As a final project for my Professional Writing course, I had to address an important health care issue that the United States is facing today and come up with a program that will help raise awareness and solve it. I chose to implement a rehabilitation shelter for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, and created a brochure and poster presentation to pitch it to my professor and the other students evaluating my program. After spending over six hours designing both in the computer lab the other night, I feel quite accomplished with the end product. :) So this is just me sharing it with you guys! :P

Because my layout was a tri-fold brochure, it might be a little confusing to read in terms of page order. This was also only supposed to be a condensed version of all the information on my poster, so a lot of statistics may not be present. Personally, I think I did a good job making it look professional. All the in-text citations from the five peer-reviewed articles that I used may make it look a little cramped, though. If you’re actually interested in reading it, clicking on photo will enlarge it!

And here is the actual poster that I had standing next to me when I presented in front of my classmates. I actually regret not making it more colorful or adding in graphs and charts. But to be honest, there really wasn’t a lot of space to fit all my material. I apologize for the poor photo quality, though. I quickly snapped it with my phone under bad lighting. I swear the pictures that I pasted onto it were much more vibrant-looking!

This was my third presentation this semester, and we’re always expected to be dressed professionally. There’s actually a section on the grading rubric for appearance and dress. So here’s what I wore when I presented this program yesterday. Again, I took it with my phone camera – so don’t judge. :P

If this kind of work is what I’m going to be doing in the future for my career in Helath Care Management, then I don’t mind it at all. If anything, I actually enjoy it! And hopefully, I get an A on this project. >.<; Until next time! ^.^


6 responses to “Resolve

  1. improperintegirl

    Is resolve an actual place or a facility you made up for the project? I think we need to empower people more from a young age so that they can come forward about sexual abuse. I understand that a lot of them don’t want to report it because they want to forget it all and move on with their life, they don’t want it to happen to others but don’t want the pressure of it not happening to others forced on them for not reporting.. but I can only say by not reporting it they’re allowing themselves and society to tolerate it.
    And men can also be victims of domestic violence… but the sad thing is they’re hardly ever taken seriously.
    Also, awesome professional outfit. I’m sure you got the maximum amount of points the rubric allowed for professional attire :D

    • Resolve was a program that I have to make up for the project. I understand that men also also experience domestic violence and sexual abuse, but all the research I did said that women account for 85% to 90% of victims. There is also evidence that said women would have anxiety and fear of being in the same facility as men, regardless of them also being patients and victims.

      I also agree that many women do not want to come forward and report it, and the major flaw in my program is that it is voluntary. But I came up with the idea for it because many similar programs only give you about 45 minutes of their time and treat you like a paying customer rather than an a human being with needs. I feel that my because my program is almost completely immersive, the extra time given to individual patients would have a better outcome in terms of recovery.

  2. Wow the presentation you have here looks super solid. Fantastic brochure! It looks so professional & convincing! It’s also well organized and reads well. Congrats, I think you definitely nailed the A.

    And I loooove your attire. Not only does it look professional as well, but it still is so cute & very much your style. That is one killer blazer! :O

    who’s your professor?

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