Freezepop!!!! :D

Hey, guys! Sorry for not updating all week. I’ve recently gotten sick again. :'( Fortunately, I’ve been getting a lot of rest lately and taking a lot of Sudafed and Nyquil. So hopefully, I’ll be fine by the end of this next weekend.

Anyway, I went to an amazing concert last Saturday! When I heard that Freezepop was going to be in NYC, I definitely jumped on the chance to get tickets. Which only cost me $15, already including processing fees. ;) Believe it or not, I’ve been listening to this synth-pop band since middle school. I discovered them through the PS2 game Amplitude, which led to the inevitable download of all their albums. :P

Because the concert venue was The Mercury Lounge (on 217 East Houston St.), Michael and I planned on driving into Queens then taking the subway into the city. But we couldn’t resist stopping by Red Mango first for lunch. :P Btw, here’s the outfit I wore that day. I really wanted to go all-out and wear bright clashing neon colors, but my wardrobe had nothing of the sort. >.<;

My boyfriend also wanted to stop by the American Apparel in Roosevelt Field Mall in order to buy a concert-appropriate shirt for himself. Since Freezepop’s music is fun and upbeat, purple definitely suited the occasion. :)

Upon arriving in Queens, we met up with my good friend Peter and took the F train into Manhattan. For the next few hours, we just hung around St. Mark’s and the lower east side until the doors opened. The opening act was Claire London and her band, who performed several songs along the lines of a fusion between rock and blues. I’ve seen some pretty bad openers in the past, so I was pleased with how good they were. :)

It was at this point when I realized how great it is to finally be 21 and order drinks at the bar. Even though I only had a few beers, I was ready to DANCE by the time Freezepop took over the stage. :D Of course, I had to sing along to all their classic hits: Super Sprode, Bike Thief, Stakeout, Plastic Stars, etc. It was a shame that I didn’t recognize any of their new songs off their latest album. They sounded great, nonetheless. Look how close we were to the stage!

I was actually surprised by how much energy both the band and crowd had. Although the space was relatively small compared to other venues I’ve been to, everyone was rocking out. Underwear was even thrown on stage by some fans! Needless to say, I had a really fun night. It was incredibly refreshing to do something else besides work and school.

Hopefully, I’ll get the opportunity to attend more concerts in the near future! If any of you know of any good shows in the NYC/Queens/Long Island area, give me all the details. :P Until next time! ^.^


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