been trying out a new eyebrow shape recently, too. I think the sharper arch flatters my round face better anyway. ;)

Other than that, I’ve just been trying really hard to focus on schoolwork. It’s difficult, especially with so many distractions. x__x When I do happen to have free time, though, I’ve been spending it watching Dragonball with the boyfriend! Since I never watched it as a kid, I’m making up for lost time now. :P


7 responses to “Finals Week (-.-)

  1. You tricked me =/

  2. YUM. Red Mango :) We have a Kiwi on campus which I am told is like a Sprinkles which I am also am told is like Pinkberry & Red Mango. Haha. Long winded explanation. Sounds like a delicious picker-uper! I like your scarf so much; I really like the color.

    :O I can’t believe you never watched Dragonball! I think I actually like it better than DBZ.

    • I love all kinds of frozen yogurt. <3 Red Mango just happens to be the most common chain near me, both at school and at home. :P And I used to watch Dragonball Z when I was younger, but never Dragonball. I admit that I may actually enjoy this better. :D

  3. P.S. good luck with the rest of finals!

  4. improperintegirl

    good luck with all of your finals! that’s a nice shade of nail polish, i’ve been wanting to do mine for a while but i can’t stand the smell and since its cold i wont be able to open a window to air out the room XD

    • Thanks! I’m halfway through now, and I just need to finish off the semester strong. And I barely notice the smell of nail polish anymore. Acetone remover, on the other hand, is a completely different story. >.<;

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