November Bulletin Board

Hey, guys! I completely forgot to show you all my new bulletin board on my floor the other week. :o I kept it simple this month and posted five mouth-watering, Autumn-appropriate recipes: Whole Wheat Apple Pancakes, Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate Hazelnut French Toast, Butterbeer, and Baked Sweet Potatoes :)

Michael and I are actually making the french toast sometime this week! :D In other news, I’m still recovering from being sick. I’ve basically been eating a whole bag of these Burt’s Bees cough drops every day. Since they’re made with 35% real honey, they’re not only delicious but also really soothing.

Anyway, I attended an RA conference yesterday – which called for professional attire. Since I found myself enjoying the bodycon trend so much since my last purchase, I bought another skirt last Thursday. :P I found this grey ponte-knit mini skirt at Charlotte Russe for only $10! It makes my butt look damn good. ;)

While I was at the mall, I dropped by H&M and was surprised to find a dress so strikingly similar to the Sweetheart Two-Toned Mini Dress that I’ve lusted over from American Apparel. It was only $18, too! So I just had to buy it. :P

The mesh part of the dress really adds a unique spin on the classic “little black dress” look – I love it. <3 It also suits so many occasions in my near future, in particular holiday parties. But since the upper material is sheer, wearing a regular bra with it looks awkward. Strapless is the way to go! :D Excuse my messy and damaged hair in the photo above and below. The black faded so quickly into brown again, I’m in desperate need of another dye session. >.<;

On a final note, my friends at Jessica London want me to tell you guys about their online store! They carry a great selection of plus size fashion. So for those of you who are looking to bookmark another great site to browse when you’re doing your online shopping, look no further. :) Until next time! ^.^


5 responses to “November Bulletin Board

  1. improperintegirl

    In my experience the original Ricola cough drops work really well. I know some people swear by Hall’s but they taste too bad for me to tolerate, Ricola doesn’t taste awesome, but isn’t terrible and gets the job done. I am curious to try the ones you mentioned though.. next time I’m in a drug store I’ll have to pick some up.

  2. i thought i commented on this already. oh wells!

    i really like your new dress! it looks fantastic on you! i really like sweetheart strapless dresses, but get self-concious about showing too much skin. mesh seems to be a good remedy for that.

    i love baking fall recipes! do you have any particular favorites?

    • Thank you! And I agree – although I love strapless and tube dresses, I get paranoid about looking like I’m ready to hit the club rather than some other occasion. XD And I think cheesecake is appropriate all year-round, so I think that has to be my favorite. :P Apple strudel is quite delicious, too!

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