Red Leopard Print Scarf: Acquired

Last Monday, I was browsing the ASOS website on my phone during class when I came across this scarf. Originally $28.75, it was on sale for only $12.58!!! :o

Of course, I had to order it immediately. >.<; The free shipping didn’t hurt, either. ; ) Besides, I’ve always had a thing for leopard print in non-traditional colors! Additionally, it’s a much cheaper alternative to the white leopard print circle scarf that I had been lusting for at Express. I still may buy this scarf if it goes on sale in the near future. :P

Anyway, I just received the package in the mail over the weekend – and I’m already in love with it! <3 First of all, it’s hugeeee. It’s taller than my boyfriend (who is 6’0″) and wider than 2 of me combined! Second, it’s really soft. Third, the print looks so much better IRL than in the website photo.

And last night, the internet taught me how to tie a scarf in SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS. I didn’t even know how versatile an accessory it could be! My favorite instructional video on YouTube has to be Michelle Phan’s “7 Ways to Wear a Scarf”. :D

My favorites are The Knot and The Criss Cross. :P But who doesn’t love the classic scarf loop, either?

In other news, who’s running out of school supplies already this semester? I know I am. Whether it be pencils for my scantron exams or craft supplies for my RA bulletin boards, I know that my friends at School Supplies for Less have me covered. If any of you are interested, check out their site. Until next time! ^.^


7 responses to “Red Leopard Print Scarf: Acquired

  1. Michael Mandrus

    Omg nobody commented.

    Yeah this scarf is pretty amazing and actually as made me consider buying one (though with about 100% less leopard print). We’ll look together!

  2. improperintegirl

    Thank you for that video!! Now I know how all of those random Asian girls on campus get their scarves to do what they do XD

    However, I usually just use my scarf as a ninja mask because my face can’t handle the cold well.. and I didn’t know you were this scarf crazy. I’ll have to crochet you one for christmas or your birthday… although it will be thick… because thin yarn takes waaay more labor than I’m willing to put up with for myself even XD

    • Yeah, for my entire life I’ve only been wearing scarves one way. XD And scarves are always a great accessory, I just wish I didn’t lose all my old ones. >.<; And you don't have to make me one, I know how time-consuming it takes to knit a scarf! Back when I used to knit, a single medium-length scarf took me over 7 or 8 hours. D:

      • improperintegirl

        I don’t have any clue how to knit. Well actually I don’t know how to begin knitting or finish it off but in the middle if I watch a video I can follow along.
        I crochet.. I spent a few days on the last few scarves I made but I specifically made them wide and long. But the labor doesn’t really matter when you’re off from school and just sitting around watching tv anyway XD Plus there’s not much sense in knitting things now since they have machines that can knit.. but they don’t have machines that can crochet. They still pay poor kids in 3rd world countries pennies for anything you buy that’s crocheted

  3. Why can’t I find them anymore :(

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