Eyecandy Lens: GEO Angel Brown

Can you believe it’s December already? This semester flew by so fast! Anyway, the wonderful people who work at Eyecandy Lens contacted me a few weeks ago –  they wanted me to do a review of one of their products to share with all my readers! Not only were they generous enough to send me a free pair of circle lenses, but if any of you use the coupon code “KRISTINA” when you order something from their online shop.. you get a free surprise gift! :) For future reference, just click on their banner on the right-hand side of my blog to get redirected to their site. ;)

I requested to try out a pair of GEO Angel Brown lenses after checking out the selection on their website. Just the other day, I receive a small package in the mail – it included two sealed vials that contained one contact lens each, one contact lens case, a small mesh drawstring bag, a “circle lens usage guide” pamphlet, and a cute business card on which you can keep track of the expiration dates of your lenses on the back.

After moving them into the free case, I observed that the lenses were a more yellow-based brown than my natural dark brown eyes. This intimidated me a little bit, because I was afraid that I would look like an alien. Thankfully, the effect while wearing them is very subtle. It looks more natural than my current soon-to-be expired grey circle lenses, but the enlargement is still noticeable.

Capturing the true color of these lenses is tricky, because the shade looks significantly different under several kinds of lighting. The photos above compare what they look like in natural light during two different times of the day. And the following photos are a comparison between what my eyes look like without circle lens and what the GEO Angel Brown lenses look like under bathroom light, indoor light, and flash photography.

I think the variation between shades makes lenses much more authentic-looking and wearable. And because of the thick black limbal ring, they give me a more innocent and dolly-eyed look. They’re also very comfortable to wear, and I can keep them in for up to six hours before my eye start feeling dry. Overall, this is a series of circle lenses that I would definitely recommend!

I’ve also decided to add something new and different in this post (and possibly the next few posts) from what I normally do! I’ve come to the conclusion that taking videos with my camera and uploading them onto YouTube would provide a great supplement to this blog! Previously, I had been too self-conscious to do anything video-related.. but change is good. :) Thus, here are three short clips that I put together that show what the lenses look like on me IRL. Please excuse my silly faces. :P

Hopefully, my video-editing skills will improve with practice. I’ve never had much experience with Windows Movie Maker, and I quickly threw this one together in five minutes. >.<; Until next time! ^.^


6 responses to “Eyecandy Lens: GEO Angel Brown

  1. improperintegirl

    I’ve always been curious to try contacts.. but two things are stopping me 1) the fear of touching my own eye 2) this thing i saw on the news about people who got serious eye injuries from non-prescription colored contacts.
    My issues aside, those lenses look awesome on you ^^ and I love the smiley face at the end of your video… what software did you use to edit the clips together?

    • I used to be afraid of sticking things in my eye, too, but I quickly adjusted. It took me about three weeks of practice before being completely comfortable with touching my eye when putting the lenses in. Lol.

      And I’ve seen that on the news, too! Circle lenses are actually not allowed to be sold within the United States because they don’t meet the health standards here. I’ve been wearing them regularly for two years, but for only a maximum of six hours a day. I recognize that our eyes still need to breathe, and I haven’t had any complications so far.

  2. Wow, your eyes do look more doll-like! If only I wasn’t half blind without my glasses, I would totally try the geo lenses.

    YAAAAYY. I absolutely love posting vlogs! It’s sooooo much fun using Windows Media Maker and the effects. I got a new laptop a few months ago with a webcam & application on it that does cool effects, which kept tempting me to try vlogging again. haha,

    • Circle lenses come with prescriptions for the same price! You just need to specify in the order what strength each lens should be when buying them online. :)

      And I’m way too paranoid of the stupid faces I make in videos, haha. Once I get more comfortable, I may actually make it a regular thing on this blog! :P

      • HOHOHO. Thank you for telling me. I think I’m going to shop through the Eyecandy Lens store (thanks to your advise & coupon). Muwhahaha. I’m so excited.

        Aww your faces aren’t stupid :( They are quite cute! I think you have the creative knack to make some fantastic videos. It will take you no time to become super pro, I have no doubt :D Plus you have entertaining things to show & talk about. I usually ramble in vlogs, they somehow get views, so I’m pretty sure you will do fine!

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