Trend Alert: Built-In Platform Heels

The other day, I received compliments from several people (most of them friends and one of them a complete stranger) on how well I walked in heels. On one hand, I give myself credit for being a pro at wearing heels now because of how practiced I am – wearing high shoes pose no problem for me at all these days. But on the other hand, I was wearing these boots from Forever 21, which have a small built-in platform.

What I mean by a built-in platform is that the front of the shoe is elevated from the ground, giving the illusion that you’re wearing higher heels than you actually are. For example, my boots in the photo above have 4-inch heels. But because of the built-in platform, it only feels like I’m walking on 3-inches. So in a way, it’s kind of like cheating. :P But this really got me thinking about how popular built-in platforms are getting. Every Thursday night, I see girls who are heading out to the bar or club wearing monstrosities like these:

To be honest, I don’t like the shape of these pumps at all. The front is exaggerated, whereas the whole point of built-in platforms is to be somewhat less noticeable. I understand that shoes like these are designed to make wearing high heels easier, but these styles just look tacky. In fact, they almost remind me of stripper shoes. >.<;

In my personal opinion, built-in platforms and pumps just don’t mix. I don’t mind seeing them on boots or wedges, though. It’s unfortunate that almost every single store at the mall carries shoes like these. :'( What do you guys think?

In other news, I scored a tube of NYC Ultra Moist Lipwear in Mahogany the other day. It was an extra in the theatrical makeup haul that my committee bought, and I was able to keep it because it was still sealed and unopened. :D

The shade itself is incredibly dark in the packaging, which may be a little intimidating at first. But once applied, it’s actually pretty sheer. You have to actually build up the layers in order to achieve the dark burgundy color in the tube. Thankfully, one or two layers on top of lip balm or lip gloss is enough to get dramatically plum lips without the vampiress look. :P It’s a shame that its lasting power isn’t much to brag about. But I’m not surprised, since a tube of this stuff only costs $0.99 at your local drug store. At least the smell is pleasant! : )

In other news, I’d like to mention my friends from Tungsten Depot. My boyfriend had brought up earlier today that he was interested in buying the His and Her rings sets on the website, given there was a special occasion. And I do admit that many of their specialty tungsten rings look quite fancy and desirable! Which is why I want to spread the word about them. If any of you are interested in buying tunsgten jewelry, look no further. Until next time! ^.^


6 responses to “Trend Alert: Built-In Platform Heels

  1. those are some gorgeous boots! i may have to invest in some built in platform boots. i got a pair of these Bamboo boots:$img_size_211x208$

    Sadly they are so high for me they hurt to walk in when i have to commute from work. ugh. i keep saying i will get used to them, but never seem too -__-

    • Aww, it just takes practice and determination! My feet were so sore every day when I started wearing heels on a regular basis. >.<; Also wish I could see the boots, but the link isn't working for me. D:

  2. yikes, i hate posting links on WP sometimes. try this one:

    i have it in black i believe.

    your post also inspired me to wear my old faithful Charlotte Russe boots. i think they may be the only pair in history that fit comfortably over my massive calves. they are only small heels, but baby steps! lol literally.

    • Ah! They’re cute. :) And my pair of highest heeled boots are from Charlotte Russe. They’re too painful for even myself to wear on a regular basis, but like you said, the calf area has plenty of room. I love how considerate they are. :’)

  3. improperintegirl

    As far as the look of platform shoes goes I don’t mind them… When Tyra still had her TV show she used to wear platform pumps all the time… When I went to a taping and saw her wearing them in person they made her look so damn tall… as if she isn’t tall enough already XD But still i didn’t think they looked that bad on her, I guess it depends on what they’re paired with.
    I think these however, are a bit extreme (a friend of mine linked them on fb)

    Does it feel any different walking in them than normal heels?

    And your review of the NYC lip color does not surprise me at all.. it’s the same thing with their nail polish, several coats to get the color, doesn’t last long XD

    • Tyra is a giant, even without high shoes! :o And those shoes you linked to are crazy – I think they’re meant to only be worn as art, though, not as practical footwear. And yes, walking in built-in platform heels feels much different than normal heels. Even if the back heel is a stiletto, the front makes your steps feel much sturdier. Also, it’s wayyy easier to walk in them. :P

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